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Let's Talk Money Making Apps #1: TEMU, Boints, and More - Make Money Online 2023

Updated: 2 days ago

Hey there money makers! It's your favorite blogger Vince here and I'm excited to share some tried and tested methods on how to make a fortune online. Whether you're looking for a side hustle or considering ditching the 9 5 grind altogether this post is for you. From passive income streams to starting an e commerce business I've got all the juicy details that will help boost your bank balance! let's dive into the world of making money online! Don't forget to share this blog if you want more content like this trust me, you won't regret it!

Let's Checkout TEMU

First, I'm talking about Temu now. If you've never heard of TEMU before, essentially, it's an online shopping platform with very, very low prices. I like to compare this to like Wish or something along those lines - as you can see, the prices are so low, guys, and there are many, many discounts now.

My Recent Purchases

Recently, I've actually purchased some items from this. I'm waiting to see if they actually arrive or not because I'm doing a review on TEMU. The reason why it's on today's blog is that it has a whole bunch of referral bonuses...the only thing is they actually are quite difficult to obtain. You can see here in the middle of the screen it has the 'Earn Credits' and 'Free Gifts' areas, and you know your eyes aren't deceiving you - here, TEMU is promising hundreds of dollars worth of gifts - the only thing is you have to play their little mini-games in order to obtain them.

How All this works

So let me just show you an example of what's happening here. Let's say I want to win this hundred dollars this is what it looks like when you actually try to achieve that goal. You can see here we can choose a whole bunch of free items right from the list and mind you there are hundreds if not thousands of items to go through. Apparently I just got a special surprise and now supposedly got free shipping on all three gifts too! Yeah remember it's technically all for free! But here's what happens when you try and claim it guys essentially you need to refer people to use TEMU so for me getting an item worth $120 for FREE means referring others. Now apparently there is $50 worth of TEMU credit if I tap on confirm the gift. Then it asks me to get a bonus gift.. let's say wireless earphones then simply claim the gift but wait now flip a card and cut the price by 51%! Further down the line comes two dollars off using TEMU application share as well as inviting more friends cutting another three dollars only because bonuses expire so quick.

In my case, I'm trying to do the 100-gift card giveaway. In order to enter, you need 100 tickets to do so, and I have 98 tickets, but now I have to invite more people to enter, so I'm pretty much stuck until someone joins my referral link.


So the biggest issue with TEMU is that it appears to be very country specific. This means that only a handful of countries can actually use it right now. I'm in the same boat as you guys if you don't know anyone who uses TEMU then we're both out of luck as It's frustrating because I really want to try out some of its features but they're just not available where I am currently located. However I do have an order coming and I'm excited to test it out for myself. Hopefully, my experience will be positive and helpful for those of you who are also interested in using TEMU someday soon!

Boints Cash Out Issues

Boints is a money-making application that pays you to play games and let me just tell you something about my experience lately on Boints. So, this app has become my favorite thing these days because who doesn't love earning money while playing games! This is currently what points look like - a great little setup going on where you have your Boints currency which equals about 64 cents worth of real-life money but then comes the exciting part - your bonus cash area, everyone!

And yes, you are seeing right; that does say $46. The only problem is that you need to unlock four of the gang tasks to be able to actually withdraw that money. Now, if you're wondering how exactly do we complete these four game offers? Well, this area here says to play game six for 60 minutes and get two dollars - sounds amazing, right?

A Serious Issue That I've Encountered

There is a serious issue that I've encountered while playing games to earn some extra cash. It's frustrating because I've already completed every task except for the bottom one, but it seems like I can't do anything about it. Apparently, the bonus cash system is completely bugged out and glitched, confirmed by customer support. This means that one of these games - game six specifically - requires me to play for 60 minutes straight, but I don't know which one it is. It's a real catch-22 because there's no way I'm going to spend 10 hours trying to figure out what game corresponds with what description!

Multiple Tasks

While points are an enjoyable way of earning money through completing tasks such as signing up for applications or products, this broken bonus cash section just puts a damper on things. Keep in mind that you need to do this four separate times too!

I'm currently facing a bit of a dilemma. You see, I was hoping to unlock the bonus cash area and make some extra money, but unfortunately it seems to be bugged out. It's frustrating because even if I'm correct in how to unlock it, the glitch is making it nearly impossible for me to figure it out. As a result, my hard-earned 46 dollars worth of money is locked away for now.

However, the one redeeming thing about points at the moment is that you can cash out at any time with no minimum amount required. In my experience, once you cash out, it generally takes about two days for the funds to hit your PayPal account. Despite these setbacks, though, I wanted to update you guys on what I'm battling right now on points.


Next up, we have money cash play games and earn, which is an application that has gained a lot of popularity among people who are looking for Cash Back Rewards. The app's concept is simple - you play games and get rewarded with coins, which can then be exchanged for gift cards available in your country. In Australia, the app looks like a top screen showing 29,000 coins and the next Cash Out opportunity being worth twenty dollars.

Money Cash claims that users can install TikTok to earn 448 coins per minute; however, I found this to be inaccurate when I installed it on my phone. After five minutes of using it continuously, I only generated 220 coins. While there may be some discrepancies in how much you can actually earn through this app's reward system, it still offers an easy way to make some extra cash simply by playing games – just keep in mind that patience is key!

Why do people use this app?

Now the main reason why I feel people still use money cash is because of the free cash-back offers that are available in Rage Shadow Legends. You can see all these different new bonus challenges which were not there in the past, and looking at the cash-out options here, you can see that if I were to generate 40,000 of the coins, I could earn twenty dollars worth of Amazon or if I were to generate 80,000 of the coins I could cash out a 20 PayPal gift card. If I were to open race Shadow Legends and achieve level 20 and 35, I would be rewarded separate coins for each of those challenges, so it's kind of like a multi-task system. You don't necessarily have to complete all of them to achieve the reward; you can go bit by bit and get partially rewarded.

Let's just say you're an avid player of Raid Shadow Legends, and you want to maximize your gaming experience without breaking the bank. Fortunately, Money Cash has got your back! By purchasing three items within the game, Money Cash is offering you a sweet deal - ten dollars cash back for free! That means you'll get that ten-dollar bonus anyway even if you only spend three or four dollars.

But wait, there's more!

If you take advantage of all the playtime offers available for Raid Shadow Legends on Money Cash (which are listed right here), you could earn up to 70,000 coins - equivalent to almost 50 bucks worth of currency in-game. Impressive, isn't it? I must say, though, Money Cash needs to add some more exciting games to their platform because one can only play so much Raid Shadow Legends. Nevertheless, rest assured that this app is legitimate and pays out instantly based on my past experiences with them. Just keep in mind that Money Cash's availability and rewards may vary depending on where you live.

Testing MultiPolls

So, the next situation I stumbled upon was with multiple surveys for cash. MultiPoll claims to be the highest-paying survey application, and I've been giving it a shot to create an honest review.

However, things haven't been smooth sailing for me on this platform, especially here in Australia, where MultiPoll has been disqualifying me at an alarming rate. But let's give credit where it's due - their surveys do pay quite well! Apparently, I can get 2.11 USD for just six minutes of my time, and as you can see from my balance - which is currently 2.56 USD - these high-paying surveys are no joke!

15 USD Minimum Cashout

The only problem is that MultiPoll has a minimum cash-out amount of 15 USD, which makes it tough to get your hands on the money you earn quickly enough.To make matters worse, screen-outs or disqualifications are pretty common when taking surveys like these, but what's funny is that as soon as I started complaining about them, I got rewarded with a dollar and forty-eight cents!

So there you have it, folks: this is exactly what using MultiPoll looks like right now for me. It involves grinding away at those lucrative six-minute-long surveys with hopes of reaching that elusive minimum cash-out amount.All in all, while MultiPoll might not be perfect (especially if you're based in Australia), their high-paying surveys could still make it worth your time if you're patient enough to stick around long enough to reach that $15 threshold!

AppRocket Update

Next, let's take a closer look at App Rocket and its potential for generating passive income. As a relatively new app on the market, App Rocket has garnered some attention for its unique concept of earning money through playing games. However, upon further inspection, it seems that the app is quite limited in terms of the amount of income one can generate. Nevertheless, let's see if there have been any recent updates since our last review. Upon launching the app, we are greeted with 24,000 coins up top and an updated daily mission area where players can earn 3,000 coins by playing a game called 2048 for just 30 minutes straight- not too shabby!

New missions every day

Furthermore, users receive new missions every day, which usually only require about 10 minutes to complete, so that's essentially another guaranteed 3k per day if you're consistent with completing them all. Although there seem to be multiple games available to choose from on App Rocket now (which is also fairly new), I did notice they've added an "ads" button next to each icon- perhaps as a way to increase revenue? Regardless of this change, though - I would still avoid their special missions area as there appears to be no reliable way to track your progress or winnings despite promising various coin rewards for completion. Overall it will definitely take time but could be worth checking out especially during those times you find yourself mindlessly scrolling social media anyways!

There's sadly still no PayPal, but the app rocket is legit, though, in my own experience, they pay me within about five to seven days of using it.


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