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This Rolling Luck review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Thoughts On Rolling Luck:

Here's what we know about the Rolling Luck app so far!

Welcome to my Rolling Luck App Review for the Android! Today we will see if it's possible to earn $100 worth of PayPal cash for free by playin free online slots. Will I get Rolling Luck Payment Proof? Watch and see if it's legit real or a fake scam!

Something I want to make clear is that the only people that actually make money online via these apps is the developers. These type of money making apps need to get banned by GOOGLE as soon as possible because it's just the biggest joke at this point.


hey everyone it's vince here welcome to my rolling luck app review rolling luck is a money making application that is promising you guys real life money just to spin a slot machine from your mobile phone now the thing is with rolling luck it's been downloaded over a million times and i have personally tested this application out and i have a few things to say about it i hope you enjoy let's kick this off rolling luck is one of these money making applications that i feel could be super good.







if they actually put more effort into it you see the thing is with these developers everyone once you play rolling luck for a few minutes or so you start to catch on what's going on and what i mean by that is that at the time of this recording there is only one slot machine available that you can actually use on the application and on this application you'll notice as well that there are two different currencies available at the current time you have one currency of in-game coins and one currency of apparent real-life cash now the real life cash portion which i'm sure you're all curious about goes all the way up to 100 paypal dollars so the whole goal is for us to try and collect as much of this real-life currency on this application to get to that 100 mark.



now on the flip side of that they do have an in-game currency section as well where apparently you can cash out paypal and amazon currency just for collecting these coins by spinning the slot machine rolling luck does act like a normal slot machine game and that's essentially what i truly believe it is because the more that you use it as i mentioned the more you'll start to realize little tiny tricks that these developers like to spit into their applications to give you guys hope that you're going to be able to cash out this hundred dollars or whatever currency you're aiming for.









as you're spinning the slot machine on rolling luck you'll notice that you'll have to watch advertisements but not only that these advertisements will bombard you over time and to make things worse they also have these different types of pop-ups coming up on the screen trying to get you to watch more advertisements now i completely understand the role of advertisements in an application because developers need to make money as well but when developers do it in this kind of style it instantly sends up red flags.








there is also a tournament mode where if you earn enough crowns you can apparently win a jackpot of a hundred dollars as well obviously watching advertisements will give you more crowns funny enough there is a lucky prize will section where if you watch an advertisement you get a free prize apparently there is also a piggy bank system where if you watch an advertisement you get free coins you see when it comes to slot machine applications.



I always get a bit worried because it just seems completely unrealistic i've only ever seen one application actually be legitimate with slot machines and that was givi slots and even then you can only earn up to like a dollar per hour but on rolling life they're trying to promote that you can win up to a hundred dollars just by spinning the machine i played rolling like all the way up into that 50 cent minimum cash out mark and that took about an hour or two guys and i easily watched over 50 advertisements.



I have to say i was extremely disappointed because i cashed out easily two to three weeks ago and i have not heard a peep out of the developers i have absolutely no expectation of ever being paid by rolling lut and if you check the actual app reviews out of rolling like i would definitely stay away from it at the current time it just seems to have red flags all over it stay safe catch on the next review.

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