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This SproutGigs review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about SproutGigs so far!


Hi everyone Vince here welcome to my SproutGigs review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off SproutGigs used to be called Pico workers and on this money making platform you earn real life cash by completing tasks it has members in over 250 countries so in theory most of you guys out there watching this video should technically be able to sign up to SproutGigs to start completing tasks to earn money now you might be wondering what exactly are the tasks that you have to complete to earn this cash let me just introduce you to the actual earning screen so this is the micro jobs area on a SproutGigs as you can see we have a huge list of jobs available for us to complete right now for instance we have a job to download a PDF file and if we do that we will earn 2.25 in seven days clicking on the job will give us more details on exactly what we have to do.










This employer has allowed this job to be weld wide so that's actually really good if you scroll down you can see that these are the instructions for the actual job that the employer wants us to follow for this job we'll have to read all the rules before we start go to the download link click the download now button complete the offer to start the PDF download and then once we finish we have to have a link of the PDF file we got a screenshot of the first page of the PDF file and a screenshot of the completed offer then we submit it to the employer for approval now from what I can understand it's going to take us up to seven days to get that 2.25 going back to the job list here you can see that there's literally like over a hundred different jobs that we can sign up for or complete to earn money who knows that the list just literally keeps on going and going and going all offering different pay rates for specific jobs some of these jobs will require you to actually create a Gmail account for instance you'll find people even trying to sign you up through their affiliate codes for different application locations such as sweatcoin anyone can become an employer.










On SproutGigs from what I can see so what this means is that you're going to have people that are actually creating jobs for you guys out there to join up to various applications or websites around the world using their referral codes and the reason is of course because they get money when you join so they're going to give you a little bit of a percentage of their earnings through you joining through their referral code that's the gist of why you have these sign up jobs in my opinion from what I can see here there are actually different ranks for you as a user so you have the starter jobs the advanced jobs and the expert jobs each of these will obviously have their own different pay scales as well you also have job categories so if you guys want to only do specific type of jobs such as sign up jobs you can or you can do various other jobs as well as you can see here going down the list we have so many different other jobs available now whether or not all of those jobs are actually worth it that's a whole nother question you can also choose what kind of pay range you want as well for the jobs that you complete so I want to be more of a premium person so I'm going to choose jobs between let's say two dollars and four dollars now that I've hit that filter here are the jobs that are actually available for me that will pay me between two and four dollars.












Here is one to install an application sign up and give honest feedback but I need an iPhone for that and as you can see there are only certain spots available as well for each of the jobs where we have 16 of 25 of the job completed going into the details for this job I would earn 2.80 for installing the application signing up to it and providing a 25 word honest review that's actually a very cool job offer so if I had an iPhone I would definitely do that you can also choose the country of course as well where you want to complete jobs from and also the success of jobs so I guess how strict the actual employer is now this is where SproutGigs gets actually really cool because not only can you earn money from completing jobs but you can actually earn money through completing surveys and completing off a wall and we're talking about straight up USD currency so you can actually start treating SproutGigs like a survey.











Or an offerwall website if you really wanted to now next to the micro jobs area find the paid surveys tab if you guys don't want to complete jobs literally just head here and you can start earning straight up USD currency for free by completing surveys for instance this is the bitlab survey screen I can literally earn up to three dollars and 13 cents by completing this one survey that will take me eight minutes now of course when completing surveys obviously disqualifications do happen so the chances of me actually completing all these surveys on the screen are pretty slim but I know for a fact at least I'll complete one or two without any issues this is the CPX survey screen now I had the best of luck by completing these surveys here funny enough that's not even the real list because if you click on one of the surveys you can see that our little pop-up appears with the actual survey list and this will have a whole variety of different surveys for you guys to complete again whether or not you're actually going to be successful at completing these surveys that's a whole nother question because of course of this qualification but either way you can easily see there's like 20 or 25 surveys.










This is the ad gay offer wall and I have offers that are literally offering me up to fourteen dollars twelve point five dollars ten dollars six dollars two dollars it just keeps on going and going here we have a at Studios again the exact same concept everyone we can earn quite a bit of USD currency by completing offers through their offer wall assuming we haven't done it before on any other of the applications that we've used before to earn money but you can literally earn up to thirty dollars to play puzzles and conquests of course the offer is hard though so keep that in mind it might take quite a long time they have lootably as well deludably offer wall has some ridiculously high paying offers by the way this Mafia City one one is actually paying around 100 or so USD dollars to complete as you can see here we have other ones as well that are paying quite High the only problem is they don't actually put it into dollar value they put it into the cent value which does make it a bit more complicated if you want to get the quick numbers but if you can't add it up just throw it into a cents to dollar converter we have offertory here as well with the exact same concept they actually break it down into USD currency as well which is pretty nice.













you might want to compare the offer walls as well to make sure you gain the best bang for your buck we have the review off a wall that actually gives us offers and surveys if we want multiple different things to choose from here to earn money with and last but not least we have wanna ads that also has offers and surveys to earn straight up dollars so that's nice to see now my survey experience on SproutGigs was not perfect I was disqualified multiple times I'm talking probably about 20 to 30 times throughout my experience trying to earn five dollars worth of USD currency for you all today a little piece of advice don't expect to get your money instantly either it seems every time you complete a survey on SproutGigs it goes under a review for seven days if they find no problems with your answers then they'll reward you with the USD currency that you earn so I've been working on this review for quite a long time everyone now let me show you the different Cash Out options available on SproutGigs here is the actual Cash Out page we have air TM Litecoin PayPal Skrill and uphold you will need a minimum of five dollars to actually be able to cash out anything on SproutGigs and you have to wait at least 10 days to be paid fun fact SproutGigs actually does have a PayPal fee as well which I found out the hard way so when I went to go cash out my five dollars worth of USD currency SproutGigs informed me that I would have to pay a fee of at least a dollar so in reality for my work I was only paid four dollars or so worth of USD currency but I am happy to say after about two to three days worth of waiting SproutGigs did pay me my money so at the time of this recording I can confirm that SproutGigs is 100 legit whether or not it's for everyone that's up to you to decide if you think the time is worth your effort I would advise only completing jobs that pay you a high amount of money maybe at least a dollar or 50 cents worth at a time I have a bonus as well for you guys that are still watching be sure to check out my website for over a hundred legitimate money making methods that will actually pay you I can't stress this enough check it out if you haven't done it yet and I will see you all tomorrow catch you around.

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