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Mistplay App Review: Get Paid Playing Mobile Games (Payment Proof)

Updated: Nov 25

Are you a gamer whos always on the lookout for new platforms and opportunities to enjoy your favorite pastime Perhaps youve come across Mistplay the mobile gaming app that promises not just endless fun but also a chance to earn some extra cash In this comprehensive Mistplay review I delve into my personal experience to help you decide whether its worth your time

What is Mistplay

Mistplay is a mobile application available for Android that allows you to earn money by playing games But its not just any gaming platform Mistplay curates a list of games based on your personal interests Whether you're into action adventure or puzzle games Mistplay offers something for everyone.

My Personal Mistplay Experience

When I first downloaded Mistplay the app immediately asked what kind of games I enjoy I thought this feature was incredibly helpful because it meant I could earn money while genuinely enjoying my time on the app The user interface was friendly and intuitive providing easy access to a wide variety of games Mistplay has clearly invested time in improving their catalogue since my last interaction with the platform.

How Does Mistplay Work

Once you sign up you're taken to a Games Tab filled with featured games for you to try out If you aren't interested in the suggestions there's also a search function allowing you to filter games by genre You earn Mistplays in game currency called units through a system called GXP Game Experience Points and PXP Profile Experience Points.

Ways To Earn Money On Mistplay

You earn money primarily through playing games and accumulating GXP As you play you hit various checkpoints which reward you with more units There are also challenges that offer bonus units making it easier to cash out faster if you're strategic.

Does Mistplay Pay

Yes Mistplay does pay I opted for the Virtual MasterCard cashout option After around 8 hours of gameplay I hit the minimum threshold of 1800 units and requested a payout To my delight I received a Virtual MasterCard in my email within two days.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Here's the catch The platform requires extensive identification for cashouts While this could be a measure to avoid fraud it does mean that you'll need to share more personal information than you might be comfortable with.

Is Mistplay Legit or a Scam

Based on my experience and the timely pay out I can confirm that Mistplay is a legitimate platform Of course how much you earn will depend on the time you invest and the games you play.

Is Mistplay Free

Yes Mistplay is entirely free to download and use However theres a premium currency called gems that you can earn if you spend real money in the games recommended by Mistplay These gems can be converted into units which can then be cashed out.

Is Mistplay Safe

While the app itself seems secure and they do pay out the chat rooms within some games might not be wellmoderated I came across some questionable content so proceed with caution if you decide to interact in these spaces.

Is Mistplay Real or Fake

Mistplay is very much real The payout was prompt and the experience was generally positive except for the chat room interactions.

Payment Options and Country Specific Limitations

One aspect that could influence your experience with Mistplay is the country you reside in For me living in Australia I had specific cash out options like Virtual MasterCard and Amazon Gift Cards among a few others Users in different countries may find other choices so its crucial to know whats available to you before diving into the gaming pool.

The Gems System in Depth

Mistplay also has a premium currency known as gems These gems are earned if you spend real money within the apps recommended by Mistplay The gems can be converted into Mistplays ingame currency units which can later be cashed out It provides an extra layer to the Mistplay experience especially for users who are willing to make inapp purchases.

The Chat Room Functionality

Mistplay offers a unique feature that I didn't find in many other gaming platforms chat rooms Most games within Mistplay come with their own chat rooms where you can discuss strategies or just socialize However be warned moderation in these chat rooms may not be stringent and you may encounter some questionable content.

Navigating the User Interface

While Mistplay is user friendly a closer look at the user interface is still warranted The app categorizes everything into specific tabs such as games shop and profile The design is straightforward making it easy to navigate even for first time users which is a big plus in my book.

Earning Units Versus Time Spent

To give you a better idea of how much time you might spend on Mistplay it took me around 8 hours to earn 1800 units the minimum required for a Virtual MasterCard cash out Your mileage may vary depending on the games you choose and the challenges you complete.

Profile Customization

Another feature worth mentioning is the ability to customize your profile While this was not a major factor for me some users may appreciate the option to buy avatars for their Mistplay profile This might add a personal touch to your gaming experience.

Understanding Checkpoints and Challenges

Mistplay runs on a system of checkpoints for each game Each checkpoint takes progressively longer to reach but they also offer higher rewards Challenges provide bonus units and seem to vary depending on the game youre playing Keep an eye on these as they can significantly speed up your earning process.

EXP Versus GXP

In Mistplay youll find two kinds of experience points GXP Game Experience Points and PXP Profile Experience Points While I was more focused on earning GXP for revenue PXP can help you level up your profile which might offer additional perks or rewards.

Minimum Threshold for CashOut

To give you a perspective on the cashout process the minimum threshold for a Virtual MasterCard was 1800 units I managed to reach this threshold after about 8 hours of gameplay focusing on the highest paying games.

Verification Process

When it comes to withdrawing your earnings be prepared for a verification process Mistplay requires you to go through extensive identification to ensure security This could be a downside if youre not comfortable sharing additional personal information.

Game Variety and Quality

The quality and variety of games offered on Mistplay have considerably improved since my last review Whether you are into action strategy or puzzle games Mistplay seems to cover a broad spectrum making it a versatile platform for all types of gamers.

In App Purchases and Revenue Generation

Mistplay rewards you with gems if you make in app purchases within the recommended games This could be an excellent opportunity for those who already spend money on mobile games to earn some of it back However if you're not a fan of in app purchases this feature wont affect your basic earning potential through gameplay.

Final Verdict

So is Mistplay worth it If youre a casual gamer who wants to earn a little extra while playing games Mistplay is worth a try But if youre hesitant about sharing personal information for cashouts or are seeking to make big bucks quickly you might want to explore other options.


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