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This Pusher Carnival review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Pusher Carnival:

Here's what we know about the Pusher Carnival app so far!

Welcome to my Pusher Carnival App Review for the Android! This is a new money making app that is claiming you can earn free money online just by pushing coins? Will I get Pusher Carnival App Payment Proof? Is it legit real or a fake scam? Let's find out together about this huge warning of an app.

Something to keep in mind is that the only people that actually earn money on these apps are the developers because sadly these are mass produced trash apps that have been made to get you to watch ads every single second. Please becareful with these type of money making apps.


hello everyone it's vince here welcome to my pusha carnival review ladies and gentlemen i hope you enjoy let's kick this off so guys pusha carnival is an application that is promising up to 50 000 for you guys to drop coins on a conveyor belt now the craziest thing about pusha carnival is that they're also promising an amazon gift card and a walmart gift card as well as cash app cash outs and again these cash outs can go all the way up to ten thousand dollars.



remember all you need to do is apparently drop some coins on a conveyor belt now push a carnival is one of these apps that will literally spam you with advertisements every single 15 seconds or so if you guys don't understand the concept of these type of money making applications the reason why they spam your phone every day with ads to get you to play these type of apps is because they're hoping that you guys will try and chase that 50 000 cash out like i did on today's video.



well i can't wait to tell you my experience with it because it was an absolute nightmare okay get ready for this because you're probably gonna think there is no way that these type of applications are allowed on the google play store well you'd be mistaken all right i'm fairly sure a lot of you guys know what kind of trash is on the play store these days so push a carnival starts off like most of these type of money-making applications where you drop the coin onto the conveyor belt the conveyor belt then turns either into an in-game currency coin or a real apparent money coin i'll explain to you exactly how you can apparently earn money on pusher carnival right now each time you drop one of these little coins on the conveyor belt it pushes the apparent real-life money and in-game currency off the belt.


every time those coins go off the belt you have a chance to spin a slot machine now not only can you earn the currency from just pushing the coins off the belt but then this slot machine also acts as a way to apparently win real-life money now you'll also notice that you can win up to 50 000 by collecting a certain amount of items in this game let me just tell you something guys and make it crystal clear literally all the money making applications that i've covered on this youtube channel that have paid me real life money usually only pay up to one to two dollars per hour so when you see a money making application like push a carnival offering up up to 50 000 and where it's literally giving you hundreds of dollars per second that's when a red flag comes up.



i cannot believe the amount of advertisements that will spam you for using pusher carnival in fact even if you don't press any button on this application it will play an advertisement at random these developers are that desperate at this point just for fun i decided to cash out a thousand dollars worth of paypal currency mind you i was able to achieve this within literally 30 minutes of playing the app so think about that 30 minutes for a thousand paypal currency.



once i achieved this money to then cash out it then said i had to gather up around 60 to 70 000 in-game coins so what that practically means is that they're putting you behind a paywall or what i like to call an ad wall because what you'll start to notice is that you'll get smaller and smaller amount of these in-game coins as time goes on and this is done to try and milk you guys into watching as many advertisements as humanly possible once i actually achieved that in-game coin value like they wanted i now have to wait seven days for my request to be reviewed as soon as you see any application do these type of tactics.



literally delete it and then report it if you can because these developers are using the same tactics over and over again i truly believe that pusher carnival is nothing but a money making scam and i guarantee you guys will think the same thing as well if you want legitimate money-making applications just check out my channel's playlist i've literally laid it out so simple i hope you enjoyed today's video please be sure to drop a comment join my free newsletter and i will catch you all tomorrow for another review stay safe out there see you next time.

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