This Prize Blast review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Prize Blast:

Here's what we know about the Prize Blast app so far!

Prize Blast looks fantastic but sadly in my view is just another attempt to get people to spend their hard earned money on an application that may or may not pay. 


In this you can join in a real treasure hunt.
The best pirate game of the year with loads of booty to win!
Arrrr ya ready to find the treasure, win prizes and blow stuff up?

Ahoy Captain, what do we do?
Plunder the lands, by blasting the boxes!
Leave no prisoners!

What do I do to become a real pirate?
Find the treasure map!

Where is this map?
Set to the lost islands!
Full of mystery & adventure.

What are we looking for?
Treasure island!
I have dreamed about it since I was a young lad.

What is on this island?
Blimey! The treasure, of course. But beware, there be danger!
So we will have to blow it all up.

What do I do when I find the treasure?
You’ll never betray me, right?

Of course not, Captain!
Then you’ll be rich, you’ll have rewards and prizes!
And you won’t have to walk the plank!

From how to become a pirate for dummies:
- Your path is filled with landlubbers that you can blow to bits.
- Beware of crabs as they pinch you on the... Ouch!
- Rescue the blundering hunter's turtles.
- The brutal pirate wheels are filled with gold.
- There are also friendly pirates, trendy pirates, and ugly pirates…
But just remember, on pirate ships there are also bombs.

Earn pirate prizes by playing now!
and above all... blow stuff up!


DONT BOTHER WASTING YOUR TIME OR EFFORT!!! Worst app ever... Downloaded it and it doesn't even work, won't go through to play the game. It just gets stuck on the Home page and then makes out like you have an internet connection issue (and I know I'm well and truly connected to the internet).

Game does not pay. I'm Uninstalling this waste of time data and space. Everyone involved in this lie will live in pain and misery before dying and burning in hell for eternity. By the power of three times three so mote it be.

Dont waste your time. I been doing this for months and not won any cash. Its not entertaining enough to maintain interest which is the plan I know. Get you to play but never let you get the prize. I'm four levels off the treasure apparently...again. I'm sure when I complete lvl 12 there will be another. It is really a waste of your effort.

 I give it NO stars, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! Ive spent $635.86 on this game since I started. Ive completed 371 levels. My prize balance is $780; Ive been playing for seceral months & I STILL HAVE NOT REACHED THE END TO CASH OUT. I dont recommend this app to anyone. Once you get thru boat upgrades, you then have to complete islands which require thousands of bottles; then you have to blow up 10 islands- Im on the 10th one, last night alone I used 200,00 + bottles & STILL NOT DONE

Nope don't even bother, this is just another one of those apps that fills your head with empty promises. I started playing this game a few days ago. At the top of the page there's a pig with dollar signs on it, around it. Now me, I don't take any of these games to heart but, there's always this teeny, tiny little ray of hope that maybe this one will be on the "up n up". I reached $100 & what a shock, now I have to wait for 3 days. I think these games should be banished.

Total joke. levels 1-10 are easy to build ship then 11 to sail. you have to go through another 11/12 levels just for level 11. as well as crazy amount of coins. Who knows what level 12 will be like and btw only on 93.00 lol (be lucky to get ONE pad for the switch) aha . Not worth the hassle unless you are willing to pay to pass some of the outrageous levels. Is this the makers of coin master lol