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This Step a Lot review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Step a Lot:

Here's what we know about the Step a Lot app so far!

Welcome to my Step a Lot Review! This new money making application is promising you 1 dollar per 50 steps but is it real legit or a fake scam? I'll try to get Step a Lot Payment Proof and share my experience if I can Cash Out!

Step a Lot seems like a complete joke and a waste of time in my view. The fact that these type of money making applications are allowed to be on the google play store just makes me very sad. Let's hope that these type of scam applications get removed ASAP.


hi everyone Vince here welcome to my stepper lot review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off step a lot is a new money making application that is promising you guys out there one dollar per 50 steps that you walk that's right everyone as soon as you join up to step a lot you are gifted over a hundred dollars of a welcome bonus ladies and gentlemen step a lot works exactly like most of these exercise applications that you can find on your mobile phone the only difference is it has two currencies you have the coin currency which is represented by obviously the coins you can cash out.



PayPal currency with these coins up to 600 and then you have the cash currency which you get every time you walk a certain amount of steps when I see high claims like this it does get me on edge a little bit but we'll discuss my owning experience in a few minutes there is also a merge 2048 game that's in bill into step a lot where if you shoot the blocks together when they move would you actually earn a parent PayPal money and by the way you can actually keep doing this non-stop stepper light is also promising real life item rewards including various items that are valued at thousands of dollars which you are seeing on the screen right now Rolexes MacBook Pros ps5s it just goes on and on.



it's puzzle pieces so it's not like you earn the items you need to collect enough puzzle pieces and I'll explain to you why this is a big problem last but not least there is a daily task section where again you can earn various of the same rewards of either coins or PayPal or even some of the real life items now let's talk about my earning experience on step a lot so I have to say everyone this was probably one of the most miserable experiences to earn on and the reason for that is because I had to watch an advertisement every single time I try to claim any type of reward advertisements will play even if you say no to them.



so that that's another massive problem with this type of application and generally a red flag I found that step a lot had absolutely no problem actually recording my steps though so that is a positive if you looked at this as just a pure exercise application that would be fine but instead of course they offer up the one dollar per 50 steps now just think about that everyone that's realistically like 10 to 20 dollars easily you can earn in a few minutes especially depending on what type of exercises you're doing and not only that they're a little floating items that you can tap on to earn instant cash as well every few minutes or so so pretty much Step A lot's just throwing all this apparent money at you there is also a scratchy system that will rewards you with various cash rewards for obviously scratching the cards again.



exact same concept as the other mini game now when it comes to the cash out portion of Step a lot and if it's actually real or not let me just break down my experience I decided to play ball with step a lot and do the tasks that they required me to actually achieve to cash out on the application and let me just tell you something I'm about to save you a lot of time out there okay not only did I try to cash out around 400 almost of a parent PayPal money but then step a lot decided to throw me through some hoops the first hoop was that I had to play the stupid merge block gang until I merged 40 blocks together this was their way of getting me to watch more advertisements now the second hoop was that I had to watch 10 more advertisements and finally the third hoop I had to wait seven days for my payment to go under review guess what everyone once you wait that seven days you are then gonna be placed in either a queue or you just will never ever receive that money in my opinion step a lot is another absolute joke of an application that needs to be dealt with thank you for watching I hope I helped someone see you all tomorrow.

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