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Let's Talk Money Making Apps: A Happy Turtle, Lovely Pet + More! - Earning Apps That Pay

Updated: 2 days ago

CashPlay: Earn Money and Rewards

Hi everyone, Vince here! We're going to be discussing some incredible money making applications that can help you boost your income effortlessly. Buckle up and let's dive into the world of cash earning apps that you'll surely love.

CashPlay: A Complete Overview

When you first launch CashPlay, you'll be greeted with its user-friendly interface. This app operates on a Coinbase currency system, which allows users to earn PayPal currency. It's important to note that the available options may vary depending on your country. In Australia for example the primary method to earn cash on CashPlay is by completing surveys.

Let's discuss the pros and cons of CashPlay in the Australian market. The minimum cash out amount is as low as 15 cents now take a look at the different cash out options available, each requiring a specific number of coins. Keep in mind that these amounts may differ in your country.

The main survey provider on CashPlay is Pol lFish, but unfortunately, the pay rates are quite low. For full-length surveys, the earnings range from 15 cents to 50 cents, which is considerably lower than the market average. While CashPlay is a legitimate application based on my personal experience, it's crucial to evaluate whether it's worth your time or not. However, it's worth mentioning that Cash Play offers more than just surveys, including playtime rewards and an offer wall, depending on your location.

Lastly, I want to highlight that CashPlay provides swift payment processing. I received my payment within one day. let's move on to the next app and see how it fares in the money making realm.

Shping: Cash Rewards: An Update on the App

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Shping: Cash Rewards, an app that allows users to get paid for uploading receipts. In my case, here in Australia, I encountered a minor issue with the cash-out process. However, after reaching out to their support team, my cash-out request was successfully processed.

So, what happened after my interaction with their support? Well, I received 4,277 of the Shping: coins, which amounts to $18.49 in real currency. Despite the initial hiccup, Shping: Cash Rewards proved to be a legitimate app, at least at the time of writing this post. The cash out system to ensure a smoother experience for users. nobody wants to go through extra steps just to receive their hard earned money.

Lovely Pets: A Game that Pays

One of the recent additions to the money-making app landscape is Lovely Pets. You take care of a cute virtual dog and in return you earn love hearts that can be converted into real money. To give you an idea of the cash out options available let's take a look at the conversion rates:

20,000 poor coins = $2

50,000 poor coins = $5

100,000 poor coins = $10

200,000 poor coins = $20

250,000 poor coins = $25

What sets Lovely Pets apart is its Play Time rewards feature, which allows users to earn rewards without completing surveys or offers. Additionally, the app offers various offer walls where you can complete tasks and earn poor coins. It's essential to analyze each offer carefully to determine if it's worth your time.

If you're interested in trying out Lovely Pets, I have a free 1,000 Point code for you in the description below. Keep in mind that there is a three percent PayPal fee for cash-outs. Despite this fee, Lovely Pets is a legitimate app, and based on my experience, I received my payment within 24 hours. However, it's worth mentioning that Lovely Pets is developed by the same creators behind Lovely Plants, WePointz, CoinPlix, and DigiWards. While their previous apps faced issues with viruses and were removed from the Google Play Store, Lovely Pets seems to be a promising addition to their portfolio. Be cautious and use your discretion when deciding to trust them again. Stay tuned for my upcoming review of Lovely Plants to see if it remains a legit app.

GemCash: Proceed with Caution

Next on our list is Gem Cash—an app that I recently reviewed. I must say that my experience with Gem Cash has been quite disappointing. I cashed out 30 cents almost a month ago, and I still haven't received my payment. The earning potential on this app is limited, with the only way to earn gems being through completing surveys. Unfortunately, the low conversion rates and lack of payment have led me to caution against using Gem Cash. It's best to avoid this app if you come across it on the Google Play Store.

A Happy Turtle: Another Play Time Rewards App

Now, let's discuss A Happy Turtle, an app that operates similarly to Cash Giraffe, Cash'em All, and Lucky Miner. This Play Time rewards app, developed by Justice, allows you to download and play games in exchange for monetary rewards. With a wide variety of games available, you're sure to find something you enjoy.

A Happy Turtle follows the Coinbase currency system, and the minimum cash-out option is 67 cents for 499 coins. The available cash-out options cater to different earning levels, giving you flexibility when it comes to redeeming your rewards. One thing to note is that PayPal cash-outs are becoming less common in Justice applications, so it's vital to keep an eye on the available options.

Speaking of Cash Giraffe, let's touch upon its current state briefly.

Cash Giraffe: Is it Working for You?

Personally, my experience with Cash Giraffe hasn't been positive lately. The app seems to be malfunctioning, and I can barely generate 10 to 12 gems per minute while playing games. The highest-earning game for me is Zombie Defense, which only rewards 12 gems per minute—quite disappointing. However, I currently have 258,000 gems, and I decided to cash out a portion of it.

After activating a $26.74 cash-out, I'm left with 75,000gems. I'm in the process of cashing out $6.68, which should be processed within seven business days. Additionally, I'm cashing out 24,000 coins for $3.34. With three active cash-outs, I'll update you in a future video to let you know if Cash Giraffe paid me as expected. It's worth noting that the special offers area in Cash Giraffe may not be as enticing, as I believe PayPal cash-outs should be the primary option.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these money-making apps offer various opportunities to earn cash and rewards. While some apps like Cash Play and Shipping Cash Rewards have proven to be reliable and legitimate, others like Gem Cash have fallen short in terms of payment and earning potential. It's essential to evaluate each app's pros and cons before investing your time and effort.

Apps like Lovely Pets and A Happy Turtle provide engaging gameplay and multiple ways to earn rewards, making them worthwhile options for those looking to monetize their free time. On the other hand, SerpClix offers a unique concept of earning through ad clicks, albeit with a monthly payment schedule.

Lastly, it's crucial to remain cautious when it comes to apps like GemCash, as their payment reliability may be questionable. Always prioritize your safety and trustworthiness when choosing money-making apps to avoid wasting time and effort.


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