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This PrizeRebel review for the website version will cover all aspects of the platform and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about PrizeRebel so far!


Hi everyone it's vince here welcome to my prize rebel review guys i'm going to be teaching you how you can earn free paypal but not only that also free gift cards as well from the prize rebel website while also showing you my payment proof please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment and join my free newsletter links to the description below let's kick this off okay everyone so first things first you're gonna head over to or use my referral link in the description below and sign up as you guys can see people have already actually won real life items or have purchased real life items from prize rebel.

i'll read you quickly how the site actually works it says sign up for a 100 free account earn points by completing short opinion surveys or easy offers and redeem the points for paypal cash or choose from hundreds of gift cards i really do hope that prize rebel is actually available in your country if not i do recommend you check out my top 32 paying application and website list that link will also be in the description below okay everyone so this is the home page of the prize rebel website now this is where you're gonna find all the different survey and offers available for you guys to actually start earning these points just remember these points are then converted into real life money so that's something you have to keep in mind here as you can see here the surveys that i have available to me here in australia.


without knowing how many points represents a dollar you're not really going to understand the system so let's find that out right now you'll notice at the top of the screen you have the earn tab and the rewards tab the earn tab is going to have all the surveys and offers available in your country and the rewards tab is obviously going to have all the different ways you can cash out so what we're going to do right now is check out the rewards tab and try and figure out the point system so you guys can understand the currency on this platform so here are all the different cash out options i have on prize rebel 500 points equals five real life usd dollars so you can actually use that system of 100 points equals one usd dollar for all future gift cards that you're cashing out now the really cool thing about prize rebels that there are so many different hash out methods available it's actually quite overwhelming.



and this is something i can really get behind for instance guys if you have a look here at the bottom of the screen a 5 australian virtual master card costs 363 points that is so easy to obtain as well now i recently cashed out the paypal method and you'll find out exactly how that went soon enough but for now i just want to showcase on the left side of the screen all the different categories that are available for you guys to cash out to you can even cash out between one dollar and five dollars here guys so if you don't feel like grinding a whole bunch of surveys or offers you can literally cash out as soon as you manage to get around 300 points or so this is what the paypal cash out page actually looks like as well.


just in case you're curious now you can only claim three of these per 24 hours which is fine that's roughly each day of paypal withdrawals that you can have but if we sort this out from highest to lowest as you can see you have some gift cards that are worth hundreds of dollars on prize rebel which is so cool and if we go further into the paypal tab you can actually enter in a custom amount of paypal if you want so let's just say you want to cash out seven dollars right you can do that but from what i can tell you can cash out all the way up to 500 worth of paypal on prize rebel but you will need 50 000 points so keep that in mind that will take a long time to get okay everyone so i've just clicked on the earn tab and hit surveys and this is where it's taking me to as you can see i have a big list of surveys that are available for me to complete straight off the bat what's awesome about prize rebel as well is at the top of the screen.


you have the different survey providers so we have one called op weld then we have your surveys this will take us to a whole nother provider with different survey options as you guys can see there are so many different surveys for us to complete that means excellent money in my opinion then we have the pro tab where it says we need to actually sign up to their platform which we'll skip for now then we have the sam plicio platform which again has different surveys for us to complete then we have toluna as well again all with different points some are actually quite high then we have the good old peanut labs which i'm sure you've all heard of before but yet again you have offers as well as surveys available through peanut labs we have something called innovate look at the points that we get for completing the innovate surveys guys oh my lord that is almost four dollars per survey right there then we have the gold providers which again offer us quite a bit of surveys to complete.


you definitely can't complain then we have the say so providers as well so again various different platforms all offering hundreds of surveys in total which of course means so much earning potential per day now moving on to the actual offer wall section here we do have peanut labs here you can see all the different offers that are available through the peanut labs provider i don't really like peanut labs offers that much to be honest with you i think they can definitely expand on the offers that they have available for the users i don't really think they pay that much either guys but now we'll go to add gate so here are the offers for ad gate as you can see we have some offers that are paying five dollars three dollars there's providers offer toro and i'm pretty sure you guys have probably dealt with offer toro before there's a board kings offer for ten dollars here and as you can see the more i scroll down the more offers you can find even on offer toro there's a rage shadow legends one for fifteen dollars there there's a slot machine one for ten dollars.


here are some of the ad gen offers that you can actually get as you can see again ten dollars fifteen dollars offers it's just crazy to me guys twenty seven dollar offer right there it's pretty incredible how much money that some of these offers are actually willing to pay on prize rebel it's just do you guys have the patience to sit through these offers that's the big question now here we have the at studios offer 4 500 coin rewards there that is freaking awesome dude i love how high some of these offers are actually paying us then we have a send media with offers of 1000 at least in points at the top of the screen which was great then we have revenue universe that's offering a rage channel legends offer for 3500 points look at all these points you can get from completing offers so if you don't like completing surveys at least as i said prize rebel does have you covered which is awesome now let's say you hate completing surveys and you hate completing offers well prize rebel actually has a win tab now this win tab allows you to enter into raffles enter into lucky numbers and enter into contests this is what i really do like about prize rebel as well as the variety of ways you can actually win.


so if you have a look here okay you have a five dollar gift card raffle right now for starbucks you then have a 50 amazon gift card 10 sephora card and a 20 amazon card as well now to enter into these raffles though it will cost you 10 points per ticket so if you want to enter in let's say a thousand raffle tickets it will cost you 10 000 points keep that in mind going into this okay it seems that there are various number of entries as well per competition lots of people are trying to go for that 50 amazon gift card here it seems over 555 people have entered into it but there are six days remaining on this raffle giveaway the five dollar starbucks one though only has two hours left with only 82 people entered into it so if i was to buy into that with a thousand tickets i could have a really high chance of winning in theory unless someone else has bought a thousand tickets as well but then you're spending ten dollars worth of points so when you win five dollars worth of gift card it doesn't really make sense.


next we have the lucky numbers jackpot here okay so this is pretty much like in my opinion a massive sweepstakes type of situation where you buy various amounts of these tickets you're entering your lucky numbers and then you try your luck to try and win points everyone so at the moment the jackpot is at 75 dollars worth of points so 7 500 points i don't really care about these type of giveaways that much these kind of you know sweepstakes so this is the contest page let me just read out the actual rules here for the contest just in case you guys don't get it be a winner in our offer wall contest to participate in the contest all you need to do is complete and earn the most points from offers from the offer walls within the contest period you must complete the offers with real information the more off the wall offers you complete. the more likely chance you are to win the top prize.


there are also specific country giveaways as well here guys or contests as you can see there are us-based ones only there are international survey contests and there are referral contests as well on the right side of the person's name you can see the points earned then you can see the prize amount as well for them winning the contest it seems these contests only on for a week or two as well so always remember that guys you do have a good chance to actually enter into these contests so everyone i chose to complete surveys on prize rebel to get to that five dollar paypal cash out.



i was disqualified roughly 15 times while completing surveys which chewed up around 17 minutes of my actual time grinding that out so pretty much 17 minutes of my whole session of around two hours to earn that five dollars was by being disqualified keep that in mind going into any sort of survey platform you will be disqualified a lot okay that's just how it is with surveys sadly because different providers are looking for different people to complete their surveys now if you're completing offers you might have a complete different experience than i had on prize rebel i really do not dislike prize rebel at all i actually think it's a fantastic website i cashed out my five dollar paypal and it arrived within my paypal account within two days everyone so there you go prize rebel is a legitimate website and i can definitely recommend it and i will be recommending it going forward thank you all so much for watching please stay safe out there i will catch you all in one to two days for the next money making review see you next time everyone.

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