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This review for PC! it will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


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Here's what we know about so far!


Hi everyone it's vince here welcome to my review ladies and gentlemen you might be thinking what on earth is is a computer-sharing community that involves thousands of gamers from across the world the users of are labelled chefs now if you're a chef what that means is that essentially you're allowing to use your computer's idle resources whether that be the CPU or GPU to mine cryptocurrency and in return, you are granted real-life money that then you can spend on the storefront it's literally as simple as that I hope you enjoy the review let's kick this off.


The first thing i want to show you are all the available cash out options for and let me tell you something everyone there is a lot of them as you can see on the screen we have various different categories ranging from steam games to gift cards to now their brand new release of PayPal cash outs when i first started using this program there were no PayPal cashouts luckily for me though i got in just at the right time so yes everyone you can now officially cash out to PayPal as well as the various other different options on something that i absolutely love about the storefront is how easy it is to actually navigate you can even find the hot deal section where you can see the different price ranges for different cash out options that are happening on at the current time now something else that i really do appreciate is that actually allows people that really can't generate that much currency from their machine to have their own little cash out options as well with the under one dollar area.



So if it takes you like a week or two to mine even 50 cents you're able to actually spend that currency on the more cheaper games obviously anything in this store is updated regularly so if you check back every couple of days you'll find new cash out options available on the storefront but the amount of options that are available on are just insane it would literally take me too long to cycle through each of the categories so what you are seeing on the screen right now is just a general preview of what to expect once you become a chef yourself another really cool feature about is that these guys are not anonymous okay so if you have any sort of safety concerns about or their team you can just literally go over to their website they're actually based in the united states guys and you can find out everything about their staff and salads coding which i will include in the description below of this video just in case we have some curious people out there that really want to go behind the scenes to see how works not only that though they have a very high rating on trust pilot does have an official discord group as well where you can head over and talk to one of the many thousands of chefs that are chopping away at the current time.



Now for the first time users of you may run into some issues with your antivirus detecting as a virus itself something to keep in mind here everyone is that you're literally installing a crypto miner onto your computer voluntarily so the difference between that and an actual virus program is that you have no idea what's going on behind the scenes antiviruses will pick up crypto miners as viruses just by default so what you're going to have to do is actually exclude in your antivirus setting depending on your antivirus obviously you'll have to do different steps but generally does have most antiviruses covered in their own setup guide the first time around when you use this program as i said i do know it might be a little bit scary while you're doing it but you can find plenty of evidence of being legitimate all over the internet plus i wouldn't be covering it if i didn't think it was legit myself if you guys are enjoying today's video please remember to hit like drop a comment subscribe and follow my free newsletter links are in the description below thank you so much i'd recommend before you do start mining or chopping that you head over to the account section just to make sure you've linked up your paypal account if you haven't done so yet you can actually find a minecraft account linker here as well from what i've seen.


Just in case you want to cash out to minecraft okay there is also a referral bonus system on the more people that you refer the more earnings that you generate through your referees now the referee will also earn a two times earning rate until they reach four dollars plus you will receive a 50 bonus relative to your referees earnings up to one dollar per referee mind you this has no impact on their earnings at all my code will be on the screen and in the description if you want to use it i recommend you do to get your two times earning bonus there are also seasons on as well what this means is that the more you chop aka mine you actually generate experience on you get one single experience per minute chopping that experience will then allow you to earn free prizes and rewards from the seasons that are currently active at the time at this very moment there are no seasons active so sadly i wasn't earning any of the free prizes hopefully they do start a free season soon though there are also different badges that you can unlock to showcase how far you've actually gone on plus in true nature there are a whole bunch of veggies and fruit available for avatar photos and the achievement badges are also fruit and veggies the rewards section is the place where you're going to find essentially your whole logging for anything that you've actually cashed out on salad.


 So as soon as you've made a cash out you head over to the rewards section there you can see if it's pending or has been completed or if maybe there's an issue with your order as well so this is the place to be to check any sort of purchases on the storefront moving on to the actual chopping process when it comes down to it guys your experience with earning real life money on is going to depend specifically on this part so for the people that are going to mine via their gpu you're going to be a very happy person in my opinion i have a standard 1070 nvidia graphics card and i was able to generate around 30 to 40 cents per day chopping for about 12 hours straight so if you have a better card than me you are more than likely going to earn a lot more than i possibly can in that time frame for the people that want to try and mine with your cpu while it is an available option on i really do not recommend you do this because i found the earning capabilities of your cpu to be absolutely disastrous compared to your gpu aka graphics card if you have the option please try and mine with your graphics card as a first priority or you're going to have a very very bad time chopping on in my opinion.


Which means you're going to earn money at extremely slow rates also is meant to be used as an idle program what that means is that if you start chopping away on and then you launch a game up for instance you do run the risk of really negatively impacting your earning capabilities of the current chopping at that time the whole point of is that it's meant to use your idle power from the hardware so if you're running a game like halo infinite at the same time you are definitely going to see an impact on earnings at least in my experience here guys okay because i don't know what kind of graphics card you might have out there but with my 1070 i really couldn't just be loading up games and start chopping away at the same time it really didn't end that well i could definitely see performance issues which is expected of course does include quite a nice graft system as well where you can keep track of your chopping's earnings every single day week and month so it's quite cool to see how much power is able to push out of your graphics card at said time i actually did notice guys as well sometimes there'll be a lot more balance than others and really i wasn't doing anything different so it's almost like the currency is changing on's back end for that certain period of time just pay attention to the graph because i feel like it's actually quite interesting to see the different fluctuations in earnings per day of course it all doesn't matter how long you're chopping for as well i generally didn't like the idea of leaving my pc running 24 7 every single day.



So i did take some breaks here and there as you can see represented on my graph for the last month but even though i took those breaks i was still able to actually earn around six dollars of real-life currency in about 15 days or so as i mentioned earlier i was having days where i was earning legit 30 to 40 cents almost and mind you i wasn't doing anything on the computer at the time so you really have to think about that capability there for money generation throughout your month if you have a powerful graphics card that's not doing anything i would love to see how much you could possibly earn as well now it's time to talk about the cash out experience on so guys my experience while cashing out on could not have been any easier all i had to do was get the required amount of balance needed and because i was targeting a paypal cash out for today's video i had to generate five dollars and fifty cents and as i mentioned earlier on the video i clocked up around six dollars on my 15 day journey with so thanks to my paypal account being linked all i had to literally do was find the required paypal cash out that i wanted and then hit buy now that was it everyone it was then sent to the order queue to be processed in the meantime though i still had about 50 cents left in change.


Now I head over to the bargain bin and purchased one of these random steam games just to see how long it would take to pay me a steam game cash out now i purchased a game called the haunted island a frog detective game mind you i have no idea what it is but paid me out that game in literally a few minutes so i was able to take that cd key from the rewards section enter it into my steam profile and then activate it and now it's mine you could not ask for a smoother experience with the steam game purchasing now in regards to the paypal purchasing experience again this time it was a little bit longer to wait for the cash out which was around three hours or so but it still paid me straight to my paypal account everyone that is right paid the paypal with no problems on the screen right now you are seeing the payment proof from my paypal account i am so happy to say that in my opinion is a very legitimate program and i really cannot wait to see where this program is going to go in the future now i look back and think what if i just left my computer on 24 7 how much more currency could i have mined i'm suspecting around 60 cents or so easily with a full 24 hours just because of the fluctuations per day but that's an extremely experimental thing to do where you could start to have risks involved i cannot stress that enough if you want to earn at two times the speed please use my referral code on the screen right now it will help you reach your first four dollars so much faster cheers i really hope you enjoyed today's video i'll be back in one to two days for the next review and thank you so much for the team for sponsoring today's video catch around guys.


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