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This Scratch Magic review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Scratch Magic:

Here's what we know about the Scratch Magic app so far!

Welcome to my Scratch Magic Review for the Android App! Today we will see if it's legit or a complete scam. You will not be seeing any Scratch Magic Payment Proof today and I'll explain why this money making app should be avoided in my opinion.

This is just my experience from Australia and sadly Scratch Magic just is not a realistic way to earn any type of serious or even minor money on. I actually believe that the Scratch Magic app has been made just to get you to watch countless advertisements to make the developers money.

From the makers of Scratch Cards Pro comes the second play-to-earn scratch card game and it’s better than ever. Come and enjoy one of the best scratch card experiences in the market. Scratch Magic requires no real money deposits and yet all players will earn real money playing this game. This is 100% legal and payments are guaranteed.


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my scratch magic review is this application really going to pay us for scratching cards or is it just another flat out scam i hope you enjoy let's kick this off so the first thing that i want to point out about scratch magic is that it's apparently made by the same developers that made scratch cards pro.









now i've covered scratch cards pro on my channel before and that application actually did pay me now with scratch magic when i went to go investigate to see if this really was from the same developers on their google play store developer page i couldn't find scratch cards pro so i'm not too sure what's going on there that instantly did raise a red flag for me going in to scratch magic.


i just thought i'd mention that now the whole concept of scratch magic is that we scratch cards in return for paypal cash the way you acquire these cards are through coins the cards that you scratch on scratch magic can also reward you with coins to then buy even more of these cards the layout of this application is extremely simple and easy to understand so that's a big benefit going into it now while you're on the main menu and the card select area of this app.


you'll notice that there's extra ways to actually earn coins other than just scratching cards for instance you have a prize will that you can spin to win coins and you also have a slot machine element as well to win coins you will have to watch advertisements though to activate these features a common practice among these money making applications now you'll notice that there are five different brackets to your earning capabilities on scratch magic the more that you actually are active on this application the more brackets that you can unlock with more earning potential.


at least that's what scratch magic wants you to believe each of these brackets will apparently reward you with even more of a greater chance for higher paypal rewards whenever i see a system that's limited on how much you play the game or application i do get a bit worried especially when the application is based around watching advertisements because that's the real kicker here guys you'll be watching advertisements at least every 30 seconds to one minute on scratch magic and some of these brackets require hundreds and hundreds of cards scratched to unlock so you can imagine how many advertisements you'll be watching during your time on this application the beginner's scratch bracket roughly rewards you with up to two dollars of paypal currency or at least a chance to win that.


now that's just my experience based here in australia by the way when you download this application it might look completely different and behave completely different with different payout so always do keep that in mind okay if you guys enjoy what i do here on youtube don't forget to hit like subscribe join my free newsletter drop a comment and of course share this video to anyone you think would like it thank you very much now it's time to actually break down the earning experience on scratch magic.


so while i was scratching the cards obviously there's a chance for you guys to win paypal currency now notice that i said chance okay that's the big problem with these kind of lucky money making applications you have no idea what you're really up against when it comes to the odds and i always get a little bit worried that developers aren't really giving you guys out there the right chances and odds to actually make some sort of currency on this application and applications like scratch magic you see the coin system is a free game currency okay so you don't have to obviously pay anything for it and you don't get rewarded for it technically what you get rewarded for is the paypal currency that you win in the cards.


the only downside is guys is that you run out of these coins extremely fast when you purchase scratch cards to actually complete and this is where the main problem i have with scratch magic comes into play on the main screen you'll see that there's a little coin icon if you tap that coin icon you'll be then taken to a playtime rewards area now this is a huge problem for me because i do not believe that you guys should be doing playtime rewards for in-game currency every playtime reward feature i've ever experienced would reward you with real life money not in-game currency to then spend on coins that then you have a chance of winning the paypal currency.


so just remember that guys you are never guaranteed anything on scratch magic it's all based on luck and chance through you guys spending coins to then try and win the paypal currency so when you're using these playtime rewards features you are really risking the chance of you never ever winning any paypal money but instead you're rewarding the developers with a whole ton of revenue for using their applications playtime rewards feature i truly believe if you run a money making application and you have playtime rewards you should be paying out your players with real-life currency or at least currency that then can be converted into real-life money.


not this whole chance rubbish because that leaves situations like i experienced where i spent literally three to four hours on playtime reward to generate coins and to not even make 22 cents this is where you guys are probably going to laugh and then you'll really get to see what scratch magic's all about you see everyone what i noticed the deeper and deeper i actually got into playing scratch magic and the more hours i spent on it i realized i actually started to slow down winning any paypal currency and the paypal currency that i did win was literally in the sense now the minimum cash out on scratch magic is 25 cents at least here in australia.


so i was literally earning one to two cents at a time if i was lucky whenever i did find any paypal currency in that four hours and what i noticed is that as i said it went really good at the start i started winning five cents three cents two cents consistently when i started the app but then i got stuck on 22 cents i went on the google play store reviews for this application and i noticed some other people actually ran into this problem as well this is where it dawned on me and this is where the biggest red flag was raised that i seriously think scratch magic could possibly be a complete waste of time and a scam now i'm not saying they won't pay anyone.


out there i'm just saying guys they are going to put you through the most ultimate grind you have ever been on to win literally cents at least in my country again of australia and judging by reviews other people had the same problem i did they start winning at the start and then they start literally winning nothing but maybe a few in-game coins because yes you can win the in-game coins on the scratch cards like i mentioned as well before but technically we are only playing this to win money but i swear the scratch magic developers have made it as hard as possible for us to actually earn anything we have to waste so much time watching advertisements and using the playtime rewards feature to make them money in return my personal opinion about scratch magic is that i would stay away from it in its current release i like the idea of it and i've seen legitimate applications like scratch cards pro before but this one is just a disappointment and if it's from the same developers as scratch cards pro i'm definitely disappointed with this release and i hope they make it better four hours for 22 cents is unacceptable with a minimum cash out of 25 cents but yet it gets harder and harder to ever reach that minimum cash out i cannot stress that enough everyone this is why you should check out my channel for all the legit money making playlists where you will actually save time and earn money online the real way stay safe out everyone i hope i've saved you guys some time i'll see you all tomorrow for the next review catch you around.

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