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This ShopBack review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On ShopBack:

Here's what we know about ShopBack so far!


Remember these type of cash back applications will only work if you spend money. You have to think of it as a bonus for shopping through their application while also reading their terms and conditions very carefully.

Welcome to my ShopBack Review! This is my opinion on whether you should use this cash back application that promises that you can earn money from online shopping! You will be seeing ShopBack Payment Proof that I found online as well as a reference! I think it's a fun cash back shopping app for sure!


Hi everyone it's Vince here welcome to my shop back review ladies and gentlemen today I want to talk to you about how ShopBack is offering you guys real life money cash returns for shopping through their application now usually I don't cover applications like ShopBack on the channel but I want to start broadening my reach when it comes to these type of money making or cashback return applications.

What Does ShopBack Offer?

ShopBack grabbed my attention because it's promising cashback offers on thousands of different stores around the world here at least in Australia I was able to download and use ShopBack but perhaps in your country that might not be possible so for the people that can use ShopBack I want to talk to you about what you can expect when you use this application and some things that you should really know before spending any type of money on ShopBack.


You just to keep your expectations realistic if you love online shopping or shopping in general I truly believe that ShopBack will be a great application for you to use although the main reason why I'm making this video is to make sure before you use ShopBack you are aware of what actually is going on because at first glance it might become a little overwhelming as you can see on the screen there are many many offers that we can go through and stores available to get our cashback rewards these even include purchasing gift cards.


now mind you depending on what country you live in the shop back offers are obviously going to change something that I really do like about ShopBack is that they make it extremely simple for you guys to understand exactly what kind of cashback reward you are going to receive by shopping through them for that specific store on the screen right now you're going to be seeing some examples of exactly what I'm talking about you'll notice that it has the product the price and the actual cash back reward you're going to receive by shopping through ShopBack with this specific store.

Different Cash Back Rewards

You'll notice that there are different type of cashback offers here you have the up to certain percentage of cashback then you have the guaranteed cashback this is something you have to really pay attention to on ShopBack plus if you go through let's say Amazon or eBay or many other stores you really have to tap the cashback info tab at the bottom of the screen to find out exactly how much of a cashback return you're going to get for purchasing a specific item on the website or store you're viewing this is critical everyone because while I was looking at some AirPods on eBay through ShopBack I was looking at the cashback details and then I realized I wouldn't get the four percent cashback I would get a 2 cashback because it's listed under electronics at least that's my best understanding of that.


When Do You Get Paid By ShopBack

When you see up to a certain percent of reward you really have to pay attention to see if you're actually going to get that number or not because there are different cashback rewards for different items or categories of items now when it comes to when you're actually going to get your money this changes as well depending on the store or vendor on eBay it would take 60 days for me to be able to redeem my cashback reward on Amazon it would take up to 75 days and the Nike store would take up to 90 days now I'm unsure if this is just because of the price differences and the items I was looking at but I'm fairly sure that shouldn't matter I think it just comes down to the actual vendor you're going through at least that's from what I've seen so when you spend all this money on ShopBack you can't expect just to get it instantly returned to your account where you can then cash it out now on the subject of cashing out on ShopBack.


Different Cash Out Options On ShopBack

If you're wondering how you get your money you either get it by attaching your credit card or debit card to the application or apparently you can cash out via PayPal as well with a minimum of ten dollars needed at least here in Australia if you guys enjoy what I do here on YouTube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment share this to anyone you think would like to see it and of course join my free newsletter thank you very much according to ShopBack payments should be received within days after cashing out by the way so that's always nice to see plus I've seen payment proof for this application online so I don't doubt it's fake it's a very big company.


Surveys Are Available On ShopBack

The only thing is it might not be for everyone especially people that want to get their cash back rewards paid to them extremely fast you can take surveys on ShopBack to earn currency as well they're promising up to four dollars of real life money by completing surveys but I'm yet to receive one there is a gift card section as well on shop back where I'm fairly sure ShopBack will give you money if you join or purchase the gift cards through them so that's pretty cool as well I have to say though I am completely blown away by all the offers and cashback rewards they're promising on ShopBack.


Is ShopBack Legit or a Scam?

I definitely do feel like if you have patience and can wait to get those cashback rewards then ShopBack would be a great application to add to your online shopping experience I do believe it takes so long though because ShopBack has to verify with the vendors if you did actually spend that money or not through them so there is a little of fun and games to it there is a referral program as well for ShopBack where you'll get ten dollars for referring someone, and they'll get five dollars for joining through your link and confirming their account and payment details while also making a 20 purchase I'm fairly sure that's how it works because the campaign is called get 10 give 5. So if you guys want to support me on ShopBack you're more than welcome to with the link in the description below for my referral code, or you can refer people yourself I honestly have no idea if anyone's going to use this or not but if you do use ShopBack let me know in the comments your experience as I'd love to hear it and I hope that this explains ShopBack a little more in detail thank you very much for watching I'll see you all tomorrow for another video catch around.

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