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Playsmart Review: Earn Money Without Touching Phone! - Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13


Hey everyone its Vince here and welcome to my PlaySmart review Today Ill be sharing my experience with this moneymaking application that claims to reward you with real life money for playing games PlaySmart caught my attention with its promise of earning money every minute you play a game So in this review I’ll put this app to the test and see if it lives up to its claims.

What is PlaySmart

PlaySmart is a mobile app that offers real life rewards for playing games When you sign up the app provides you with a personalized game list based on factors like your country age and gender The game list includes various genres such as casual games strategy games and even casino games The main currency in PlaySmart is coins which you earn as you play games.

How Does PlaySmart Work

Once you start playing a game your time and progress contribute to leveling up that game The longer you play and the higher the level the more coins and rewards you earn Additionally PlaySmart features a badge system for each game which rewards you with extra coins for achieving certain milestones and achievements within the game.

Ways to Earn Money on PlaySmart

PlaySmart offers various cash out options including PayPal iTunes Store and real life store gift cards You can also convert stars earned by spending real money on in app purchases into coins The app also features a referral system rewarding you with coins for inviting friends to join PlaySmart.

My Personal PlaySmart Experience

I decided to explore different games on PlaySmart and I found the casino games particularly enjoyable The auto spin feature on the slot machines allowed me to earn coins effortlessly However I noticed that PlaySmart limits the daily rewards for each game which required me to adjust my strategy and try out other games with lower coin multipliers.

Is PlaySmart Legit or a Scam

Based on my experience I can confirm that PlaySmart is a legitimate platform After reaching the cash out threshold I successfully received my payment in euros The apps personalized game list and diverse rewards system add to its legitimacy.

Is PlaySmart Safe

While PlaySmart is a legitimate app it does require face verification during the cash out process This might raise concerns for some users but it’s a security measure implemented to prevent fraud I completed the verification process without any issues but user comfort may vary.

Does PlaySmart Pay

Yes PlaySmart does pay and I managed to cash out successfully However the earnings might be limited due to the low coin rewards from games PlaySmart also imposes daily limits on rewards for each game which can impact how much you can earn.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

The process of withdrawing and cashing out on PlaySmart was relatively straightforward I met the cash out threshold and initiated the redemption process which included face verification Within one day I received my payment in euros.


In conclusion PlaySmart is a legitimate moneymaking app that allows you to earn real money by playing games The app offers a diverse range of games with the casino games being a highlight for me However the low coin rewards and daily limits may impact your overall earnings The face verification feature might also be a concern for some users though it ensures the apps security.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash and enjoy playing games PlaySmart can be a viable option Keep in mind that results may vary depending on your location and gaming preferences While it may not make you rich PlaySmart can provide a fun and easy way to earn some extra pocket money.


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