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Money Turn Review: Play Games & Make PayPal Money Online! - Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13


Hey everyone Vince here and today I'm excited to review Money Turn which is an app that claims you can earn real PayPal money every few minutes just by playing games.

What is Money Turn?

Money Turn is a very cool money making app available on the Google Play Store and it operates differently from typical money making apps offering an investment system that allows you to increase your rewards based on your activity within the app.

How Does Money Turn Work?

The app provides you with a currency system called coins and you can generate real PayPal money by completing levels in various games featured on the app. The more levels you complete the more coins you earn which can be converted into PayPal currency.

Ways to Earn Money on Money Turn

Let's explore the different ways to earn coins and generate PayPal money within the app:

Play Featured Games

Money Turn offers a wide selection of casual games. Simply scroll through the featured games and choose ones that reward you with a higher number of coins. Some games also offer coins per minute without requiring active play.

Complete Tasks and Offers

In the "Earn with Apps" section, you can find various tasks and offers that reward you with coins upon completion. This works like your typical offer wall system.

Take Surveys

In the Survey tab you'll find a variety of surveys to complete but keep in mind that survey rewards may not be as high as other methods.

Utilize the Investment System

Money Turn's unique feature is its investment system. As you earn coins, you can deposit them into the "piggy bank" and increase your investor level. A higher investor level means higher interest rates and more coins generated each week.

My Personal Money Turn Experience

I decided to give Money Turn a try and played games for 24 hours to see how much I could earn. I reached a decent investor level and cashed out $1.34 in PayPal money.

Can You Earn Money on Money Turn?

Yes, you can earn money on Money Turn, but it may not be substantial for everyone. The earnings depend on the games you play and the tasks you complete. Expect to earn around a dollar or so per hour at most.

Is Money Turn Legit or a Scam?

Based on my personal experience, Money Turn is a legitimate app. I successfully cashed out $1.34, and the payment was processed within one day.

Is Money Turn Safe to Use?

While Money Turn seems to be a legitimate app, always exercise caution when using any money-making app. Ensure you're comfortable with the app's permissions and the potential privacy implications.

Withdrawing and Cash-Out Experience

Cashing out on Money Turn is straightforward. You can withdraw your earnings as PayPal money once you reach the minimum required coins for cash-out. The process was quick, and I received my payment within one day.

Conclusion: Play and Earn with Money Turn!

In conclusion, Money Turn provides a fun way to potentially earn PayPal money by playing games. While the earnings may not be substantial, it's a unique concept that allows you to invest your earnings for higher rewards.

If you enjoy playing casual games and want to make a few extra bucks Money Turn might be worth a try but keep in mind that it won't replace a full time income and your earnings may vary depending on your country and the available tasks.


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