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Sweatcoin App Review: Payment Proof & How To Get PayPal Money

Updated: 2 days ago


Hello everyone Vince here Today I want to share my recent experiment with Sweatcoin a moneymaking application that rewards you for walking In this blog post Ill walk you through my personal experience with Sweatcoin including my successful purchase of a discounted smartwatch and my smooth PayPal cash out process so let’s dive in and discover how Sweatcoin can turn your steps into real life rewards.

What is Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a unique moneymaking app that pays you for the steps you take while walking For every 1000 steps you generate one Sweatcoin the in app currency that can be used to avail various discounts and rewards from the Sweatcoin marketplace.

Is Sweatcoin Free to Use

Yes Sweatcoin is completely free to use You can download the app and start earning Sweatcoins without any upfront costs However the app does offer a premium service with additional benefits which I’ll discuss later in this post.

My Personal Sweatcoin Experience

Recently I decided to put Sweatcoin to the ultimate test by purchasing a discounted smartwatch using the Sweatcoins I had earned I was pleasantly surprised when the watch arrived at my doorstep just a few days ago This experiment proved that Sweatcoins discounts are legitimate and you can indeed get real products through the apps marketplace.

Does Sweatcoin Pay

Yes Sweatcoin definitely pays I also wanted to test the PayPal cash out feature which is a popular way to earn real money through Sweatcoin By participating in the influencer rewards program and referring people to use Sweatcoin I was able to reach the threshold required for a PayPal cash out Within just two days of requesting the cash out I received the money in my PayPal account.

Ways to Earn Money on Sweatcoin

Earning on Sweatcoin primarily revolves around walking and generating steps for every 1000 steps you earn one Sweatcoin Additionally you can watch advertisements daily to earn extra Sweatcoins The app also has an influencer rewards program that allows you to refer people and reach higher cash out thresholds for PayPal rewards.

Is Sweatcoin Legit or a Scam

Sweatcoin is a legitimate moneymaking app My own experience and successful purchases demonstrate that the discounts and rewards offered through the app are genuine However always be cautious of scams and stick to reputable apps like Sweatcoin.

Is Sweatcoin Safe

Yes Sweatcoin is safe to use The app does not require any sensitive information and its primary purpose is to track your steps and reward you for being active however exercise caution while using any app and avoid sharing personal information.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

The PayPal cash out experience on Sweatcoin was smooth and efficient By referring people through the influencer rewards program I was able to meet the cash out threshold and received my PayPal reward within two days This feature provides a tangible way to earn real money with Sweatcoin.

What is the Sweat Token

As I’ve covered in my previous Sweatcoin review the app is set to launch its own cryptocurrency token called Sweat Token in the near future By using Sweatcoin now you can generate these tokens for free and the developers will match your Sweatcoin balance with Sweat Tokens once they’re launched This presents an exciting opportunity to acquire cryptocurrency without spending money.


In conclusion my personal experience with Sweatcoin has been overwhelmingly positive The app is legitimate and it genuinely rewards you for walking and staying active The discounts and rewards available through the Sweatcoin marketplace are real as demonstrated by my successful smartwatch purchase Additionally the PayPal cash out process is efficient making it a viable way to earn real money through the app.

So if you’re looking for a fun and rewarding way to earn money while staying fit I highly recommend giving Sweatcoin a try Whether you want to avail exciting discounts or earn PayPal rewards Sweatcoin has something for everyone.

Remember consistency is key with moneymaking apps and while Sweatcoin may not make you rich overnight the rewards will gradually add up over time Stay active walk those steps and enjoy the benefits Sweatcoin has to offer.


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