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Scratch Cards Pro VIDEO REVIEW


This Scratch Cards Pro review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about Scratch Cards Pro  so far!


Hey everyone vince here today we're reviewing scratch cards pro to see if it's legit or a scam I hope you enjoy so at first glance scratch cards pro just seems like another generic scam application that's plaguing the google play store but guys this is why I do this job because I have to play these applications and review them and let me just say something I was pleasantly surprised by what I witnessed today scratch cards pro gives the impression that you're going to earn money directly through scratching cards from your mobile phone but that's just not the case you see scratching cards is a part of the application and technically if you scratch more cards you get to earn bigger cash out rewards directly to your PayPal account.

Because on scratch card pros there are levels to your earning guys you gain coins by scratching a certain amount of cards each 15 minutes or so which then will allow you to unlock actual paypal cash out rewards i've never really seen a system like this before so i do have to actually applaud the scratch card pros developers but i'm telling you now at first glance i was literally going to ride this application off completely the real way to actually earn money on scratch card pros is not just by scratching those cards but by earning vouchers by playing games so technically guys you scratch the cards to earn apparently a bigger chance of winnings but then you need vouchers to actually activate the cash outs that you get from the scratch out card and as i mentioned you only earn vouchers through playing games so here in australia luckily enough scratch card pros was rewarding me just for playtime so i didn't have to complete levels all i had to do was turn the app on and then it literally started rewarding me these vouchers this is the type of earning system i can get behind and i hope to god they leave it this way.

I cannot stand the get reward per level functions that some of these earning apps have if you enjoyed today's video please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter links in the description below you're helping my channel grow thank you I've had my phone grinding these games out to generate vouchers and I think I've activated about six or seven cash outs easy on scratch cards pro because I was quite shocked at how much vouchers they were rewarding me for my playtime now depending on your country your experience is gonna change just like any other earning app out there from what I've seen levelling up every time you scratch a certain amount of cards is probably the only way that you can increase your PayPal rewards and mind you you can only activate a certain amount of rewards at a time because the voucher limit keeps on increasing the further and further you get into the application.




So what's going to end up happening eventually is that you're going to run out of games to play to earn the vouchers hence that means you can no longer cash out on this application so it's almost like there's a limited period of how much PayPal you can earn on scratch cards pro now is that a bad thing I guess not as long as it pays its players on another note you will have to give your PayPal credentials to the application and I'm getting sick of the verification systems that involve giving your PayPal credentials I just don't like it, everyone, I don't like that an application needs to have me sign in through their application to verify cash out.

It's just really unsafe in my opinion because what stops these scam app developers from stealing this type of system and putting it into their apps to trick people into giving their legitimate PayPal information to them it's just a very scary thought and I hope that legitimate app developers stop making this a requirement I have to say though I'm very happy with the variety of games that scratch cards pro has so bravo again developers thank you for giving me a lot of different games to play I appreciate it now mind you should be able to technically cash out within 24 hours of playing this game okay just give it a try.

Because at the end of the day here in australia my experience is going to be different to yours and make sure it's worth your time it roughly took me around one single hour to earn about 50 cents european currency on this application so that rounds up to almost a dollar australian okay i'm actually pretty shocked to say everyone that scratch cards pro literally paid me multiple cash outs within the same 24 hours directly to my paypal account this app is actually owned by just dice who so far have always paid me out every time i've used their apps but i had no idea about that because they don't say that anywhere so i literally thought this was a scam app based on the advertisement but in reality it's another just dice app so yes everyone i can say at the moment of this recording scratch cards pro is a legitimate application is it going to be for everyone it all depends on how many vouchers you earn by playing gang i hope you enjoyed today's video i'll catch you all tomorrow for another money making review see you next time.

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