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This Surveytime review will cover all aspects of the platform and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about Surveytime so far!


hey everyone it's vince here today i'm reviewing the money making platform survey time now i've never covered survey time before on this channel and i have to say everyone i have a bit to say about this money making platform i really hope you all enjoy let's kick this off if you're like me then you're discovering survey time for the first time today survey time is one of these money-making platforms that you really do not see too often in the marketplace okay let me just break down exactly how you can actually earn money on survey time so to begin with all you need to do is sign up on survey time complete a short list of questions.


so then the platform knows what kind of surveys to supply you with then after you completed that short sign up list you will have to verify your mobile phone number at least that's what i have to do here in australia i'm starting to see more that money making applications and platforms are requesting your personal mobile phone number and i do know for a fact that this is going to put some people off using their platform but for the people that don't mind supplying their mobile phone number survey time will then grant you access to their survey providers and hopefully they'll supply you with surveys that fit your profile you see at least in my country here of australia i was not able to choose specific surveys for rewards instead survey time picked these surveys for me and i had the choice to either accept them or check back at a better time.


what survey time is promising is one dollar instant cash outs ladies and gentlemen this is something that i can instantly get behind when it comes to making money online if you're like me out there when you see instant payment you instantly want to give it a try they are claiming that they can give surveys for every country by the way and i think that's a little bit of an exaggeration because if not i would be extremely shocked i'm yet to actually find a survey platform that everyone can use so be sure to let me know in the comments below if you can use survey time yourself survey time will also go that extra mile to notify you either by phone or email and even browser notifications just to let you know that there's a new survey available i don't know if you guys watched my curious cat app review last night where i wish that i found a platform that supplied you surveys that you could actually complete it seems that survey time is trying to achieve just that.


 and while you're watching this everyone please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment be sure to share this to anyone you think would like to see it and of course join my free newsletter links in the description below thank you very much i was looking on surveytime's website to see exactly why they need your mobile phone number and according to them it's to protect your rewards now i'm assuming they're doing this just to make sure that you can't create duplicate accounts i mean that would be the most common sense thing you can't really browse the website either without actually registering so it's not like you can just go on survey time and investigate the different surveys they might have available because that's just not how the system works you are going to have to sign up and verify yourself before you get access to the survey time platform now if you don't see any surveys don't panic because survey time says because of the system that they run on their platform.


the algorithm will assign you a survey as soon as one becomes available so as long as when you signed up and created your profile and made sure you entered in the correct detail a survey should technically be assigned to you within 24 hours here in australia i was granted a survey literally within one hour of signing up the survey time and you might be wondering how long does a survey actually take well in my experience on survey times surveys took between 10 and 20 minutes for me to complete you might actually get a survey though that you can complete within 5 to 10 minutes it's all completely based on their survey algorithm some quick tips on actually completing surveys on survey time my advice is make sure you take your time on this platform they literally tell you on some of the surveys that they're watching your speed what i mean by that is that if you enter a survey where they think it's probably going to take you between 10 and 15 minutes and you somehow smash out that survey within five minutes they will not reward you for that survey.


in fact they were actually threatened to ban your account so you can enter in all the most honest details and make sure you fill in the survey correctly but if you do it too fast they will punish you for it this is a thing that survey providers do globally by the way so this isn't just focusing purely on survey time you'll notice most if not all of the survey providers around the world do this type of tactic and that's to make sure that we actually read the questions i've even found myself getting in trouble with this because i like to smash through surveys as fast as i can and i'm sure a lot of you guys out there probably do the same thing let's be real here surveys are not that fun to complete they do take quite a bit of time and if it wasn't for that monetary gain i don't think too many people will be sitting here completing surveys in their day-to-day lives at least out of free choice.


but that's the beauty of survey time the way that they reward you for completing surveys so as soon as i log into survey time now i instantly get greeted with an available survey to complete once i've gone through that survey and taken my time and carefully read through all the questions i was then granted my reward i had the choice to be either paid out with paypal coinbase or amazon cash that's right you have three different cash out methods that survey time is promising to deliver to you instantly but before i talk about my cash out experience let me just run down my personal earning experience on survey time so thankfully my earning experience on survey time was extremely straightforward i signed up registered activated my mobile phone number then i was granted access to surveys one hour after signing up i'm assuming it took a while for the algorithm to kick in.


all i had to do to literally start earning money on survey time was just say start the survey then survey time would automatically take me to a survey that suits my profile so it's not like other money making platforms like why sense or qmee or swagbucks or attapoll where you have the choice to actually select survey survey time completely takes that stress away by deciding what survey to give you and giving you a flat one dollar usd reward that's right you get one dollar usd no matter what length the survey is so if you're lucky you could get a server that maybe takes five to ten minutes or ranging from 10 to 20 minutes and you'll get that dollar usd straight up this is something that i can really appreciate that survey time is doing this kind of system on survey platforms is extremely good and not many actually have this type of setup i really hope that other survey platforms.


follow in this way because what survey time are doing here is excellent i was disqualified about one to two times though during my one hour of smashing out surveys and when i say one hour everyone i don't mean i was sitting in front of my computer for one hour i did a total of one hour worth of surveys in one day because i also work a real life job as well it does get quite difficult for me to juggle these type of things but at the end of the day the same concept still applies i would do a survey hop off for a bit then jump on a little bit later in the day and complete another survey it was actually such a smooth experience and i really hope that you guys in your country can use survey time as well i'm going to take the platform's word for it though and say that it's a worldwide platform.


i'm sure you guys in the comments will let me know straight away another tip guys if you want to start earning more in these survey platforms maybe try and mix and match them so instead of just staying on survey time why don't you use another survey platform such as atapol or free cash if you mix and match all these platforms together you can really start to earn a pretty decent little side hustle by completing surveys online let's just say you get disqualified on survey time right or you just can't find any surveys then you'd hop over to add a poll do the same thing then you'd hop over to free cash do the exact same thing these platforms all have instant payments i really feel like you can really boost your revenue if you do these type of earning tactics oh ps there are no offer walls or any sort of rewarded play time features on survey time it is literally purely surveys okay so if you don't like surveys you're not going to like survey time now time to see if survey time is actually a legitimate platform or not i cashed out five separate times to my paypal account and i have to say everyone i was completely blown away at how fast survey time paid me they paid me each time within five minutes of requesting the cash out thank you all so much for watching i hope you enjoyed the review i'll catch you all tomorrow for another video see you next time.

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