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Lovely Plants Review: Earn PayPal Cash Growing Plants! - App Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13


Hey, everyone! Vince here, and welcome to my Lovely Plants review. Today, I'll be diving into this promising app that claims to reward you with real cash for growing plants. I've tested it out to see if it's truly legit or just another scam. So sit tight and let's explore Lovely Plants together!

Exploring Lovely Plants

When you first launch Lovely Plants, you're greeted with a visually appealing interface. Right off the bat, you'll notice some ripe fruits waiting to be tapped. As my plants have grown quite a bit, I have fruits available for collection. In the top left corner you'll see the in game currency called "fruit," which you need to collect in order to withdraw your earnings.

Lovely Plants also introduces another currency called "gems," which are used to perform various actions within the app. You can obtain gems by watching video ads or completing tasks. Seeds, water, fertilizer, and sell options are available for managing your plants. Seeds are used when starting the game or selling a fully grown tree for profit. Water helps the plant grow, while fertilizer speeds up the fruit production process.

Tapping on the fruits generates currency instantly, and you'll notice that more fruits appear around your plants. However, this tapping activity slows down over time. To maintain a steady supply of fruit, you'll need to water and fertilize your plants. By using the water function, your plant receives hydration, and an advertisement may appear. After watering, you'll witness the growth of your plant and more fruit becoming available for collection.

Earning Methods in Lovely Plants

Lovely Plants offers multiple ways to earn fruit and boost your earnings. Let's take a closer look at these methods:

1. Playtime Rewards

The Playtime Rewards feature in Lovely Plants allows you to generate more fruit the longer you play. The earning rates vary depending on your country. In Australia, for example, the Playtime Rewards system is based on completing levels in games available within the app. Each game rewards you with a specific amount of fruit, ranging from 800 to 1400.

2. Earn More Tab

If Playtime Rewards aren't available in your country, you can explore the "Earn More" tab. Lovely Plants partners with various offer wall providers, such as OK Spin, Tap Time, AET Studios, CPX Research, and Wanna Ads. These providers offer different fruit rewards for completing tasks, surveys, or playing specific games. It's advisable to compare the rewards offered by each provider to maximize your earnings.

3. Referral Program

Lovely Plants also has a referral program where you can invite friends to join the app using your referral code. When they sign up, you receive 500 points, and you continue to earn 20% of their earnings without affecting their own rewards.

The Currency System and Cash Out Options

To understand the value of fruit in real-life currency, Lovely Plants provides a PayPal cash out option. Tapping on the wallet button reveals the PayPal reward area, where you can see the conversion rate. Ten thousand fruit equals one dollar, and the minimum cash out is set at two dollars (twenty thousand fruit). Additional cash out options include five, ten, twenty, and twenty-five dollar amounts.

Is Lovely Plants Legit or a Scam?

Is Lovely Plants a legitimate app? I recently cashed out two dollars worth of PayPal currency and I'm pleased to say that I received the payment. The thing is though Lovely Plants falls on the lower end of the earning scale and it may not be worth your time unless you're aiming to earn a few bucks. It's a legitimate application that you can add to your list of money making opportunities.


In conclusion, Lovely Plants offers an engaging and visually appealing experience for users who enjoy growing plants while earning some cash. With its Playtime Rewards, Earn More tab, and referral program, you have multiple avenues to boost your earnings. Although the app may not provide significant income it's a legitimate option if you're looking for a casual and enjoyable way to earn extra money. So why not give Lovely Plants a try and see if it suits your interests?




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