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Lucky Sort App Review: Earn Up To $200 With Rings? - True Look

Updated: Nov 24

Hello everyone Vince here Welcome back to my blog where I explore the latest apps and games separating the real deals from the duds Today Im putting Lucky Sort under the microscope as this app has been making waves with its bold claim of earning over 10 every minutes.

What Exactly is Lucky Sort

Lucky Sort is an app you can find on the Google Play Store Its garnered a high rating of 4.8 stars from 9000 reviews and boasts over a hundred thousand downloads Impressive at first glance but as we all know app ratings aren't always the full story so I decided to give Lucky Sort a thorough test run.

Initial Impressions

Upon launching Lucky Sort I was immediately informed that I had won $10 which is quite a start for just opening an app. The home screen is simple presenting a game where you match colored rings on poles It seems straightforward but the big question is does playing translate to real earnings.

Earning Mechanics in Lucky Sort

The games concept is simple move rings to match colors and complete levels At the top of the screen you're shown your health system account balance and diamonds However these diamonds don't seem to play a significant role as they're mainly for purchasing ingame items unrelated to earning money.

Cash Out Options

Lucky Sort offers a variety of cashout options including gift cards for well known brands and a coveted 100 PayPal or Amazon gift card This extensive reward system is alluring but the real test is whether these rewards are attainable.

Gameplay and Earning Experience

As I progressed the app indicated I was earning money 458 for sorting rings for example However to bank this money I had to watch an advertisement This pattern of play, earn and watch ads quickly became the norm.

The Trap of Diminishing Returns and Ad Barrage

After some time a clear pattern of diminishing returns emerged the supposed earnings decreased while the frequency of ads shot up this is a classic tactic in less reputable apps where the developers profit from ad views at the users expense.

The Life System Explained

A particularly irksome feature of Lucky Sort is its life system each move costs a life and with a limit of 20 lives you're soon cornered into either paying real money or watching more ads to continue.

My Final Thoughts

Having invested a considerable amount of time in Lucky Sort my balance stood at a disappointing amount and the disproportionate effort required coupled with the relentless ads and diminishing returns painted a clear picture Lucky Sort is more about timewasting than money making.

Is Lucky Sort Worth Your Time

In my honest opinion Lucky Sort is a time sink the apps primary goal seems to be to maximize ad views offering paltry returns on your supposed earnings The high ratings on the Play Store are likely not genuine so approach with caution.

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