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This Spin4Cash review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Spin4Cash:

Here's what we know about the Spin4Cash app so far!

Welcome to my Spin4Cash App Review! This money making application is promising that you can earn PayPal cash for free just by spinning a prize wheel but is it real or fake? You will be seeing my Spin4Cash Payment Proof but with an REALISTIC experience as this application isn't all that it seems.

Something that always upsets me about applications like Spin4Cash is that the developers do a great job at creating the apps but honestly lie about the expectations in my view. I feel like they should just be straight up honest about how much PayPal money you can really earn while using their apps.


​Hi everyone Vince here welcome to my spin for cash review ladies and gentlemen spin for cash is promising you guys out there real PayPal money to spin a prize will now is it really going to deliver on this promise that's exactly what we're going to find out I hope you enjoy let's kick this off I absolutely love the concept of spin for cash the whole premise is that we have to spin this prize will to try and win real life money in the form of PayPal gift cards now these little gift cards are generated from us playing games through spin for cash this is the big misconception with these type of money making applications and what this developer does.









So what I've noticed is with these advertisements they show that you can earn all this money just by spinning the will in reality what spin for cash wants you to do is use their application to spin the will but the prizes that you win from that will are only increasing the paypal payment apparently okay so I say apparently because you're going to want to watch this review if you're going to use spin for cash there's a lot of things you have to know, so the first thing is obviously you play games through spin for cash to earn PayPal money not spin the will so spinning the wheel is just a part of the process I hate when advertisements show one thing but then when you install the application it delivers a whole other system and I'm sure you guys can agree with me on that.









Now just like any other money making application depending on where you live spin for cash is going to behave completely different what I mean by that is that your earning amounts that you get per PayPal gift card will be dramatically different compared to what I earn here in Australia so let's just say you live in the Philippines or Indonesia when you see the PayPal rewards that I get on this video it's going to look completely different to what you would get in your country if that makes sense and this is usually done by the developers okay so please keep this in mind now when it comes to the actual earning process on spin for cash it has a very interesting system so what you need to realize as I mentioned at the start of the video the actual spinning of the wheel only generates in-game currency with this in-game currency you can then unlock levels of earnings.











So apparently the higher your level is on spin for cash the more money that you can generate through the PayPal prize card you win these prize cards by spinning the will according to spin for cash the levels go all the way up to 200 guys so spin for cash is saying eventually if you use this application enough you can earn up to 200 per PayPal prize card so as soon as I saw this I did have a red flag come up in my head now at this point as well I am giving spin for cash the benefit of the doubt because it comes from a developer that has paid me in the past if you guys enjoy what I do here on YouTube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment share this anyone you think would like to see it and be sure to join my free newsletter links in the description below thank you very much so now let's say you've just unlocked a PayPal prize card by spinning the wheel what you'll see now is that you'll need to earn vouchers to be able to actually unlock that PayPal gift card and cash out the way you earn these vouchers is by playing games through spin for cash's rewarded playtime feature.








So yes everyone this is a rewarded playtime application know how many vouchers you actually earn per game again depends on your country, but the only thing is with these type of rewarded playtime applications it obviously gets more difficult the longer you use them and not only that spin for cash features a system where you can only have a certain amount of PayPal cards at a time and this has obviously been done deliberately because what you start to realize guys even if you reach the highest level on spin for cash, and you are yet to cash out your PayPal gift cards will stay the exact same when you first unlock them so for instance I ended up getting to the point where I was able to earn 25 PayPal gift cards just from rewarded play time but what I noticed is because I unlocked level 1 2 and 3 PayPal gift cards my prizes were still the same as level 1 2 and 3. Even though I was meant to have 25 gift cards.


I'm telling you now guys this has been done deliberately in my opinion the reason why I think it's done on purpose is because by the time you've gone through and played various of the rewarded playtime applications you've run out of games to play but for the sake of this video i ground hard for a full day everyone and I was able to get through all the cheap PayPal rewards cards and get to the 25 rewards card to see if it was actually going to give me the money what I found out is not only is the voucher system broken at the moment in the higher levels because for some reason my voucher system said I owed vouchers instead of me earning them so I was actually in a minus which means the system's completely broken but to make things worse I was only able to cash out 35 cents of an apparent chance to win 25 I was expecting at least two to three dollars but every single one of those PayPal gift cards on spin for cash rewarded me only 25 to 30 cents this kind of systems irritate me so much just be honest with how much we can earn don't sugarcoat it with ridiculous gimmicks.


It's honestly sad to say because I really like what these developers are doing I just don't understand these tactics they're using now I want to talk to you about if spin for cash actually paid me or not and if it's legit so in my opinion spin for cash is legit because yes everyone they paid me every single time I requested a cash out within 24 hours now the big question is it worth it and is it for everyone I can honestly say yes if you want to earn maybe a few dollars throughout your day but if you're looking to earn anything past a few dollars at least here in my country of Australia it's definitely not worth your time, but it is nice to see another legitimate money-making application I hope I've saved someone out there some time because honestly I was really looking forward to spin for cash because as I said I loved the idea, but it did let me down with the cash out process and how much I could actually earn for my time I will see you all tomorrow for another review catch you around guys.

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