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This Scratch Cash review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Scratch Cash:

Here's what we know about Scratch Cash so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my scratch cash review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off scratch cash is a new money making application that is promising you guys out there real paypal cash just to scratch cards today i'm going to be breaking down exactly how this application works and what you can expect now i am unable to tell you if this is available in your country or not because all i can do is just review applications that are available to me here in australia.


so what i recommend you do is go to the google play store and search up scratch cash and if it shows up then more than likely you can use it also scratch cash will more than likely change depending on your country as well so please always keep that in mind the cash out values that you see here on this video will be different to what you see more than likely now the whole concept behind scratch cash is that you scratch cards in return for real life money from what i can see you have a limited amount of cards per day at the time of this recording i'm fairly sure the number of cards i get in a 24 hour time span is roughly 100 that means i have 100 cards to scratch through to try and win this paypal cash now you'll notice while you're playing scratch cash you'll end up generating in-game coins which is the in-game currency of this application now do take note there is another in-game currency which is the real-life money value these are called vouchers.



now you earn these vouchers by playing games through the rewarded play time system that scratch cash offers you you see with these vouchers you can then purchase paypal reward cards now the way you get these paypal reward prize cards is by scratching the cards that are available to you every single day not only that though you'll have to complete missions that's right scratch cash has a mission based system where you also have to complete certain tasks to unlock these paypal prize cards so it's not as simple as just scratching a card and winning paypal money you do have to follow a certain procedure here it is nice to see a rewarded playtime application again being made but i do know a lot of people out there probably are going to feel misled because these type of applications promise you that you can scratch cards to earn money.


what you're doing is actually playing games through their application and being rewarded vouchers based on the amount of time you play the games for but the amount of money you earn is determined by how many cards you scratch and how many missions you complete you can also use your in-game currency to spin a prize will but not only that you can spin a slot machine and while you're scratching cards you can actually unlock keys these keys can then be used to unlock a vault the vault usually has in-game currency as a reward i haven't seen any vouchers yet by the way from the vault so if you can win vouchers from the vault i'm yet to see it.


is something that is quite odd to me though about scratch cash is that you have to redeem one of the paypal prize cards before you can see the next prize that's available because at the moment of my recording with scratch cash i'm limited to only about 25 cents worth of euro per cash hour but i'm fairly sure if you use this application enough those prizes eventually go up so it's not like you're stuck on 25 cents euro at least that's what i believe you can use your in-game currency to unlock new prize slots as well so that means you have more opportunities to fit these paypal reward cards my experience on scratch cash was very straightforward i literally played it for about an hour i scratched as many cards as i could before it prompted me to watch multiple advertisements because that's what will end up happening eventually guys you end up scratching these cards but then you'll run into an ad wall of such where it would say.


you can either wait or you have to watch advertisements to unlock the next batch of cards i'm fairly sure you get about 100 cards per day but more than likely it's roughly around 86 or so and what i notice is every 10 cards you'll be prompted to watch an advertisement to unlock further cards hopefully that explains that a bit more thoroughly i've been asked for my opinion many many times on what i think of the whole play to earn genre and of course the various different types of games that are within it and i have to say guys i've been doing this for almost two years reviewed hundreds of money making applications and i'm really yet to find an application that pays more than one to three dollars per hour when you play a game.


 i'm even talking crypto games as well the ones that i've covered here on this channel will barely pay you anything over three dollars per hour now when it comes down to it the most precious thing in the world is your time so when you have these money-making applications i understand that yes a majority of the ones that i covered on this channel have paid me and i have shown them to you all on the channel but that doesn't mean that you should sit there all day every day trying to grind them out for one to three dollars an hour as i mentioned on a previous video where i go through if these money making apps are worth it this youtube channel is mainly meant to show you guys if an application is going to pay or not now whether you are going to use it that's completely up to you i just got sick of the fake money making applications.



i really went to town on exposing most of the scam applications that i could find thankfully there are real ones as well which you're about to see on this video may include scratch cash but then it begs the question right just because an application is legit does that make it worth your time and i can honestly say no not really you could complete a survey at least in my country of australia and earn up to six or seven dollars if you're on the right platform i think earning money online honestly comes down to the point of view of the person that's trying to do it if you're in a country where you can earn five or ten dollars an hour by completing surveys then obviously you're going to be leaning more towards surveys but if you can't complete surveys and money-making applications that pay you to play games are available then obviously you're going to be leaning more towards that my honest opinion on these type of applications like scratch cash.


they are good for what they promise you right but that doesn't mean that you should do it more than you ever have to especially since a lot of these money making applications will end up getting harder and harder for you to earn vouchers or tokens that you can eventually cash out with so that's why if you ever find a money making application even including scratch cash and you find that you're not even earning a dollar per hour anymore while playing it it's best just to give up on that application and move on to the next one that's my honest advice when it comes to these whole play to earn type of games something i do want to mention as well about the voucher system on scratch cash is that if you're not able to play these games.



technically you're not going to be able to make money or at least that's what i believe because i can't see any other way you're going to be able to generate the vouchers so that's a little bit of a problem there as well i was able to cash out and scratch cash within about one hour or so of playing the application and using the playtime rewards section now i was able to cash out two separate times for you guys today and i am very happy to say that scratch cash you'd pay me both those times within 24 hours so i can confirm that scratch cash is a legitimate money-making application that we can add to our list but is it for everyone more than likely not because you're only going to be earning about a dollar or two per hour max on this application at least at the time of this recording.


now something i want to make clear is that the games available to you on scratch cash will be different than what i was offered on today's video because as i said earlier it's based on your country and some other factors as well maybe even including gender age and your mobile phone device there are so many different factors that these developers like to sprinkle into their applications to make it different for everyone which makes my job harder but either way thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this video stay safe out there everyone see you all tomorrow.

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