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This Swagbucks review will cover all aspects of the application & website also all it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

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Here's what we know about Swagbucks so far!


Hi everyone vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen today we are looking at the money making website called swagbucks swagbucks is a website that allows you to earn money by either completing surveys or completing offers now the thing is guys swagbucks also has other methods of earning money including offers as in cashback offers and also giveaways so not only do you have the standard surveys and offers section.





You also have the cashback offers and giveaways to actually earn money through their swagbucks currency system i hope you enjoyed today's video please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment telling me what you think of swagbucks let's kick this off as soon as you sign up to swagbucks you might be completely overwhelmed by all the options available to you here's what i recommend you do you just go through each of the pages start to explore the actual website and figure out where exactly you want to start your earnings journey it's all up to you how fast you earn on swagbucks.


As i mentioned at the start of the video you have a huge range of ways to earn so what i like to do is personally complete surveys now i know that surveys are not for everyone out there i personally love completing surveys because in general that's the best way to actually earn that's in my personal experience of course depending on your country though this might change dramatically in fact talking about countries guys your personal experience is going to be completely determined by your age your gender and your country on swagbucks so here in australia and what you're witnessing is my personal experience okay just as long as we have this clear so there's no disappointment going into this website at the top of the website you'll notice there's a whole bunch of different tabs.


Starting off with the answer tab this is where you'll find a majority of the surveys that you can complete on swagbucks now you'll notice that there's an average time of completion and the currency reward aka the swagbucks themselves you'll get for completing surveys now just to be crystal clear you have to understand that there are going to be many many disqualifications on your money making journey with swagbucks okay if you do surveys expect to get disqualified like no tomorrow this is the problem with survey websites in my opinion and it's very frustrating to get disqualified all the time but if you can manage to soldier through you will make legitimate earnings on swagbucks so please keep this in mind i managed to probably get disqualified around 14 or 15 times during the recording of my swagbucks session.


For this review so please just don't expect to earn money super fast on swagbucks because that's just not the way it works now the second tab is the shop tab this is where you'll find most of your cashback offers so if you like shopping online swagbucks has you covered guides because they'll give you a certain percentage of a reward or even a discount if you go through their offers section here with the shop section so this is always a nice little feature for the people that love their online shopping okay so the option is there in the shop menu go through and you can probably find a majority of the shops that are available in your country on this list at least fingers crossed okay i'm hoping in your country swagbucks works as well as it does in my country.


Next up you have the discover tab now the discover tab is going to be for all the people out there that don't like completing surveys because you're gonna find the offers section here guys and pretty much anything other than surveys in this area okay you'll have different providers to go through to actually earn money by either playing applications signing up to websites or doing other various options other than using surveys don't get me wrong though some of these providers do have survey options but they're definitely focused on actually doing stuff other than filling out surveys and i kind of feel that's probably where a majority of you guys are going to head to straight away especially for the people that use swagbucks on their mobile phone.


Because yes swagbucks does have its own mobile phone application where i'm fairly certain that's where you complete the mobile phone offers such as installing apps and playing games for swagbucks currency so please keep this in mind everyone swagbucks does have a mobile phone app maybe go check the google play store and see if it's available in your country right now next up we have the rewards tab and this is probably my favorite tab out of all of them this is where you'll find all the cash out options that swagbucks will allow you to do and i have to say there is a massive range of cash out options on swagbucks which i really can appreciate so guys if you put down the time on swagbucks you will be able to cash out on a multitude of different options here including amazon paypal itunes you guys know the drill you've probably used a lot of these kind of websites and applications before so what i recommend you do as well once you sign up to swagbucks go to the rewards tab straight away and see what kind of options you have available because i'm sure you'll be happy with them there is also a sweepstakes section on swagbucks where you can enter in giveaways with the sacrifice of some of your swagbucks currency i personally do not care too much for sweepstakes guys.


I never win anyway so it's just one of those things i know you have to be in it to win it but i really couldn't care less i really just focused on for today's video smashing out surveys to get you guys the proof that surveys do actually earn you quite a bit of currency on swagbucks so that's exactly what i did it's up to you though if you want to enter into the sweepstakes you're more than welcome to you might actually win out there so maybe surprise me let me know in the comments if you do enter the sweepstakes because i'd love to hear it swagbucks also has an invite to friend section guys where if you refer your friends you get 300 swag bucks and they get 300 swag bucks as a bonus if they manage to reach 300 swagbucks in the first 30 days i love this feature okay i wish more money making websites followed along with this kind of referrer friend system as i feel that would really inspire more people to actually refer their friends to these kind of websites so you're more than welcome to use my code in the description below guys if you use it as i just said you get 300 points and so do i within the first 30 days though so please keep that in mind.



With all said and done it took me around an hour and a half to actually clock up enough points to be able to withdraw the minimum five dollar cash out for paypal mind you i still took another hour or so messing around with the website and exploring all the different application offers that the website had i really wanted to try and get an application payout on video but i think that's something i'll save for another time guys and for another video because i feel like the offers section on swagbucks can be its own unique video since there are so many different options to earn with today's video though specifically focused on just showing you the survey payout swagbucks generally pays within 10 days of that cash out and that's exactly what happened with me so on the screen right now you can see the last cash out that i did with swagbucks i really do appreciate that swagbucks continues to pay the players as i know that there are so many fake applications and websites out there i kind of wish that swagbucks rewarded us a little bit more for the surveys that we complete so there you have it everyone i really hope you enjoyed today's video please remember to hit like and subscribe if you did drop a comment tell me what you think of swagbucks and i'll see you all tomorrow catch you around.

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