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VicTube Review: Really Make $9.99 Per YouTube Shorts Watched?

Updated: 7 days ago

This VicTube review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and its money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Is VicTube Payment Proof and Cash Out Evidence Possible?


Hey everyone Vince here today we're going to find out if we can really earn hundreds of dollars by watching YouTube clips on the money making application Vic tube I hope you enjoyed thank you so much for your support this year let's kick this off so everyone this is Vic tube on the Google Play Store as you can see it is an early access title so I'm sure me and you are about to go on an adventure together as soon as you turn on Vic tube you're going to be greeted to the cash out page these are the available cash outs for Vic tube as you can see there are a bunch now going down the actual amounts that you're allowed to withdraw you can see we have a 500 PayPal car for 5 000 coins one thousand dollar PayPal card for 10 000 coins a fifteen hundred dollar PayPal card for 15 000 coins and a three thousand dollar PayPal card for 30 000 coins.

Is VicTube Legit Or a Fake Scam?

Just an FYI switching between the different methods also has the exact same cards so keep that in mind okay there's nothing special about it so on today's video we're going to aim for the 500 paper our gift card or 5 000 coins all right so this is what the videos page looks like on Victory but as you can see we literally have advertisements appearing pretty much straight away at this point now I don't know about you but I have no idea what's going on on this screen all I can see is a little chest floating around the screen asking me to tap on it to apparently earn some rewards we have a chest that's located at the top of the screen with a bar it looks like of sorts where I'm assuming the more shorts we watch the more the bar goes up and then of course we have our coin currency at the top.

So tapping on the new tab brings us to some sort of game page now we've seen this before okay we don't really care about these type of games because at the end of the day half of them barely worked at least in my experience the reason why you've probably downloaded Vic tube is because you want to try and watch YouTube shorts for money so that's exactly what I plan to do on this video if you guys want to try and play these little flash games that are inbuilt into this app then you're more than welcome to I've tried it on previous videos and they never work out alright so I'm going to skip this section for now because I feel like the developers have added this for absolutely no reason other than just having an extra feature in their app to get you to watch ads you've got ads play all the time when playing games on this now let's click the shorts tab.

Now here's probably one of the most questionable parts of each tube the YouTube shorts tab inbuilt within it okay I don't know how they got permission to do this and even if they have permission to do this very odd to me I don't know how they've done it but they've done it okay so that's besides the point they're claiming hundreds if not thousands of dollars for us to watch these shorts let's see how much coins I can generate by watching some shorts on victtube and then you can see the process of what you'll have to go through and as you can see an advertisement just literally started playing randomly when I was browsing through the shore this is where the problems start to happen with Victor I suspect we're going to be seeing many more of these advertisements us watching that advertisement somehow generated me 1 000 coins so technically for 500 PayPal I need the 5 000 coins and because of that advertisement as you can see.

I already have 1 000 of the coins all you need to do is literally add the numbers up and that means I earned 100 from watching that advertisement on Victory I really cannot understand that but let's just play their game here and continue on it until we get to the 5 000 coins now the shorts tab also gives you access to different little reward buttons so let me show you what I'm talking about you have the claim button you have the prize wheel and slot machine area and you have the free airpods let me tap on that claim button now that just simply takes you to the cash out page let me tap on the prize wheel button ah so here's the Lucky Spin area the Lucky Spin area on these applications makes me laugh because we can just simply sit here all day spinning this wheel of course you'll have to watch some advertisements though so let's just play their game here and spin this prize Well until we get to the ad wall just hit spin now let's see what comes up here we go everyone and I got some coins 2 000 coins there which if we play by their rules converts into two hundred dollars worth of currency but as you can see they've hit us straight away with the ad wall so we have to watch an ad to claim these coins let's do that now so now those coins have been applied to my account now this is the slot machine element of the game okay exact same concept as the spinning wheel system let's quickly tap go and see what happens just hit go now I'm assuming I'm going to win anyway there's no way you can lose on these apps really there we go straight away so now it's saying I've won 100 coins but if I watch an advertisement I can get a thousand coins so either you win ten dollars money or a hundred dollars worth of real money in reality what do you think people are going to choose let's quickly watch the ad all right so now I have 4 000 of the coins now let's check out the airpods section here we go airpods pro apparently we can win free airpods Pro if we sign in three days in a row.

I wonder how legit that is everyone how about the actual watching shorts portion of this application you know the reason why we downloaded it in the first place tapping on the treasure chest at the top of the screen you'll see that we earned 150 of these coins by watching the shorts and of course watching the ads from the shorts I can double those coins though if I watch an advertisement so let's do that now all right the advertisement has been watched and now you'll notice at the top of the screen that little bar is filling up because we're watching ashore so all you need to do is literally watch a short for 10 seconds to fill up that bar and there we go that chest is now available again for me to TAP okay so now I've won 250 coins watching an advertisement will allow me to double it again this is where the application is going to start to farm us for advertisement views and this is the biggest problem with these type of money making applications everyone all right so again you can see the bar filling up we now have 4 800 coins let's toughen that little chest again and I guess it's going to get us to watch an advertisement all over again and yes there we go as you can see now it's only offering up 75 coins but then they're telling me I can double it again.

If I watch an ad I find it interesting how the rewards are so low for watching the shorts whereas I could just keep spinning that prize wheel or playing the slot machine and earn thousands of the coins at once kind of a broken system isn't it but how about this little free icon that keeps on popping up here tapping on that will grant you three different little rewards where obviously you have to watch an ad to activate them.

Almost everything on this application is now starting to pump out advertisements at an insane rate this is because the developer knows you're getting close to that cash out point and they want to try and get you to watch as many ads as possible before we activate our order because I'm placing bets now everyone that it's not going to be as straightforward as we think I actually just spun the lucky wheel again everyone and I found out they actually have activated diminishing returns on my account now the closer I am to that cash out Point remember how I was earning thousands of coins last time I used this spinning wheel now I'm only earning 15. and that's because I'm close to that 5 000 coin Mark a sneaky trick to get you to watch more advertisements as we're nearing the end of the video we start to figure out what's going on here with these developers and what they really want from us the players now you'll also notice at the bottom of the screen there's a little gift button this brings up the mystery prize area aka the puzzle system everyone we watch advertisements and then they'll give us a little piece of a puzzle of a real life product that probably costs thousands of dollars.

We've seen these mystery prize systems before so there's no need to go in depth to debunk them like I'll do on every video take my word for it these systems are complete trash and built to get you to watch ads non-stop for prizes that will never arrive alright so now let's continue on to watch our little short to see how much coins we can generate apparently I could generate two coins now everyone but I can watch that add to double it have you seen how downhill this application has gone in a manner of literally under an hour alright so now we are officially at 499 coins the application has now rewarding me one coin for watching the shorts how ridiculous is that all right the coins have now been generated everyone it is now allowing me to redeem the 5 000 coins and remember this is for 500 PayPal tapping on redeem is asking me to enter in my PayPal email address or mobile phone number and there we have it everyone I've just hit redeem and it's saying I can collect my 500 in three days and has put me behind a Time wall I like to call these things time wolves because pretty much is the way of the application tricking you into waiting those days but not only that they've now hit us with a double whammy where we can apparently give them a dollar and 19 cents of our own money to immediately activate the order or watch 30 advertisements one of the most ridiculous situations I've seen on money making apps these developers are getting so Brazen with their scam they're even asking for your money please do not use Vic tube a complete trash application okay that's my final verdict on it if you actually want legitimate money making apps check out my YouTube channels playlist and of course my website with over a hundred legitimate money making ways I hope I saved someone out there thank you so much for watching see you all tomorrow for another video.


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