This review for PC! it will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


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I absolutely love how easy it was to earn money on this program I 100% recommend you try it out if it's available in your country and if your machine can run it!

Everywhere you look, big ideas go hungry. Titans of gaming and social media are chasing metaverses, but edge computing still can't begin to approximate the scale of their wildest dreams. After all, you can't build an infinite pastime without a ubiquitous power source.


Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies seem relegated to those with the largest budgets. Most data scientists must pay steep premiums on compute cycles and uptime just to pursue their goals. Some cloud providers may offer reduced rates for predictable utilization—but why should innovation be constrained by predictability?


Without a more affordable cloud computing solution, the future will belong to the same people as its present.


There's a whole universe of dreamers, creators, and challengers-of-convention that simply needs a little nourishment. To deliver on all the promises of Web3, we must fundamentally change the way we compute.


Salad is facilitating innovation with plentiful, available, and entirely people-powered cloud services. If you're looking for a champion, we've got thousands.


Every commonly held idea was once an experiment.
By 2030, consumer hardware will overtake conventional data centers as the most reliable and renewable source of elastic computer.

The proof is in the PC. Leading manufacturers have already begun to optimize consumer-grade processing units to perform multiple intensive workloads at once. Meanwhile, new encryption technologies have made it possible to deploy to anonymous nodes, access machine resources, and securely extract quality data.


Combine all these ingredients, and you've got a recipe for a completely decentralized Community Cloud.


SaladCloud is a first-of-its-kind, fully people-powered alternative to conventional cloud services. Our workload-agnostic network rivals legacy providers in terms of availability and performance, and offers scalable data solutions for a fraction of the cost.


Computesharing is our secret ingredient. On Salad's distributed network, private individuals share latent compute resources from their PCs—like processing cycles, storage, or bandwidth—in order to accomplish advanced compute tasks and earn digital rewards.


Community Cloud can train massive AI models, compile data synthesis workloads, and distribute rendering tasks for medical research or climate modeling. The Salad community will opt into supporting P2P and VPN ecosystems, bootstrapping new cloud gaming servers, and linking legends to their next adventure.


Web3 forecasts a decentralized and voluntary Internet. A Power-to-People Web won't stomach user tracking, data collection, or any of this decade's other leftovers. Our goal is to help everyday people share compute resources safely, and on their own terms. We prioritize user sovereignty, security, and privacy above all else.


In order to offset the environmental impact of our network, Salad Technologies contributes a portion of our annual profits to 1% for the Planet. Through our annual Growvember donation campaign and similar initiatives, our community has helped us raised thousands more for global environmental organizations. Every human we hire also chooses a cause to feature in our storefront, so that Salad users may choose to join us in making a difference.