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Money Turn Review: Can You Really Make Money Playing Games Online? (Payment Proof Included)

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Money Turn Full Written Review


Are you looking for an easy way to make some extra money? If so, then you'll want to check out Money Turn - the latest app in town! This app allows you to earn money by playing games - But, is it really true? Can we really earn PayPal Money just by playing games? That's what we're going to find out next. Keep reading!

You can find the Money Turn app on the Google Play Store right now. It's currently sitting at a 4.3-star rating with 12 000 reviews and half a million plus downloads.

MoneyTurn: An interesting investment system

Money turn doesn't work like a regular money making app; it has a very interesting investment system where you can actually increase the amount of rewards you earn just from using the application regularly. Let's dive into it now.

Home Screen

This is the first screen you're going to see when launching up Money turn, and you can get an instant 4499 welcome bonus of coins. Coins are the currency system of money turn, which you'll need to generate real PayPal money.

In my country, Australia, Money turns works on a get paid per level system. Every time I complete a level, I generate coins that can then be converted into PayPal currency.

Featured Area

The featured area is where you'll find all the available games to play. Just keep scrolling through these games, and as you can see, there are quite some popular casual games there that you might have heard of in the past, but you'll notice that it has the number of coins you can generate on the actual pictures of the games.

I noticed here that certain games would pay a lot better than others, so it's your job to shop around and find the best games that reward you with the most coins.

In some countries, you don't even have to play the games; you can literally just turn them on, and then you'll get paid coins per minute. I don't know how to get this feature. I sometimes can get it when I install these apps but a majority of the time, I found that it's a paid per level system, but you see, there are so many different games on money turn.

It's ridiculous just because many games do not actually worth your time. There is something to really keep in mind here everyone when I show you the minimum cash outs you'll probably see what I mean, I easily have over 30 applications minimum to play but if you look at the coins I'll generate it's really useless so your best bet is sticking to the top recommended applications and working your way down that list as time goes on.

Offer walls

I have a deals area as well straight underneath the featured games; we have an earn with apps area, and earn with games area, and an earn with surveys area. I generally do not complete surveys on these types of apps because who wants to complete surveys when you're trying to play games? It's as straight up as that.

Earn with apps tab

In the earn with apps tab, you'll notice that we can generate many coins by completing specific tasks and offers. This is not like the other area where you complete levels and get paid to play games instead this is like your generic Opera wall system. I'm fairly sure by now you guys are used to these kinds of offer walls and probably know exactly what to expect.

Earn with games area

Next, we have the earn with games area, which does absolutely nothing in my country, so that's interesting right there, maybe in your country. You might actually be able to see it but I can't here in Australia

Earn with survey

Next, we have the survey tab, this is the bitlab survey wall; as you can see, we have quite a large variety of surveys to complete. The only thing is you'll notice the actual coin amount that we'll receive for completing them.

Keep in mind the prices that you're seeing here because it is going to come in handy later so you can compare and judge how much money you can actually earn by completing surveys on money terms depending on the country, it does vary.

Piggy Bank

You'll notice a little piggy bank on the bottom of the screen. By tapping on that piggy bank, the app will bring us to the investing area of the application, and this is where money turn really does shine compared to other money making apps.

You have a coin invested area where the more you earn coins, the more you'll start to deposit into the piggy bank. You'll notice that you'll also have an investor level, so once coins have been invested, your level will increase, and you'll start earning interest on this investment.

As soon as I play a game today, I'll unlock three percent interest on my account and on the bottom, you'll start to see all the money you earn for your investment level and the coins you deposited.

How to increase your investment level

Let me tell you how to increase your investment level right now. First off, we have to install a game from the featured wall. I'm going to install idle construction that will give me 55 coins per level. Now I'm going to head over to my installed apps section at the bottom of the screen, and here I'm going to hit play. Now it's my job to keep on increasing my level; it's as straightforward as that, let's tap the level up button.

So now I've officially leveled up, let's continue here and try and see how many levels I can knock out before going back to the money train application. All right so our little workers have got us to level four let's see how many coins have been deposited into money turn now and there we go everyone we now have 4664 coins and I'm now on the first investor level and here's the screen saying that I just leveled up that's all it takes for you guys to increase your investor level of money turn we have 165 coins invested.

I have a level one investor level that's earning me three percent back on those total coins invested in six days and 10 hours I'll be awarded those coins that I generated from the piggy bank the higher your investor level, the more coins that you'll generate at the end of every week all I have to do is come back tomorrow so pretty much in 24 hours and complete one level to unlock the level 2 investor level.

Cash Out Options

Tapping on the little cash icon at the bottom of the screen will bring you to the cash out page, and this is what you guys probably want to see. As I stated earlier, depending on your country, these values are going to be different. In Australia, I can withdraw up to 26.74. Still, I'll need to generate a hundred and eighty two thousand coins whereas for twenty dollars or so, I need a hundred and thirty eight thousand coins, around 13.93 000 coins, almost 7.47 000 coins almost 3.50 24 000 coins for 1.34, almost 10 000 coins and for 67 cents almost 5 000 coins.

You can literally generate this amount of money within a couple of minutes of playing, at least in my country.

Money Turn Payment Proof

I wanted to show you how money turn works and to see if it's actually still paying its user base well, I cashed out a dollar and 34 cents, and I'm happy to say that I was paid within one day of requesting that withdrawal, so at the time of this writing I can say happily that money turn is still paying their player but is it going to be for everyone unless you're expecting to earn maybe a dollar or so per hour Max from playing games more than likely not.

There is also a referral system, by the way, where I'll receive 250 coins for every friend plus me, and you will share 25 of our coin earnings together, which I feel is pretty sweet. You guys can find that link here.


Money Turn is a great way to make money online. Not only do you get paid to play games, but you can also make money by taking surveys and completing offers. I've been using Money Turn for a few months now and have had no problems at all. The payments are always quick and the customer service is excellent. I highly recommend Money Turn to anyone looking for ways to make extra money online!


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