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This StormGain review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus I show you how to mine bitcoin on this platform to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about Stormgain so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another video ladies and gentlemen today i will show you how to mine your own cryptocurrency aka bitcoin for free on the cryptocurrency trading platform stormgain. stormgain also has its own application as well so you don't just have to use your computer you can actually mine from your mobile phone so please keep this in mind for today's video though i'll be showing you the website version of storm games so the first thing you're going to do is sign up the storm game you can either head over to the website or join by the link in the description below so now that you've signed up.



this is the actual layout of storm game guys so as you can see first thing we're looking at here is the bitcoin price and chart now i have been trading on stormgate and let me just tell you something it has not been going good the reason for that is because i started trading right about here so what this means is on december 3rd essentially bitcoin went to hell it crashed completely due to the omicron virus announcement going mainstream the federal reserve's starting to get involved more with regulating cryptocurrency that's why now it's such an important time to actually mine your bitcoin while it's cheap because then you can actually hopefully make a profit when eventually bitcoin will go up again now i'm actually minus 94 on options trade on bitcoin i don't think i'm gonna see that money everyone i don't believe bitcoin is going to pass 50 000 by december 24th like i predicted so i've probably lost that money that's part of the risks with these trading platforms.


okay back to the mining section if you head to the top of the screen of the storm gain website you'll see the minor tab now this is where you are going to mine your bitcoin thanks to storm games bitcoin cloud miner all you literally need to do is this you ready watch this i click on the little button here to mine it comes up with a puzzle here we go here's the puzzle all i need to do is drag the puzzle piece on top of that little empty section done and now we're mining for the next four hours so i've managed to mine around 4.62 tether the great thing about the storm game miner is that you can see that there are different tiers to actually earning through this miner so here's the standard mining speed as you can see we're just going to pay attention here to the 30-day income because that's all that really matters at the moment especially if you're new to storm game if you guys mine bitcoin right now for 30 days straight you will actually earn 15.27 tether currency that then you can trade on stormgain something to keep in mind here though these bonus credits do expire from the last time i checked okay so the dates that they expire will probably vary from the time this video is posted you cannot withdraw that bonus currency you have to trade it and then actually make some earnings with it then you can cash out the earnings if that makes sense so the bonus currency will stay in your account until it expires or you lose it.


you can only cash out the profits which if you make some good trades that doesn't really matter anyway there's actually a very interesting referrer friend system on stormgain as well where if you refer a friend you get literally 15 of the mined funds that they withdraw from their own miner that's pretty good guys i have to admit plus looking at the actual mining speed tears here if we click the gold status that jumps up to over 30 tether in 30 days next up we have the platinum status almost 92 tether in 30 days next up the diamond status 306 tether everyone next up the vip 1 status which is almost 1200 tether vip 2 status for 2600 tether then the vip 3 status for 16 000 tether now guys the thing about this though is that you have to trade on storm game to unlock these different minor profiles and in reality you're gonna have to trade for a very long time to unlock the different tiers but i do appreciate that they do reward you guys out there for using their platform with increasing the mining speed if you do manage to trade over let's say for the gold status here 150 000 tether i personally understand though that's going to take such a long time to ever achieve and barely anyone's probably gonna trade that amount of volume especially just the average trader.


but the options are there and for now all i really care about is the standard mining speed because at least you get free cryptocurrency to experiment with if you guys are too scared to actually start trading with your own money let me show you a live trade here on a demo account so you guys can understand the basics of actually trading on stormgain so looking at the graph i'm going to say that bitcoins probably going to rally a tiny bit i'm going to try and get some sort of profit here on a short-term trade so we're going five times leverage which allows me for 5 000 tether buying power thanks to my five times leverage that thousand tether turns into 5 000 tether that's what allows you to earn so much but it also increases your risk as well so please keep that in mind i'm going to buy right now that bitcoin is going to rally okay i've just opened up the trade now with 2.90 in the minus that's because it's not going in direction we want right now okay we need bitcoins price to go up now this is the way to do a long term trade if you're looking to scout the market.


i suspect maybe options trading would be better for you that's another subject together we'll get into on another time but right now i'm hoping to make a small little profit here because in the span of one single dollar of a price difference we're minus one tether of currency you can set take profits and stop losses as well here so let's just say i want to pull out my money when bitcoin reaches 48 000 that will grant me a profit of 108 worth of tether but let's say i want to create a safety net then i'll set the stop loss to if bitcoin reaches forty six thousand dollars pull out my trade so i can save the rest of my money hopefully that makes sense guys because if you don't set a stop loss your account's gonna keep falling until it completely goes empty and gets liquidated so there we have it i've just set my stop loss and take profit you also have the auto increase section here if you want to try and keep your trade alive but thanks to my stop loss i'm not going to worry about that storm game will add on a 50 increase of your trade amount if your trade falls into 50 negative.


this is how people generally trade on storm gain a very basic trade here we can just let this ride out if we want to so if you're watching this and bitcoins passed 48 000 usd then you know my trade worked if it went below 46 000 usd then i lost 100 worth of tether so be sure to check back on stormgain every four hours to activate your miner and hopefully you guys can get started with trading cryptocurrency for free on stormgain alright everyone as you can see this is that test trade i put on i'm -22 tether right now you have to be careful with your trades now this is a long-term trade so hopefully bitcoin doesn't go below 46 000 but with the market lately i have no idea how to predict this dude i'm really feeling bad for a lot of people out there that have thousands of thousands of dollars on bitcoin right now i mean if you're looking at it at a long term thing then i'm sure you'll be okay.


just think about the people like myself that tried to scout the market i've easily blown through around 500 worth of australian currency from the start of december to now guys so you just really have to be careful when trading on any type of platform okay that's my little safety warning to you now to give you an example here just look at this this is the day graph you can see how crazy bitcoin really is the fact that it dropped down to literally 41 000 on december 4th is just incredible to me be aware be safe with these type of things you will lose your money if you're not careful but hopefully you learned something about the stormgain platform today thanks again for watching please remember to hit like and subscribe drop a comment telling me if you're going to use stormgain be sure to join my newsletter and you can find the sign up to stormgain in the description below see you around everyone.

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