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This Streamerz review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about Streamerz so far!


Hi everyone it's vince here welcome to my Streamerz review this application will apparently pay you guys out there real life money just for playing games today we're gonna find out if it's legit or a scam let's kick this off so the way that Streamerz works and apparently rewards their players is very straightforward all you need to do is sign up to Streamerz and then once you've created your account Streamerz will give you a whole bunch of different applications to play to then earn in-game currency of coins you can then change your coins into real-life money in the form of either paypal virtual visa card or donations.


Now something to really keep in mind here depending on your country these options are going to change Streamerz might not even be available in your country guys that's something to always be aware of but at least here in australia i was able to play and use Streamerz without any real problems at all now Streamerz calls these money making activities missions so every mission will reward you with a certain amount of coins for a certain amount of time that you play an application for I've personally seen missions that rewarded me with coins for playing games for either 15 minutes in total for one session or seven minutes in total different apps will pay a different amount of coin so you really have to be on the lookout for those really high paying coin applications but from what i've seen the more you play an application the less and less amount of coins you'll actually be rewarded for your time.


That's at least the feeling that i get so initially you might download an application for a thousand coins but then another mission might come up for that same application and it will only be rewarded around 400 or 300 coins that's from my personal experience okay now these missions are going to have you install so many different applications so unless you're putting your mobile phone on the wi-fi network at your home or wherever you are you're going to be chewing up a lot of mobile data so this is something to really consider here when using Streamerz not only are you downloading the applications from the google play store but then you're going to be uploading your game play footage to the Streamerz servers now that will also of course cost you bandwidth so my advice if you're going to use Streamerz make sure you're on the wi-fi network.



 You're going to be chewing through your data in literally hours i'm kidding you're not if you have like a four or five gigabyte plan you're going to be chewing through that data fairly quickly if you're enjoying today's video please remember to like comment and subscribe join my free newsletter links in the description below thank you so much you're helping me get to 100 000 subscribers cheers everyone i easily installed over 15 applications on Streamerz in a 24 hour time span of course again depending on your country you might not have to install as many applications as i did to try and get to the cash out value that you want in my circumstance i was aiming to get to ten dollars worth of paypal cash out on Streamerz and i'm telling you now guys it really didn't take me that long of time to get to ten dollars worth of paypal which was about twenty 000 coins or so i was targeting applications that would pay me at least a minimum of 900 to 1 000 coins for my gameplay experience.


If you add all the time up that i was actually on my phone playing games for roughly three or four hours worth of gameplay i was able to generate enough coins to cash out the 10 paypal something to keep in mind here as well sometimes when i couldn't find a 900 or 1 000 coin reward mission i ended up just going for apps that would pay me around 300 or 400 coins because you can do missions on the same applications from what i've seen like what i mentioned earlier but just for a less amount of reward now if you're a bit curious on how your progress is going on Streamerz.


They do have their own profile account area so what this means essentially is that you can go there and check how many missions you've completed how many recordings you've actually sent off to the Streamerz network and of course you have your own account level now the account level to me really doesn't mean too much i don't really understand why there's an account level i'm assuming maybe one day they'll allow you to earn certain rewards based on your account level but from what i saw it really didn't help me with anything my personal experience with Streamerz was very straightforward and something that i actually can highly recommend for people that just want to install applications or games and literally get paid for pretty much doing nothing except for playing the games.




Now i did have some problems with recordings not working correctly so i did actually end up wasting my time sometimes on Streamerz something to pay attention to is the little recording icon usually in the top left corner of the screen i found that this little icon gets in the way of the advertisements that applications play while you're using Streamerz so what you end up having to do a lot is actually move that little icon away from the little cross on the advertisement it's fairly annoying okay and i know the developers are probably going to be watching this can you do something about where you're placing that pause and recording button by default because it's getting in the way of us closing advertisements but other than that the layout is extremely simple the home page has everything you need to start earning coins which you definitely can't complain about i've been requested many times to actually review Streamerz by my viewers.


I've even had the actual developer of Streamerz reach out to me personally to actually check out their application this review is completely free this isn't sponsored or anything like that when i find applications that are genuinely trying to pay their players i will put them on the channel but for viewers like yourself out there i definitely don't think that you can go wrong when it comes to such a basic application like Streamerz i think the only problem people will have is that their phone screen is being recorded while playing games and i know some people might not like that aspect of Streamerz moving on to the actual cash out portion of Streamerz once you've generated enough coins to cash out whatever cash out option you want then it usually takes at least for me here in australia around 24 to 48 hours for the Streamerz team to process your payment i was paid out my 10 paypal currency within two days not only that i then cashed out again another two dollars worth of currency and that got paid out within 24 hours.


So i'm happy to say yes everyone Streamerz is a legitimate application that will at least pay you will this application be for everyone though more than likely yes but it depends on what you're comfortable with okay while using Streamerz i was thinking to myself how it compares to the other money making applications on the market right now such as miss play casual app flame you guys know these type of applications and i have to say if Streamerz can not out some of the bugs and issues that they currently have with their application i do believe that it will become a fairly popular money making application across the world the only issue is right now as i said they do have some recording issues.


I guess that little recording symbol does get in the way a lot of closing advertisements something to really note here as well is that there was no real identification process so that's a big positive i really dislike having to submit my identification such as real life id just to cash out five or ten dollars it just doesn't seem practical to me a system like missed play is something that i really don't want to see on an application like Streamerz so as long as they keep on paying their players i cannot see why Streamerz won't be a more popular application in the years to come let's watch and see what happens hey thank you so much for watching see you all in one to two days guys stay safe.

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