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Lively Zoo App Review: Is It Legit or a Fake Scam? (Real Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Intro To My Lively Zoo App Review

Hello everyone I'm Vince and today I'm going to share my personal experience with a moneymaking application that's been flooding my mobile phone with ads recently Lively Zoo I hope you find this review helpful and insightful.

What is Lively Zoo

Lively Zoo is a mobile application that claims to offer users the chance to win up to 360 just by merging tiny virtual animals It also promises thousands of dollars worth of real life prizes including TVs, MacBooks, Nike Air, Jordans and PS5s delivered straight to your doorstep All you have to do is collect enough puzzle pieces for these items which you can get by merging the animals.

How Does Lively Zoo Work

The gameplay of Lively Zoo is quite simple you're given limited moves but its almost impossible to lose As you merge animals you accumulate in game currency which brings you closer to unlocking a prize Once you unlock a prize you're rewarded with cash.

Lively Zoo also claims to have multiple cash out options not just PayPal You can choose between the in game coin currency or straight up cash currency both of which can be converted into real life money.

Can You Earn Money on Lively Zoo

Yes you can earn money on Lively Zoo at least in theory The app even claims that if you invite a friend you can earn up to 324 which is a remarkably high amount for a simple referral.

Is Lively Zoo Free

Yes Lively Zoo is free to download and play However the more you play the more ads you'll have to watch Every action you take in the game triggers an ad which can quickly become frustrating.

Does Lively Zoo Pay

In my personal experience I was able to earn 10 to 20 just by merging animals together at the start of my gameplay However as I got closer to the minimum cash out amount of 360 the rewards started to decrease from 5 rewards down to 3 then 1.

Ways To Earn Money on Lively Zoo

There are two main ways to earn money on Lively Zoo The first is by merging animals together to earn in game currency which can be converted into real life money The second is by inviting friends to join the game which can earn you up to 324 per referral.

Is Lively Zoo Legit or a Scam

While I initially earned money on Lively Zoo the diminishing returns and the increasing number of ads I had to watch made me question the apps legitimacy It felt like the developers were tricking me into watching more ads thereby increasing their revenue.

Is Lively Zoo Safe

While there's no immediate threat to your personal safety or data security the excessive number of ads can be a nuisance Plus the diminishing returns system can make it feel like you're wasting your time.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Despite the initial promise of earning money I found that the closer I got to the minimum cash out amount the fewer rewards I received This meant I had to watch more ads to claim smaller rewards In my experience I watched over a hundred ads and still didn't reach the cash out threshold.

In conclusion I would advise caution when using Lively Zoo While it initially seems like a fun and easy way to earn money the diminishing returns and the excessive number of ads make it less appealing In my opinion its best to avoid Lively Zoo I hope this review helps you make an informed decision.



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