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Playspot App Review: Get Paid For Playing Games But... (My REAL Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To My Playspot App Review!

Hey everyone its Vince here and welcome back to another video Today I want to talk about an application called Playspot and there’s some serious drama surrounding its cash out system Many users including some of my viewers have reported encountering an error when trying to cash out 20 or more Initially I thought it might be due to using VPNs but after further investigation it seems there’s more to this issue Lets dive into my personal experience with Playspot and the troubling cash out problem.

The Playspot Overview

Before we delve into the cash out problem let me give you a brief overview of Playspot Its a mobile app that offers various games for users to play and earn coins These coins can be converted into PayPal Google Play or Amazon gift cards The app also provides users with offers to earn more coins which can vary in rewards.

The Cash Out Drama

The cash out problem came to my attention when several viewers informed me that they were unable to cash out 20 or more due to an error that read Something went wrong At first I thought it might be a VPN issue but as more comments poured in I started to suspect something else was amiss.

My Personal Experiment

To investigate further I decided to download Playspot and grind my way to 20000 coins which is the minimum for a 20 cash out It took me two days of continuous grinding and completing offers from various apps such as Board Kings Raid Shadow Legends and Bingo Blitz Just as I was about to cash out I noticed something new on Playspot earning coins per minute for playing games This was different from my previous experience with the app.

The Cash Out Attempt

Once I reached the 20000 coin mark I excitedly attempted to cash out 20 However to my dismay I encountered the same error message Something went wrong I was frustrated considering the effort I had put into grinding and completing offers.

Troubleshooting the Issue

Refusing to give up I decided to troubleshoot the problem myself I wondered if Playspot had locked my phone or email preventing me from cashing out To test my theory I created a brand new email and PayPal account using different credentials Lo and behold when I tried cashing out with the new information the error disappeared and I successfully received my 20 cash out within hours.

The Conclusion

Based on my personal experience it seems that Playspot restricts users from cashing out more than once using the same details While I can’t confirm if this is intentional or a glitch it’s clear that some users are facing challenges with cashing out This situation has raised concerns about the apps cash out system and its impact on users efforts.

My Recommendation

Given the current washout issues I cannot recommend using Playspot The frustration of grinding for hours only to encounter a cash out error is disheartening as users we already invest considerable time in these moneymaking apps and its essential for app developers to provide a smooth and reliable cash out process.

Stay Informed and Stay Safe

In the end its crucial to stay informed about any apps terms and conditions and to use them responsibly If you encounter similar issues on Playspot or any other app don’t hesitate to seek answers and share your experience with others.


Thank you for joining me on this journey through the Playspot cash out drama Its essential for us as users to be aware of potential challenges and to support each other in navigating the world of moneymaking apps As always stay safe and keep an eye out for the latest updates Ill be back with more insights soon.



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