Scratch Cards Pro VIDEO REVIEW


This Scratch Cards Pro review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about Scratch Cards Pro  so far!

I really enjoyed Scratch Cards Pro but something that worries me is that it's actually based off playing games to earn money instead of scratching the cards. 

The application is fun and will keep you playing it for a long time but once you reach a certain point I fear that you won't be able to earn anymore money.

Heres the description:

Earn real money! For the first time ever you can play a game with no deposits and earn real money. This is 100% legal and payments are guaranteed. All you have to do is play and you will be rewarded. Scratch Cards Pro is free for all. (no deposits, no in-app purchases, and no ads - at all!) Scratch Cards and find prizes.


Unlock those prizes by playing your favorite games. Are you looking for a cash app that pays you for real? Scratch Cards Pro is a completely free app, offering you the opportunity to earn real money on your mobile phone. How to start making money? Scratch Cards Pro is so easy to use: Download Scratch Card Pro now for FREE Scratch Cards and find prizes Unlock prizes by playing games Win money! That’s it 😊 Why Scratch Card Pro?


Completely free cash (⛔no deposits, ⛔no in-app purchases, ⛔ no ads)! Easy to use! Fast and guaranteed payouts! Huge variety of available payout options (PayPal money transfer, Amazon vouchers, Google Play coupons, PSN gift cards, Steam cards, Walmart prizes, Xbox free gift cards and many more)!


Huge selection of different game types to fit any preference! Try Scratch Cards Pro today and start winning!


100% SUPPORT THIS APP! Not even joking I have made $70aud in roughly 4 days!!! I have played MANY games for MANY hours but I have not put even one cent into the game and payouts are basically instant into my PayPal account. I have tried so many similar apps, this is LEGIT!! Super simple process and quick genuine payouts. You have literally NOTHING to lose by giving it a go! I rarely review apps but this one deserves to be acknowledged and supported!!

real cash card!!! should try... I played it for fun, I played the other scratch card and saw this ads... downloaded it... so easy to play.... I submitted my PayPal payment thinking it could be just spam... but got payouts the next day.... so amazing... it's a real cash card.... I'm so happy for the PayPal money I received... thanks:)

Yes at the start, seems all easy...when I went up to level 4 and took ages to get even $1.75...not happy now...used other apps's a legit app, payouts is very fast....

Somewhat difficult to actually cash out but I'm not hating the process. Getting vouchers is a somewhat enjoyable experience albeit tedious and I have been paid. Would give it 5 stars but they limit your 'Prizes' to just ten. I could understand if I could see what I'm going to earn and could choose one over another but you can only reveal and cash them one at a time in order as you get them.

The vouchers you need to get a payout are excessive amounts and as you do get payment the next payment is in the negative balance so your to earn double the vouchers just to get a chance to Cash out and the cards never give you Cash value only coins

REALLY PAYS! however sometimes the other games I play for hours at a time don't register. Then you get a .50 cent or .25 cent winner the voucher amount is lower, but not really because it then has a negative amount to have to catch up to in order to begin getting the lower amount. That isn't really cool . If it's a lower Amount then let me earn less vouchers, only fair! Don't be shady and make a negative balance to even get to zero to begin the lower amt. Other than those two things 👍

I wish I could give this a zero rating. It starts out decent just to lure you in but then refuses to payout. For the last month, I've been getting the message "Something went wrong while performing this payout." I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the app but still did not get my payout of just $1.50. Total waste of time!

It pays but the vouchers go negative and takes twice as much to get to the next payout which could be more or less than the last. Some games take a while to credit vouchers. Too many ads will have you restarting the game when they don't load correctly in the middle of trying to get the multiply bonus.

I went to download this game and found out it's a unity game the thing I know about unity games they never pay out I've played so many and cashed out if they really did pay I'd be rich $$$$$$ my advice take them for what they are just to have fun they are good games but if your looking for real money don't bother

Pays but hard. You have to run games to get vouchers to actually get your payout to PayPal and it's in Euros not USD so you have to convert and you get a little less than promised. Voucher count also goes negative so you need twice as many to cash out each prize. I've gotten 4 payouts and have to let the voucher games just run while I'm sitting around not using my phone. Fix the vouchers going negative and I'll give it 5 stars.