This PrizeRebel review for the website version will cover all aspects of the platform and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about PrizeRebel so far!

PrizeRebel in my view is a fantastic website to actually start earning money online! Something to remember about this platform is that it not only has surveys that you can complete to make some cash but you can actually complete offers while also entering into weekly giveaways!

What is PrizeRebel? - It is a free to use survey panel that was started in 2007 in sunny California with the goal of connecting market researchers and opinion survey takers like yourself! We are trusted by over 12 million registered users globally and have paid out over $20 million dollars in rewards to our loyal members. Their goal is to provide you with consistent extra income where you can take paid surveys from the comforts of your home or when you are on a quick break from your school or work.

Are online paid surveys legitimate? - Market research is a billion dollar industry and it is certainly legitimate! When a company is developing a new product, service or even a TV show, they need to speak to individuals like yourself to get your feedback! You are the consumer that they wish to market to and the perfect person to give opinions. They are willing to pay you for your opinions through online surveys and in return it's a great way for you to make money online whenever you have free time.

What rewards can you get? - They offer a wide selection of electronic and physical gift cards from, eBay, Target, Starbucks, and many more of your favorite brands. We also offer game codes for popular games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft, or gift codes for XBOX Live and Playstation Network. You can also claim PayPal cash. E-prizes are instant for Gold level members+ with low redemptions. 

Here are some public reviews of this platform:

I really don't understand all of the negative reviews. The site does what it says. Complete surveys, earn points and cash out for all sorts of rewards. I'm gotten many paypal payments with some visa gift cards thrown in. All processed in about 24 hours. Some days there are surveys for me and other days there isn't. It's not their fault though. I also love the contests and raffles they have.

If you like taking surveys this has to be the site for you. There's always plenty of available surveys and the money soon mounts up. You can cash out with as little as a £2 Amazon voucher which is far better than sites that make you hang on until you've hit £20.

It's a good survey site with some offer walls thrown on there too. I do personally think Swagbucks is better but it is a great alternative if you're in a country where it isn't available or were banned for whatever reason, and it has a bunch of different gift cards and gift card amounts that Swagbucks does not have, like Nintendo ones. I used it very sparsely, so I have only $25 in total earnings.

I've been using PrizeRebel since early 2021. There could be some improvements to be made such as adding a mobile app but overall the experience has been great! There are plenty of opinion surveys to take everyday, reward redemption threshold is low and the reward choices are phenomenal! The first few reward claims are delayed by 24 hours but then it becomes instant. I've been able to get paypal payments and gift card rewards to Starbucks and Burger King which saves me a great deal of money. I recommend giving it a try.

The sign up was pretty easy just make sure to use the same email as your PayPal account so there is no issue when getting sent your reward, just I just received my first 5 dollars from the site it did take about 24 hours for the funds to transfer but it did eventually come in, the Surveys are mostly easy is a bit time consuming as some of the surveys can take up to 30 minutes, but if you have time on yours hands great way to make a little money.

I have been a member of prize rebel for some time now and overall have found them to be a great survey site to use. Finding a survey can be tricky sometimes, but having said that most of the surveys pay well and are fun to complete. They pay out promptly and have a wide range of reward options available.

I've been using PrizeRebel for about a year and it's my favorite survey site so far. They have so many surveys and offerwalls to complete and they compensate very well for my time. They also payout on survey disqualifications which I appreciate. I've redeemed gift cards and Paypal and it's usually sent instantly. I absolutely recommend it!