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This Qmee review will cover all aspects of the application and website also it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

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Here's what we know about QMEE so far!



Hey everyone vince here welcome to my qmee review ladies and gentlemen what you're seeing on the screen right now is my earning process and experience on qmee i was able to earn over 15 within two hours just by completing surveys on the kumi platform now first things first depending on where you live obviously the earning rates are going to be different for qmee and this is the biggest thing i want to make clear before going into the video i live in australia.


So what you're seeing are the rates that i get to earn within my country and in your country that might be completely different whether you're completing surveys completing offers or doing the cash back rewards cumi has a whole multitude of different ways that you can actually earn or get cash back just by doing simple tasks and i want to show you what i had to go through to earn that money on today's video.


So qmee has a pretty unique little referral system where you guys get to choose if you want to earn one dollar straight up currency just by inviting your friend or you can split the money 50 50 where your friend gets 50 cents and you get 50 cents or you have the option to give the whole dollar to the person that signs up i'm personally going to be sharing a referral link that has a 50 cent welcome bonus to whoever joins it as i do want to split the profits so you can find that in the description below qmeee has some very high paying surveys but not only that it actually allows you to literally get surveys around the clock so i was able to sit on qmee and refresh my page every 15 to 20 minutes and i would have new surveys to complete all with different price ranges so the highest surveys that i saw were roughly three dollars per survey completed and it would only usually take me around 15 minutes or so to complete said survey the only thing is i was disqualified about 15 times while trying to get you guys this payment proof for cumie and i added up all the recording time and that took about 22 minutes of my day up just by getting disqualified but with the other two hours i was able to complete multiple surveys without any disqualification.



 You should get used to being disqualified on any survey platform and cumie is no different some tips to help reduce your disqualifications is take your time with the surveys and answer honestly that's the main thing okay what i realized i was doing was speeding through the surveys and that got me disqualified so you really have to be careful when completing surveys online because the survey providers do time you not only that everyone if you use a vpn more than likely you will be banned so please don't try and cheat the system by using vpns to fake your country these applications and platforms have started to catch on to that very quickly okay cumin has an instant paypal cash out function but not only that it also features various gift cards as well again the gift cards will depend on your country but i'm fairly sure the paypal option should be available to anyone that can use the platform.



One of the best features about qmee is that there is absolutely no minimum cash out so you can complete a survey that's worth 50 cents then you can instantly cash that out to your paypal account this is why i absolutely love the kumi platform guys it is one of a kind in my opinion but let's just say you don't want to complete surveys on qmee you can head over to their cashback section and deal section now this is for people that either want to shop through cumin and get cash back rewards or they can just get flat out discounts so this is pretty cool for the people that like to do online shopping or signing up to online products now whether or not this is for everyone that's another question okay but they also do have an offer wall section where you can play games to earn real life cash.


Now majority of these offers will take quite a bit of time so you have to read the fine print of them pretty carefully here and a majority of them are for new users only this is where a lot of people go wrong they install applications that they've already played or used from other money making apps which means that kumi won't register you as a new user because the provider already knows that you've installed it on another site so you have to be careful of that as well do not repeat offers on different money making apps or sites because you're not a new user technically but some of these games pay up to 10 or more everyone it's just they will take time and effort the surveys that i was able to complete on kumi were generating me roughly between dollar and three dollars every single time i managed to get through them without being disqualified on the screen right now you're going to be seeing every single payment confirmation that i received from cumie which i have to say everyone i love this design as well because it actually shows you how much cash you're instantly going to get to your account balance.


You can find your balance in the top right corner of the screen as well if you're looking to cash out a gift card more than likely there will be a minimum withdrawal limit on that but if you're heading over to the paypal section you can cash out anytime you want to a verified paypal account again this is where people go wrong they create paypal accounts without verifying them most money making applications will require you to have a verified paypal account everyone if you don't know what that means essentially is that you've shown paypal that you're a real person either by submitting id proof or other verification processes so my experience on kimi was extremely straightforward literally hopped on for two hours got disqualified a bunch but i was able to generate roughly 15 or so to my qmee account now i already had some money existing in my account which bumped that up to 25 almost of pure paypal cash so what i did is i cashed out that paypal money and i was instantly paid out by qmee which is why i absolutely love it humi also has a search function that can apparently pay you real life money for browsing the web and i feel like i have to do an in-depth review on just this feature alone so you can expect to see that coming up in the channel in the future i'm just hoping in your country you can use kumi but if you can't don't worry because i have a couple of bonus platforms.



I want to give a quick shout out to just for the people that might not be able to actually use cue me where they live okay so the first little bonus shout out that i recommend you use is called free cash free cash is probably one of the biggest money making platforms on the market right now it has a coin based currency system where 1 000 coins equals one dollar and you'll find that a majority of the surveys will at least pay you 50 cents to one dollar easily which is fantastic by the way and the best thing about free cash as well is that it has instant cash outs but it also has a huge off-the-wall system with multiple cash out options as well a second recommendation is of course why sense why sense is again one of the highest paying survey sites i've covered before i've literally seen surveys that pay up to nine dollars or more everyone in a single try i'm yet to see any survey website beat y sense out for single survey earnings ysense also has an offer wall system if you guys want to earn straight up usd currency the next recommendation i have is atapol attapoll is a fantastic little instant paypal paying survey application where you can get surveys every single day sent to your mobile phone where once you complete enough of them you can either cash out instantly to your paypal account or you can actually cash out gift cards as well i've considered atopol one of the best ways to make money online for surveys.


If you join through my links for these platforms most of them have join up bonuses and rewards including free cash and even at a poll especially with qmee you get the instant 50 cents joining bonus you can find my links in the description below of this video of course depending on your country the welcome bonus may be different but hopefully you should still get it all the same thank you for watching i hope you enjoyed be sure to check out my other content as i have hundreds of legitimate money making apps and reviews on my youtube channel stay safe see you tomorrow.

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