This Shutterstock website review will cover all aspects of the platform and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Shutterstock:

Here's what we know about Shutterstock so far!

This video review is on the money making platform Shutterstock where you can actually sell not only your images but your videos to make cash.

The thing that I really do like about Shutterstock is the fact that you can upload almost any type of video and image to try and make some money off of it. What I did notice though is that the competition is very fierce and that the actual chance of you making a sale is quite small.

The biggest issue I have with Shutterstock is the fact that they run on a percentage based sale system and that you cannot actually set the prices yourself which is quite annoying. 

Earnings breakdown for photos, illustrations, and vectors Image levels Number of image licenses this calendar year You earn Level 1 Up to 100 15% Level 2 101 to 250 20% Level 3 251 to 500 25% Level 4 501 to 2,500 30% Level 5 2,501 to 25,000 35% Level 6 Over 25,000 40%

Earnings breakdown for videos Video levels Number of video licenses this calendar year You earn Level 1 Up to 10 15% Level 2 11 to 50 20% Level 3 51 to 250 25% Level 4 251 to 5,000 30% Level 5 5,001 to 25,000 35% Level 6 Over 25,000 40%

Shutterstock is a global provider of stock photography, stock footage and stock music, headquartered in New York. Founded in 2003 by programmer and photographer Jon Oringer, Shutterstock maintains a library of over 350 million royalty-free stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations, with over 21 million video clips and music tracks available for licensing. Originally a subscription site only, Shutterstock expanded beyond subscriptions into a la carte pricing in 2008. It has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 2012.

Shutterstock licenses media for online download on behalf of photographers, designers, illustrators, videographers and musicians, maintaining a library of almost 200 million royalty-free stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations. Shutterstock also has 10 million video clips and music clips in its portfolio. While Shutterstock currently has several payment models, The Atlantic wrote in 2012 that Shutterstock "pioneered the subscription approach to stock photo sales, allowing customers to download images in bulk rather than à la carte." The Atlantic further wrote that Shutterstock is "a web community in the manner of a Facebook or a Twitter or a Pinterest, with its value relying almost entirely on the enthusiasms of its contributors." With potential contributors able to apply to the site for free, Shutterstock has a team of reviewers "charged with ensuring editorial consistency and quality." As of 2016, if one of ten of a photographer's pictures are accepted, then they become a Shutterstock contributor. As of 2011, only around 20 percent of applicants were approved, and "less than 60 percent of all the images uploaded by those approved contributors were ultimately put up on the site." Once approved, contributors can begin uploading their work through the website. They supply keywords, categorize the images, and submit them to the "inspection queue", where images are examined for quality, usefulness and copyright and trademark laws. Each time an image is downloaded, the photographer receives a flat rate. Explains VICE, "photographers retain copyright over their images, but Shutterstock is given full permission to market, display, and license the image to the customers on their site without final approval from the photographer." As of March 2015, contributors added around 50,000 new images daily, and Shutterstock had paid around $250 million to contributors since its founding. In 2014, it paid $80 million to contributors.

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