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Is Word Connect Win App Legit or Scam? Review and Real Truth About Earning $10.11 per Matched Word

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To Word Connect Win Review

Hey everyone, Vince here. Welcome to my word connect win review. In this Word Connect Win review, we'll explore if there is a possibility of earning hundreds of dollars simply by matching words together. Let's find out if this game is worth our time and energy. Trust me - you won't want to miss out!

First Impressions

When you first launch it up, it has the real life money portion at the top of the screen as well as your in-game currency underneath that we have the words that we can actually match to generate the money as well as some abilities as well .

How To Start Earning

So let's see what happens when we match the first word together. Simply tapping on g o spells go now, we can spell log and once the words have been spelled, apparently, we get a big win. Our balance is now 12.33 guys, and that's apparently from spelling two words, so this is a very interesting star.

Warning: Although word connect win has over a hundred thousand downloads, when you see reviews manually and what Google recommends, the reviews are very negative.

Let's see what the next set of words merged will get us just going to spell ear and then ah again very easy concept so let's see what happens next. Tapping on the Big Win Again has now boosted our balance all the way up to twenty one dollars, and we are literally on level three, so let me just continue on to play here.

So I can keep increasing the balance and show you guys what happens next going to spell bar and then bra again, another apparent big win, and now the balance is increasing again up to 31.57 so you can see here technically the earning rate is through the roof compared to other money making apps, but this is what starts to get me a little bit worried so let's continue watching just spell end and then Den now the balance is increasing again up to 42.69.

We'll continue the grind here so you guys can see in real time what's going to happen. Spell pin and then in again basic type of application education, but interesting enough, we haven't seen any advertisements pop up just yet, balance is now increasing again up to 52.25.

10 to 11 dollars per word

So far, we've roughly got about 10 to 11 dollars per word merge. Just keep on the spelling here should be very straightforward, another big win (it's now asking me to give them a five star rating, no thank you), and our balance is 61.30 and.

So Many Advertisements

Now the advertisements have started, so generally with these type of applications, at this point we'll start to see them try to bombard you with ads, and then they activate diminishing returns as well.

So let's see if that's the case. Gonna spell saw then as another big win puts us all the way up to an advertisement, so now it begins. I'm curious to see if diminishing returns have kicked in as well we'll find out in a second here and over on 71.82 let me just spell C then as another big win and then another advertisement but now the balance has gone to 81.10, what about Sue and then we another big win another advertising see what I mean guys it's pretty straightforward what's going on here.

Getting Close To Cash Out Threshold

I'm very curious to see what's going to happen once we've reach that threshold so we are now on 91.46 and apparently according to the Google reviews the minimum cash out is around a hundred dollars, so let's find out what happens once we get to that point.

It should be the final Big Win now another out of course. We've just reached over a hundred dollars. All right so here's something pretty funny, even though I passed 100 happy on that balance does absolutely nothing, so I'm a bit curious to see where exactly they promise the cash out.

I'll keep on spelling here I'll be back soon when I get to the actual Cash Out point I'm gonna have to watch an advertisement every single level by the way if it gets too ridiculous. I'll let you know in a second anyway so I'm a level 14 right now, and my balance is 105.42 now earlier it was giving me around 10 to 11 dollars per word right, but now if you have a look when I watch the advertisement look how much my balance goes up now because this is very very worrying of course the mandatory ad and now my balance has gone up by about a dollar, so here we go diminishing returns like addicted guys this is trash stay away from it word connect win is just another scam.

Conclusion (Is it Legit or a Scam?):

Not worth it, in my opinion. Always read reviews if they're available on the Google Play Store; generally negative reviews are the most truthful ones. Anyway, that's it for today - stay tuned for tomorrow's review, and stay safe out there!



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