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Streetbees App Review: Earn $30+ PayPal Eating Food At Home! (Payment Proof)

Updated: 2 days ago

Hey everyone its Vince here and welcome back to another blog post Today I want to share with you a unique and exciting way to earn money by simply eating food and drinking drinks And no this is not clickbait or a joke I recently came across an app called Streetbees which offers an opportunity to get paid for sharing details about your daily life including your eating and drinking habits So let me walk you through my experience with Streetbees and how you can make money with it.

What is Streetbees

Streetbees is a mobile application that allows users to earn money by completing stories These stories involve answering questions and providing photos related to your daily routines and activities Companies use this information for consumer research and insights.

Ways to Earn Money on Streetbees

My personal challenge was to focus solely on stories that paid me for eating food and drinking drinks I found several stories that rewarded me for sharing details about my meals and beverages These stories typically paid around 30 cents in Australian currency per completion.

Privacy and Authenticity

Before delving into the earning process its essential to address privacy concerns Streetbees requires you to submit photos with your stories but keep in mind that these photos become the apps property So ensure you dont include anything private or sensitive in your pictures additionally the app employs a manual review process to validate the authenticity of the submissions Avoid submitting blurry or repetitive photos to increase your chances of acceptance.

The Stories I Completed

What are you eating at the moment

What are you drinking at the moment Alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages

What are you snacking on Chips ice cream etc

What are you cooking

Maximizing Earnings

To optimize earnings I devised a strategy For example when preparing a meal like pasta I took photos throughout the cooking process and submitted them under the What are you cooking story Then when the dish was complete I submitted another photo under the What are you eating at the moment story which offered a higher payout Similarly if I was enjoying a nonalcoholic beverage like coffee I submitted a photo under the relevant story for an additional 30 cents.

Rejected Stories

Its worth noting that some of my stories got rejected due to blurry photos or insufficient detail To avoid this always ensure your photos are clear and meet the apps guidelines.

My Earnings with Streetbees

Over the span of one week I diligently submitted photos of my food and drinks to Streetbees At the end of the week I received a payout of 30 Australian dollars which roughly equates to 23 USD While it may not be a significant amount the fact that I earned money for simply sharing photos of my meals and beverages is remarkable.

Mood of the World Feature

One fascinating aspect of Streetbees is the Mood of the World feature By typing Streetbees Mood of the World into Google you can explore the overall moods of different countries Its a unique and intriguing feature that provides insight into how people in various regions are feeling at any given time.

Is Streetbees Worth It

Based on my experience I genuinely enjoyed using Streetbees to earn money by sharing my daily food and drink routines While the earnings may not be substantial it’s an effortless and fun way to contribute to consumer research while getting paid for it.

Streetbees and Global Moods

If you're curious about the moods of different countries the Mood of the World feature on Streetbees allows you to explore emotions and sentiments worldwide It’s a fascinating tool that can provide unique perspectives on the global mood.

Using Streetbees on Various Devices

Streetbees primarily operates as a mobile app but some users wonder if its possible to use it on a computer through an emulator like Bluestacks While it might be feasible the apps photo upload requirement could pose challenges on emulators.

Conclusion A Fun Way to Earn Money

In conclusion Streetbees offers an enjoyable and interactive method to earn money by sharing your daily eating and drinking habits While the earnings may not be substantial its a legitimate way to make some extra cash while contributing to consumer research Remember to respect privacy adhere to guidelines and enjoy being part of Streetbees community Thank you for reading and I hope you give Streetbees a try and share your own experience Cheers everyone and stay safe.



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