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This Survey Pop review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about Survey Pop so far!


hi everyone Vince here welcome to my survey pop review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off so everyone's a new money making app that is promising five dollars in under one hour for us to use it now at the time of this recording it has a rating of 4.5 stars with 8 000 reviews and over 10 000 downloads if Servo Pop's not available in your country don't worry I'll be covering other apps on this video as well so make sure you watch all the way to the end this is the main page of survey pop as you can see we instantly have a survey that's paying up to 1.53 and will only take us two minutes to complete survey pop also shows the provider that the survey is from and the amount of members that have completed the survey plus the success rating which generally means the difficulty rating the layout is that simple all you need to do is literally just scroll down the page..









as you can see we have surveys that are paying around a dollar or so of course the lower you go on this list the lower paying the surveys are going to be but in general as soon as you sign up you should have surveys that are willing to pay you up to almost five dollars straight off the bat the second survey I have will pay me a dollar and 23 cents for just one minute of my time below that a dollar and five cents for three minutes of my time a dollar for two minutes of my time and 52 cents for three minutes of my time the reason for this is because these are the intro surveys that survey pops willing to give you just for joining up to their platform so literally just for signing up you can earn almost five dollars now this is the screen once you've actually completed those intro surveys as you can see the actual amount of money they would get for completing surveys has changed a little bit for instance you can see here it says 67 cents for 31 minutes of my time with a two star success rating what you'll come to find out pretty quickly on survey pop is that disqualifications run rampant and if you've ever completed a survey before online you'll probably know exactly what I'm talking about while I love completing surveys online to earn real money I have to say disqualifications.











really do on the experience and sadly survey pop at the current time of this recording really doesn't have the best system when it comes to disqualifications and that's a real problem when you want to try and earn money fast from their app now let's talk about the actual cash out system on survey pop and what you can expect once you try to withdraw your money so the first thing is at the top of the screen you're going to find the account balance on the left side is the money you've generated and on the right side of that is the minimum cash out needed in my country of Australia you're going to need five dollars now with the amount of cash that survey pop is offering per survey achieving that five dollar withdrawal minimum really shouldn't be that big of a deal at least in my country of Australia it's safe to say that I can probably reach that five dollar minimum in one hour or so if unfortunate enough to get high paying surveys for instance the selection I have right now should easily generate me around one to two dollars worth of currency if I'm so lucky enough not to get disqualified.









which again and sadly is just not the case you're going to get disqualified it doesn't matter how good you answer some of these surveys I just found that that success rating really does make it clear that you're going to have a very hard time completing your survey even though that survey pop States there's over a hundred different Cash Out methods when I tap on the account balance it only shows two available options in my country one being PayPal currency and one being Amazon currency tapping on the PayPal currency will bring up a screen saying that I need to achieve that five dollar goal it also states exactly how much currency I need before I can cash out and the exact same concept with the Amazon currency as you can see here so at least in my country.












I need five dollars for both Amazon or PayPal survey pop also has quite an interesting verification system that I feel like you guys out there may not like essentially you're going to have to supply your mobile phone number to unlock the premium surveys now whether or not you guys agree with that or not I can understand and if you don't because some people don't like giving out their mobile phone number but as you can see I then had a green tick under the account verification area that says I now have unlocked their highest paying surveys because I'm verified they also say if I give my location settings I'll also unlock more high-paying surveys but I decided not to do that you can also change the amount of notifications you get so you never miss out on the new surveys which I find actually pretty cool when it comes to money making apps and giving out your identification I always have a problem with that I would understand if you guys were Cashing Out hundreds of dollars but it's only five to ten dollars so I really don't see the need for it personally.











those are the survey pop rules on the screen right now you're going to be seeing every single time I completed a survey successfully and the money being applied to my account balance so I am happy to say guys every single time I was able to actually complete a survey survey pop did credit me the money without any problems which was nice to see because it's always fun to see that account balance constantly grow now whether or not you're going to have the same experience that's hard to say because of the currency conversion rates and of course what country survey pop is even allowed it seems like this application has been made by the same developers that made you reach your surveys which I haven't covered on my channel yet but I hope to do so soon Servo pop also does come with its own issues okay it's not all perfect guys essentially what I found is not only do you get disqualified a bunch you also get surveys that are completely broken at least on my mobile phone when I try to use a lot of the surveys.









the surveys were literally blank so the application wouldn't crash or anything like that simply nothing came up on the screen and I found this happening constantly after I cashed out for my first time I have no idea why this happened and I'm hoping that this isn't some sort of trick that the developers have used to only pay you out once while getting your information because I just found it so strange that literally like 10 or 12 surveys after I cashed out were literally blank I would love to know if you guys have the same experience I have on survey pot with the blank surveys okay so if you are able to use it please let me know in the comments what your thoughts are and what your experience was so now that you know my full in-depth experience I was able to generate that five dollars worth of USD currency in under one hour just by completing the surveys that survey pop had available to me I cashed out that five dollars worth of PayPal currency and I was instantly paid so to my surprise everyone they actually do support instant payment at least that was my experience here in Australia.










now whether or not I'm going to be able to achieve that five dollars again without the surveys glitching out that's a whole nother question and what we'll have to find out in the future because I'm sure I'll cover survey pop again in a few months or so to see how it's going now let's just say that survey pop is not available in your country well there's something that you can actually do if you want an application that pretty much behaves exactly the same as survey pot then what I can recommend is at a pole at a pole is an instant paying survey application at least in my country of Australia has surveys every single day for me to complete with a minimum cash out of only five dollars as well you have survey time which allows you to get instantly one dollar worth of USD for completing a survey and I was able to have surveys every single 20 to 30 minutes you also have pole pay now poll pays an application that really does have high paying surveys all the way up to almost six or seven dollars you also have free cash as well free cash is one of these money making platforms that is absolutely dominating in the year of 2022 when it comes to the cash out varieties that it has not only that it also has surveys that will pay you easily between one and two dollars and of course offers that will pay you up to a hundred dollars features Instant Cash outs as well but if you guys don't mind waiting I highly recommend that you check out why sense as well why sense is definitely one of the highest paying platforms that I've covered on my channel and it has multiple different Cash Out options also plus you can always check out my website guys my website has over a hundred different reviews where you guys can go through and personally see my experiences on all these money making platforms I'll have links in the description below for anyone that wants to do so see you all tomorrow for another review

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