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Let's Talk Money Making Apps: Golf Cash, Scratch Cards Pro + More - Real Earning Apps #8

Updated: 2 days ago

Hey, it's Vince! Welcome back to another episode of "Let's Talk Money Making Apps." Today I want to revisit some of the apps we've previously discussed and share how they're doing now.

Golf Cash - Play and Earn

Let's start with Golf Cash the app that lets you earn money by playing a golf game. The interface is userfriendly and you simply have to hit the ball into the hole at the end of the course. Each shot requires coins, which you can earn through various activities including completing levels and watching ads. The app allows you to convert your earned coins into real money via PayPal and it's a legit app that you can earn a few dollars by playing different games.


Cash Alarm Games and Rewards

Next up is Cash Alarm, a playtime reward application. This method offers a coinbased currency system that you can earn coins by playing games and completing missions. The cashout options vary depending on your location and you can redeem your earnings through PayPal. Earning rates might differ from country to country but it's worth checking out to see what's available in your area.


Gem Cash - Play to Earn Cash

Gem Cash is an app that promises to reward you for playing games and offers a fast cashout process. But I had a disappointing experience with this app. After reaching the cash-out threshold and initiating a payout, the order vanished, and I never received my payment. I highly recommend staying away from Gem Cash due to its dubious practices.

Scratch Cards Pro

Scratch Cards Pro lets you scratch cards to win real PayPal cash. The app has different levels, and the further you progress, the higher the potential rewards. You can also spin the slot machine and watch ads to earn coins and vouchers. The payout process involves playing other games to generate enough vouchers. Scratch Cards Pro is a fun app, but the payouts might not be substantial.


Buck Joy Make Money

Buck Joy is an app that operates on a coin-based currency system. It has varying pay rates for different offers, and the rewards might not be consistent across all providers. Users have reported issues with payments so it's best to be cautious when using this app. I will be rereviewing Buck Joy in the future to see if it's still a reliable platform.

Social Duels

Social Duels allows you to upload photos and earn money based on the likes your photos receive. You can also earn coins by liking other users' photos. The more your photo wins duels against others, the more coins you can earn. The app has low payouts and pay rates, but it did pay me without any issues.



In summary, Golf Cash and Scratch Cards Pro remain legitimate ways to earn money through gaming apps. Cash Alarm Games and Rewards can be hit or miss depending on your location. Buck Joy and Gem Cash have questionable practices, and I advise caution when using them. Social Duels is a unique app that pays you for photo likes, but the earnings are minimal.

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