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Swagbucks Review: BIG $25 Payment Proof In 2023!

Updated: Sep 13

What's up, guys and gals? It's Vince here, back with another exciting blog post! Today, we're diving deep into the world of Swagbucks - the popular rewards program that promises to pay you for completing simple online tasks. But is it still worth our time? Does it actually live up to its promise of giving us real cash in exchange for our efforts? Well, I've got all the answers right here, and I'm so excited to share them with you. So sit tight, buckle up, and let's find out if Swagbucks is really worth your time or just another scammy website trying to fool you. Don't forget to hit subscribe and drop a comment below - Let's get started!

How It Works

Swagbucks looks good when you first launch it, and let me tell you, it's quite impressive. The user interface is sleek and inviting, with various earning opportunities laid out in front of you. Right away, I noticed an answer area that was willing to pay me 50 Swagbucks for answering a 10-minute survey. That's pretty sweet!

And then there are other surveys listed here as well- depending on where you live, your age, and your gender, the payout may vary. Underneath the Swagbucks survey area is the Discover section, which has in-game offers that can earn you a lot of points quickly- like the Monopoly Go game that's willing to pay me up to 3,500 Swagbucks!

I really appreciate that Swagbucks offers multiple earning opportunities, so there's always something new for everyone. There's also a shop area where cashback deals are available - if I buy anything through these shops, they'll give me back a certain amount of Swagbucks per dollar spent- pretty neat, huh? With all these different ways to make money on their platform without even leaving home or buying anything extra beyond what we already need, day-to-day expenses seem fantastic!

Obviously, you're not going to understand, so let's go check out Swagbucks' cash-out area and see what they're offering today. You'll find your Swagbucks balance, your redemption Swagbucks button, your racing activity, and the referring earn area in the top left corner of the screen.

Cash Out Options

Now tapping on the redeem Swagbucks button takes us to the reward page, where you can see that Swagbucks has many different cash-out options. It's insane just how many they have!

However, depending on your country, this might look a little bit different for you. For today's video, I decided to cash out a 25 Amazon gift card because there is currently a 12% discount available which is pretty sweet. Another great thing about Swagbucks is that sometimes they offer discounts on their actual cash-out cards as well, which is really nice. If you head over to the "on sale rewards" area, you can find all the gift cards that are discounted at the moment on Swagbucks. As you can see again, there are quite a few of them, which is really nice to see!

Swagbucks Currency Breakdown

To break down the Swagbucks currency here in Australia: ten dollars worth of PayPal currency equals 1,000 Swagbucks. I found that Amazon has a minimum cash-out of only 300 Swagbucks (which equals three dollars). In contrast, PayPal's minimum is five dollars for 500 swags bucks and comparing these two methods shows me that thanks to that discount – Amazon is definitely my better choice since it offers more value for money right now!

Main Earning Methods

So now that I've broken that currency system down for you, let me show you how exactly you can earn the Swag Box. At the bottom of the Swagbucks app, you're going to find the Shop tab, Answer tab, Discover tab, and more tab, as well as the cashback rewards section that I mentioned earlier.

Multiple Cash Back Offers

So what I'm telling you that Swagbucks has 200 and 69 cashback offers here, guys. This is what I was talking about with Swagbucks. They have so many different potential opportunities for you all out there if you do shop online. Now that you understand the currency system of Swagbucks, the way I look at it is if you're going to buy online, at least Swagbucks does have this area available to you obviously-you don't have to use it, but it's there. And then, of course, there's the answer tab. This is the main area I feel a lot of people are actually going to earn their Swagbucks with this application. As you can see, the highest server I can get here in Australia is around 75 Swagbucks for 14 minutes of my time.

I personally wouldn't waste my time with surveys like these. They're not really paying you that high, and how about the Discover tap? Here, you can see at the top of the screen where Swagbucks has a bunch of different offer wall providers. You can check out what they have and see if there's something that interests you. Usually, they have some of the highest-paying offers. Because they want you to stay on their app, they put high-paying offers there.

But you can see here it's actually pretty decent. It's just if you guys have the time or not; you see, that's the biggest problem I have with Swagbucks and most money-making apps out there. Sometimes these offers really aren't worth the time investment, but if you're able to find one on here that you think you're going to join up to anyway - such as expression - you could save 49 off a 12-month plan and get three months free plus you would also earn 40 worth of real money for free on Swagbucks stuff like that. I find it pretty interesting.

The review offer wall doesn't really go through Swagbucks directly but I could be wrong but either way judging from these prices here it's not really that appealing to me at the moment okay hopefully they do increase these prices of these offers very soon, like for instance reaching level 700 and Caesar slots within 10 days to earn 35 in my opinion, that should be actually rewarding you a lot higher than what it is this is the Playtime reward area on Swagbucks, as well you can see here honestly, it's not really paying anything whatsoever so I would personally avoid the Playtime reward area at least here in my own experience and in my country by these prices everyone are literally paying me I think about whatnot even 25 cents is it or might be 25 cents actually very very low stuff seriously dude, so definitely check out the offers area first instead of playtime rewards now.

I mean, look, in my view, this is simply just the offer wall again, but they really put the signup areas here like a game so you can see how much Swagbucks you have to spend to enter into these different giveaways that they have on offer. They have the mobile games offer this is pretty much the same offer we saw earlier but I did notice they had a mafia City offer for 17 000 of the Swagbucks so everyone that is pretty sweet guys. You can imagine this is a very hard offer you can enter giveaways so here's where you can spend a little bit of your Swagbucks to enter into giveaway as you can see here we have the 100 Swagbucks giveaway the five Swagbucks giveaway 2500 Swagbucks giveaway the 100 000 Swagbucks giveaway and the 1000 Swagbucks giveaway all costing their own amounts to actually enter now Swagbucks also has their own little Games built into their application that will give you a little bit of the Swagbucks currency for using them I don't really use this area at all.

Okay so now that I did that I got my two Swagbucks there's a little receipt icon here that's not letting me open up for some reason maybe it's not allowed in my country yet but going back to the shop tab you can see here we have my gift cards plus scan and earn and prescription tapping on my gift cards plus brings up a blank screen sadly so either that's not available in my country or it's bugged out tapping on the scan and earn area doesn't seem to load anything but apparently I can earn two Swagbucks per product I scan at nearby stores and then the prescriptions area actually takes me to the Swagbucks website for some reason so who knows what's going on there but apparently I can earn a hundred Swagbucks by going through their prescription area there's also a search area on Swagbucks here's where you can actually search the internet I have no idea where they're getting these prices from everyone but I typed in bread and you can see what it's brought up apparently 61 for a five pack of Wonder Bread.

Referral Area

Have you checked out the refer and earn area on Swagbucks? It's an awesome feature that allows you to earn 10% of your referee's earnings completely for free without affecting them. That means if your friend earns 150 Swagbucks by joining through your referral link, you'll get an extra 15 Swagbucks just like that! And remember the sweet bonus of earning 10 referrals. It's a pretty decent deal if I do say so myself. Now, let me tell you about my cash-out experience with Swagbucks and whether or not it's legit. The process was super easy and straightforward - all I had to do was redeem my points for a gift card or PayPal cash, and voila! Within minutes, I received my reward in my account without any issues or delays. So yes, in conclusion, Swagbucks is definitely a legit way to make some extra bucks on the side while completing simple tasks online.

Swagbucks Payment Proof

As I mentioned before, I spent 2200 on my Swagbucks currency for a $25 Amazon gift card. And guess what? Within three days, I received my gift card from Swagbucks! That's right, here is my payment proof. It's great to see that even after all this time, Swagbucks still pays their users. Of course, it may not be the case for everyone, depending on their country and location, but at least in Australia, I had a decent experience with it. So if you're looking to earn some extra cash or rewards online, then give Swagbucks a try!


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