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This Shutterstock website review will cover all aspects of the platform and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Shutterstock:

Here's what we know about Shutterstock so far!



Hi everyone vince here welcome back to another video guys today I'll be showing you how you can earn money for every single photo or video that you take on the website Shutterstock please remember to hit like and subscribe to help support my channel everyone is sure to drop a comment and follow my free newsletter so you never miss out and upload a game thank you so much for your support now you might be thinking what exactly is Shutterstock Shutterstock is an online platform that allows you to upload not only your images but your videos and music tracks plus if you do 3d modelling you can upload your models to it as well so then each time that your asset is downloaded you earn money that's right everyone every single time someone downloads your asset you will get paid a certain percentage of what Shutterstock sells your asset for what you are seeing at the moment is the trending page on Shutterstock.



so these assets right here have all been uploaded by real people everyone pretty much what you're looking at is a live marketplace right now of not only images but videos and soundtracks available for you to purchase out there now in this video I'm going to be showing you the basics of uploading a photo to shutterstock and what you can expect on your journey of earning money on Shutterstock i want to get straight into the earnings system of shutterstock so you guys know exactly what you're getting yourself into okay as you can see on the screen right now there are two different sections here the first section is the earnings breakdowns for photos illustrations and vector art the second breakdown here is just for pure video content so these breakdowns do matter of course because you get a different percentage cut for each of the content that you upload to shutterstock so depending on if you upload photos or videos your earnings will be different shutterstock has a level based earnings system where essentially the more that you sell on shutterstock.


the more that shutter stock will reward you with a high percentage of the profits for your sales you won't earn a hundred percent of the profits everyone for your sales shutter stock will take a percentage of them which is showcased on this percentage table that you're about to see something to keep in mind here as well everyone is that you don't set the price yourself shutterstock does do that all on their end depending if your photo has been downloaded for either commercial use aka an advertisement or videos or just personal use will affect the payment rate so your earnings will depend on how the buyer uses your video or photo every photo sale all the way up to 100 sales you will only earn a 15 cut of the profit and as you can see on this list the more sales you make the more higher of a percentage commission you'll earn for each sale so if you manage to sell 25 000 images in one year you'll get a cut of 40 of the sale price whereas on the videos all you need is just to sell 10 videos to actually get past that 15 earnings rate to then allow you to earn 20 from 11 videos to 50 and so on and so on as you can see the video rate is a lot more easier from what i can tell than the photo rate earlier on but in that regards it's probably harder to actually sell videos hopefully that makes sense everyone.



that just covers the photo and video portion of shutterstock i won't be getting into the soundtrack portion as i've never really experimented with that before let's just say i'm a buyer okay and i'm looking at this photo here of the samurai with the dragon in the background i like this image so i want to buy it and what i want you to believe here is that you're the actual creator of this artwork as the buyer i would click on your artwork as you can see it looks all nice and pretty but then i would press download now that i've pressed download shutterstock shows me the actual purchasing area this area here will depend on how much you're going to earn as a seller if i as a buyer chose to use the enhanced license that will cost me 100 so everyone going back to that percentage part technically you would have to use the level one percentage earnings which is 15 of 99 so all you need to do is pretty much compare the selling level that you're on to the price of the shutter stock image so for me to download this as like a personal use it's going to cost around 2.76 which means you would get 15 of 2.76 whereas if i was to buy this for commercial use it would cost me 100 which means that you guys out there would get 15 of 100 something to keep in mind here as well is that there are on-demand packs so these are different certain sets of prices for your images so you have subscriptions and then you have the on-demand packs.



these descriptions are per month payment plans and on-demand packs that last up to a year if i recall correctly now here we have a video of the same image but it's animated okay the fact that this is a video guys completely changes the price of the product if you are able to sell a video on shutterstock you will make a very nice profit as you can see i've just added the video to my cart and it's going to cost me 109.00 everyone and because the seller uploaded it in 4k that can go up to 250 now even on the most basic plan or 15 percent of a level one seller that is a very nice paycheck for simply uploading a video to shutterstock those prices though are nothing compared to the editorial prices this is for people that want to upload professional photos of let's say celebrities or landmarks everyone you wait till you see these prices so this is the editorial page check out the prices on these photos guys so here's a professional photo of ronaldo i like this photo i want to buy it let's hit download and see the price for me to use this on my website or news article essentially it will cost me 279 dollars for the single image if i want to download all the photos that this guy took of this soccer game it will cost me 3 500 which is huge everyone could you imagine having a commission plan of just 15 on that not only that imagine if you're actually like a level 6 earner that is allowed to keep 40 of those earnings something you have to remember guys is once you upload something onto shutterstock it's there forever so essentially you can earn passively as long as your content is good enough to be purchased.



let's just say you have a whole bunch of beach photos that you took and you believe that are very professional okay so no blurriness no pixelation none of that just a really crisp nice beat shot let's see what's available on shutterstock now remember there is competition on shutterstock so you will be going up against other sellers so your photo really has to stand out but for now let's just write beach blue water okay i want to see a beach with some blue water there we go bang these are all professionally taken photos guys look at these these are awesome dude as you can see though these photos are not taken with just a generic phone guys you really need to have a high quality device that can take photos whether it be a single shot camera or your mobile phone there cannot be any blurriness and the cool thing about shutterstock is that they tell you how popular a certain photo is so then you guys might want to actually start doing those type of photos as well because you know there's buyers for them i highly recommend you guys get a tripod if you want to upload anything to shutterstock with a single shot camera shutterstock has some of the strictest rules when it comes to what they allow on their website so please keep this in mind what you're seeing right here is the seller dashboard so this is exactly what you're going to see once you signed up as a contributor on shutterstock so you'll have your earnings on the top right corner of the screen this is of course updated every 15 minutes to reflect any sales you've done on shutterstock on the left side of the screen you'll see the upload content button then you'll also see the actual portfolio for your account whether it be all the images you've uploaded or the videos you've uploaded let me show you exactly how many photos i've uploaded to shutterstock.

these photos here are very generic and basic all right i just ended up taking my camera out and taking random photos i actually ended up taking this photo with my mobile phone funny enough and what's so funny to me everyone is that i don't even actually remember taking these photos i uploaded them so long ago but some of them do look quite pretty but sadly none of them did sell so if anyone out there wants to buy one then feel free to do it now everyone it's time to actually upload to shutterstock let's hit the upload content button for this demonstration i'll be doing the photos i've taken on some of the trips i went on last year so what you're seeing on the screen now are the images that i've selected to be uploaded to shutterstock let's hit next now that they're all processed now this part here can be a little bit tricky if you've never done it before what shutterstock is asking us to do now is to essentially title and tag so people can find it on the shutterstock platform i've just selected the first image here of some nice palm trees so as you can see it does have image type and usage so these photos are not illustrations aka like 3d models or anything they're real-life photos so i'm going to leave it as photo and i'm going to leave it as commercial use because it's not an editorial piece of content i don't think it's going to be newsworthy for the description it says write at least five words so this is where i generally look at the photo and just describe what's in the photo it's pretty straightforward everyone i literally just wrote green palm trees with blue sky and sun in the background now what you can do is also check out your competition.


so literally search up the exact image you're going to upload so if you're uploading pasta type in pasta and kind of get a feel of how your competition is labeling their stuff but for now this is just a basic demonstration so now we have to pick the category of the photo i'm going to first of all choose let's see here everyone nature so i'm gonna go category one nature category two is optional i mean i don't know what else i can really choose here i mean we have nature parks and outdoor perhaps yeah we'll go i guess parks and outdoor for now i mean that's just completely a broad stroke there then it has location if you want to really get specific but i'm just going to leave that out for now now there is a more options section here if you want to label it mature content or you can leave notes for the reviewer okay something cool about shutterstock is that they actually recommend keywords for you so i'm literally just going to attach all of the suggested keywords guys because that's what shutterstock believes i should be using you can also hit the find more keywords button here and then you can get keywords from photos that literally are relevant to yours so do you know how much time this actually saves guys i've literally just clicked on three photos there and it's generated new keywords for me so i'm going to add them all and then i'm going to take out the ones that are not relevant so shutterstock will actually remove your content or even ban your account if you use misleading tags so please keep that in mind i am going to try and aim for 50 keywords on every photo at the moment there is a limit of 50 keywords per photo.


so i'm gonna try and max this out right now everyone okay all right so i've just maxed out the keywords and now i'm just gonna go attach that's it simple as that everyone done so now we have a full list of keywords for our photo now all we need to do is literally just press submit which i've just done now so now it's actually submitting that one photo simple as that it is now under review to be reviewed by the shutterstock staff once it's reviewed and if shutterstock find no problems with the photo it will be live and then people can actually start buying our photos or videos if you're uploading videos so now what i'm going to do is finish off uploading the rest of the photos and we'll be back in a second to check out what can go wrong if you upload a photo that shutterstock projects okay everyone every single photo that i just uploaded has now been sent for review for the shutterstock star if you have uploaded an image that gets rejected this is what you'll end up seeing here are some of the rejection reasons i actually received while uploading previously on shutterstock i had a keyword rejection apparently what i was showing on the screen wasn't relevant to my keywords i then had a photo get rejected for similar content because i uploaded a photo that looked like a previous one i already uploaded before now this is exactly what you'll see if you get rejected on shutterstock.


this is what the reviewers will show you guys they'll actually give you a reason which is nice the bottom rejection reason is for noise and film grain you're going to get this a lot okay what this means is essentially your photo was not clear enough with the focus or perhaps you moved the camera while you were taking the shot that's why a tripod is so important okay but once your photo is live it stays there permanently okay so then hopefully you'll generate some sales as long as you're taking photos or making videos on things that people or businesses are looking for now shutterstock does pay in various formats the one that i use myself though is paypal everyone the thing is though i'm yet to make a sale on shutterstock and that's the thing that you guys have to understand out there unless you post videos or photos that people are going to want to buy you're not going to earn anything on shutterstock this is what other people don't tell you it's a very competitive market never going to know if you can actually make a sale or not that's why you have to upload various different content.


you can't just upload 10 photos or videos you'll more than likely have to upload hundreds or thousands to start making a decent profit on the side with shutterstock what you're seeing on the screen now is public payment proof available on google images this is not my own but I truly believe that shutterstock is a great way to earn if you love taking photos or making videos in real life or of course drawing on 3d images or making songs thank you so much for watching I hope I've given you some sort of insight into shutterstock please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to follow my channel for more money making videos every single day I'll catch you around everyone stay safe out there see you next time.

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