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This Streetbees review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Please note that the link provided on this page is my referral code so I might get a small bonus as a thank you for signing you up!  

Streetbees Review

Here's what we know about Streetbees so far!


hey everyone vince here welcome to my streetbees review ladies and gentlemen if you've ever wanted to earn money through taking photos this is probably one of the best applications to do just that if you've never heard of streetbees before essentially it's a money-making making application that will allow you to get paid for sending in photos of your everyday activity now when i say everyday activities guys i'm talking about what kind of food you're eating at the time what kind of drink you're drinking at the time your hygiene habits and the list goes on and on.



streetbees is without a doubt one of the most easiest ways i've found to earn paypal money per day consistently if you did not know all you need to do is literally submit your photo and fill in like a three to four minute questionnaire and the way they've set these questionnaires up is just like you're talking to a real life person in a little chat room and as long as you submit a pretty decent photo where it's not blurry or too dark and it's obviously on the subject of what they want they will literally pay you paypal cash just for doing that.


these stories are almost every single day guys i have had streetbees on my phone ever since i found out about it anytime i feel like i need to earn a couple of dollars here and there on that certain day i'll just submit whatever food i'm eating at the time straight to street b in my personal experience i didn't even have to send the barcodes or anything like that either of the food i was eating.


i could go to a restaurant order any food i wanted and then submit it as what i'm eating for dinner that day and then streetbees would pay me at least 90 cents just for that photo directly to my paypal account something to keep in mind about streetbees though everyone is depending on your country age and gender the pay scales will change and so will the stories that are available for you to complete will change as well but at least in my country of australia i've had absolutely no problems with streetbees.



i truly believe it's one of the best ways to earn a little bit of sign revenue just for doing daily activities that you were going to do anyway now you might be wondering where your photos actually go to the best of my knowledge they actually submit your photos to companies and businesses to help further their own products if you guys like what i do here on youtube. don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter you guys have helped me achieve 75 000 subscribers so thank you so much.


at the time of this recording i'm still seeing stories that will pay me a minimum of 90 cents just to tell them what i'm drinking at the time or eating streetbees is actually offering a 10 deal for every photo you submit of a meal delivery box aka those pre-packaged ready-made meals everyone like let's say dinnerly for example as long as you send a photo of that meal they'll give you ten dollars for each of those photos how incredible is that once you think about it what i found out as well is the more stories you complete on streetbees.


the more that they'll actually allow you to complete in the future so that's pretty much how you unlock more ways to earn on streetbees you just have to be active simple as that i like to complete any story i have available on the current day because then it increases my chances to get better stories in the future.


i seriously recommend if you haven't tried street views yet you give it a try they pay out generally within one to two days after the photo has been submitted to your paypal account there is also a referral program as well which you'll see on the screen if you guys want to use my code you are more than welcome to i'll include it below i would love to know what you think of streetbees in the comment section below thank you all so much for watching i just have to post this video because i'm still using street views to this day be sure to check out my channel for other legit money making apps catch you around.

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