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This Prize Blast review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Prize Blast:

Here's what we know about the Prize Blast app so far!


hi everyone it's vince here today we're reviewing prize blast now this is my personal opinion prize blast is a application that is promising to literally give away hundreds if not thousands of dollars to match blocks together and beat stages in a treasure hunt type of game the whole concept surprise blast is that you the player are on a treasure hunt and at the end of this treasure hunt you're going to get all these fantastic rewards including either straight up money or real life items.


i have to say prize blast does look fantastic and i do love how smooth it operates but some of you will start to notice the further you get into prize blast and the closer you get to ever finding the treasure is that the game actually starts to become unbelievably difficult what i've yet to mention is that there's in-game currency in prize blasts including gems and bottles now from what i've witnessed and experienced the bottles are what you need to progress throughout the treasure hunt each time you get to a new destination on the treasure hunt you'll have to give more bottles up to get more information on where the treasure is and it seems the gems themselves are available for you guys to bail yourself out of a level in case you fail it too many times.


in my opinion prize blast turned into the most ultimate grind where it seems the developers are really trying to push you into spending your real life money to purchase their in-game currency to continue playing the app in the hopes of winning money now you'll see that there's a piggy bank as well on this application where throughout different stages of the game you can actually apparently win real life money up to around 12 per piggy bank from what i experienced.


but i wasn't able to cash out that money until i actually finished my treasure hunt because the game gets so difficult and if you fail a stage it literally makes you repeat multiple levels it seems that you can never really get to that point where you can complete the treasure hunt unless you're really willing to spend money or grind for literally years i would just like to say please remember to hit like and subscribe drop a comment and join the free newsletter to help my channel grow thank you so much prize blast to me is literally on the borderline of being a scam application in my view.


just for the amount of time it's going to waste i am not saying that it is a scam application but from what i experience and i feel if you give it a shot as well you're going to waste all your time on prize blast and reading the reviews on the google play store it seems people do agree with my theory here that essentially this just seems like another money grab i don't think you're gonna make any type of cash on prize blast i would love to know your opinion though if you do try it out guys it's free on the google play store right now please stay safe out there i'll catch you all later see you next time.

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