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Earn Real Cash Games 2022 VIDEO REVIEW


This Earn Real Cash Games 2022 review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

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Thoughts On Earn Real Cash Games 2022:

Here's what we know about Earn Real Cash Games!


hi everyone vince here today I'm reviewing real cash games I hope you enjoy let's kick this off real cash games is a money making application that is promising you guys up to 100 worth of real-life currency just to play games play quizzes play music predict sports and scratch the scratchy cards now I have to say at first glance real cash games actually looks like a very fun application and plus it's very easy to use all you have to do is just navigate throughout the menu on the side of the screen to select whatever method you want to try and start earning coins with for this video I really wanted to focus on playing games to earn the coins but I did also listen to music as well to generate some coins also but what i realized everyone pretty fast is that this application really is not all it's cracked up to be and if you're going to use this application I really think you should watch this video.



things start to go downhill pretty fast you are going to see advertisements all the time on this application now i understand developers need to get paid but the problem is this application really shows no remorse when playing ads guides i mean pretty much any action you take in real cash games is going to force an ad upon you even when you play games themselves you're going to get ads all the time and if you fail one of those stages you're going to get an ad as well so no matter what you're going to pretty much be watching hundreds if not thousands of advertisements on your earning experience with real cash games now the advertisements are just one of my issues the main issue i have with this application is the actual currency and withdrawal system so unlike other applications out there where you earn your currency and all you have to do is just hit the redeem button and then you get it within a few days or sometimes instantly with this application they have some sort of ticket system where essentially you're not guaranteed your money even if you generate enough of the coins to buy a ticket.


now the funniest thing is they apparently give you some tickets that are 100 guaranteed win but guess what everyone they disappear after you redeem them for the first time and of course they're the cheapest tickets there aka you might only get two dollars or 50 cents but there is only a one-time use for these tickets that means for the rest of your time on this application you're buying tickets for a chance to win the money if that makes sense i just know straight away some people are not going to waste their time with a ticket-based currency system especially where you have to watch so many advertisements if you're enjoying today's video please remember to hit like drop a comment subscribe and be sure to join my free newsletter links in the description below thank you very much i do have to give them some credit though i like the idea of listening to music to earn money aka the coins though you don't really get that many coins especially when the minimum cash out for most of these tickets is at least seven to 800 coins guys so think about it you're really going to be grinding for a long time when it comes to this application to put it into some sort of perspective here you will generally get around 30 to 45 coins for about six to eight minutes of gameplay on one of the games on this application.



something that i noticed pretty quickly though is that the more you play an application the less amount of coins you get which is really odd to me it's almost like there's some sort of coin cap on the games themselves so it's not like you can just play one game and earn 800 coins in one single sitting and i feel like the developers have done this to make sure you keep swapping the games up every 10 minutes or so because from what i've seen as well the games do rotate every day so you always have new choices which is actually pretty cool the games that you play really do remind me of those old-school flash games i'm sure you guys will understand once you give it a shot and when it comes to earning the coins through the music itself you really don't get that many coins and plus i swear it needs a few days to actually recharge again to allow you to start earning you'll notice that there's a lot of red tape on this application to really restrict your earnings i didn't really enjoy the quizzes either they're just full of advertisements and i swear some of these sites really look like scam sites to me guys you have to be careful where some of these applications send you okay because i don't think they're all what they're claiming to be just really be safe here with applications that redirect you to a website everything should generally be done on the application itself in my opinion you shouldn't have to go to any third party website so i stayed clear of any earning option on this app that would actually point me towards a third party website i found that you could actually just farm the scratchies by the way.



so if you earn 150 coins at least in my country here of australia you could have a chance to win up to 50 apparently mind you these scratches go all the way up to 200 but that will cost you 800 coins it is just such a weird system this application is running i get very bad vibes there is a public leaderboard system as well where you can see the earnings of pretty much everyone using the application at the current time i guess it shows you that someone out there is actually making some sort of money on real cash games they do have a referral system as well just in case someone out there wants to invite their friends to use this application with them you do have a chance to win straight up cash apparently with obviously the tickets as well as a bonus so depending on how many people you invite the more chances you'll get to win or you'll just get straight out coins apparently at least in my country whether or not you want to put someone through this application that's completely up to you i know you guys get upset if i don't include my referral codes so i'll just do it out of routine but before you join it you really have to watch the rest of this video or you might be let down before i talk about my cash out experience with real cash games.



I want to make it clear I truly believe that the developers of this application saw an existing application that runs with pretty much the same model called gaming does this 20 million times better than what this application does i truly believe that this application is honestly just set up to try and make you guys watch as many advertisements as possible rewarding you with pretty much hardly any cash whatsoever especially because it's a sweepstakes application you really don't know how the rules work even though they might state somewhere the terms and conditions because there's no real regulation on the google play store you have to take developers at their face value and the reason why i'm making that crystal clear here is that I personally tried to cash out two dollars on real cash games and guess what ended up happening everyone they said that payment was supposed to be processed within 24 hours.


that was literally three weeks ago almost i've contacted their support team about four times and i've heard absolutely nothing back this is completely unacceptable for a money-making application to do to their users and if you read the reviews about this application as well you'll start to see that people aren't happy with it listen i'm not saying they won't ever pay you but you cannot take your time for granted here your time is precious and you don't want to spend it playing applications that might or might not pay you there are just some red flags that you should not ignore when it comes to money making applications and an application that can't keep its word to when you're going to get paid is definitely one of them i do not like being played around by applications guys so that's why i make these videos to share my experience to hopefully save you all out there some time and effort and hopefully to generate you some money in the long run as well that's the whole idea here if you are going to use this application please let me know your experience with it because i would love to know or if you've ever used it in the past as well thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed see you all in one to two days catch you next time.

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