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Let's Talk Money Making Apps #2: Cash Cow, AppRocket + More! - Make Money Online 2023

Updated: Nov 24

Introduction To Let's Talk Money Making Apps #2

Today we'll take a look at some of the best apps out there that can help you make some quick and easy money. From Cash Cow to AppRocket and more these apps are perfect for anyone who wants to boost their income in 2023. So buckle up and get ready to explore the exciting world of app based earning opportunities!

1. AppRocket

If you guys don't know what AppRocket is, it was a money-making application that allowed you to earn Amazon currency by playing games. If you guys don't know what AppRocket is, it's completely broken right now. Currently, at the time of this recording, AppRocket does not even turn on. I'm wondering if you guys are experiencing the same problem I am with App Rocket.

2. Gain.GG - Earn Crypto and Cash

A few days ago, I reviewed Gain.GG and had some inquiries concerning cash-out methods. Thus, in this article, I wanted to provide clarity; Paypal is an option on the platform, but the minimum is 7.50. If you need clarification on my review of Gain.GG, hopefully, this explanation helps! They also have Coinbase support which means that 100 coins are equal to 10 cents - right now, there's an Offer Toro for up to 311 points for Grand Mafia. To conclude, I strongly suggest checking out Gain.GG as it is a unique and interesting platform.

3. Cash Cow

If you didn't know, Cash Cow is a play-to-earn application where the longer you play games on it, the more coins you can generate. Now, depending on your country, the conversion rate will be completely different, but let me just show you the conversion rate that I get here in Australia for playing games on Cash Cow.

By the way, you'll notice that I currently have 32 000 coins, but because it's the weekend, I can double the coins that I generate from gaming. Fortunately, I still have the more payouts tab here, which still has the PayPal currency. Now the conversion rate breaks down at least here in Australia to 70 cents for about 499 coins. Right now the

Highest Cashout: The highest cash out I can do is three dollars and thirty cents for twenty-four thousand coins, but you can easily make 499 coins thanks to cash cow giving you a welcome bonus of 4499 coins, so essentially, play one game for about five minutes, and you can cash out straight away

4. The Lucky Miner: The Cash App

The Lucky Miner was useful to me, but now it comes up with too many bugs, and the withdrawal options no longer have PayPal. This is a major downside, in my view, since I don't use any of these gift cards. Having them there is nice, but PayPal was the main reason why Lucky Miner was good to begin with. As far as its wall system goes - it's generally useless and can be avoided entirely. You could always try the application out in your own country and see if it works there any better than mine does now.

5. Money Turn - Play and Invest

Money Turn is doing incredibly well here in Australia, and I'm proud to have reached 70,000 coins. With their applications, I can generate free currency each week. The investment system makes Money Turn exceptionally great. You can see on the investment page that I have 70,747 coins with an investment level of three percent which gives me 2122 coins for free at the end of every week.

As an incentive, if I play a game tomorrow, the investment level will rise to seven percent, and if I play one more day, it will go up to ten percent, meaning my balance of 2122 coins at the end of the week would increase to 7074 coins, equivalent to almost $ 1.34's worth of free currency simply by having Money Turn on my phone. And all I need to do is touch it three times a week! I'll continue grinding out coins and keep you updated on my progress; this is why Money Turn is so awesome!

6. Crazy Drop ( Early Access )

Crazy Plinko, or Crazy Drop as it's now known, is a game made by Unity. Whenever I see the Unity logo on an app, I get a little worried. This particular game had been advertised as a real money-making opportunity - but of course, it's just another scam. In Australia, they've discontinued the real money aspect in order to get taken down, so if you see this ad on your phone, avoid it at all costs! It's a complete scam - stay safe, and don't be fooled.

7. Make Money & GiftCard - Boints

My update on this app is that I'm still struggling to get my sixty dollars of real money out of my account because the office system they're using right now is completely broken I've tried everything I absolutely can to complete these offers, but it just does not work. The support hasn't really been there to help me, sadly, so I'm going to try and keep getting my money, but at the time of this writing, be very careful of the cash bonus system. I have to complete the levels to generate the points currency or the real cash bonus system, which in my opinion, is completely broken.

I have had many people tell me the same thing so If you guys have used points before and have actually completed the bonus cash section please let me know in the comments because I can't get it to work while the points currency system works. The point system is legitimate but the bonus area in my opinion is not right now.

8. Scratch app - Money rewards

Givvy's scratch app Money Rewards is unique in its premise being able to gain rewards through scratching cards potentially. However I don't think the app truly delivers on its promises. As soon as you open it up there are ads everywhere prompting you to watch them to get a return. Even though 10,000 coins equal 1 cent of US dollars and if you scratch 60 cards daily you can get 6 cents for free that's still 60 ads and minimal returns for the user.

The 50$ (max) reward by scratching 20 cards per day may appear tempting but the chances of actually making that money are low. Moreover in their giveaway area the more tickets one has given the more entries into the draw which favors those with more tickets than others already placing them at an advantage.

Offers pay very poorly and surveys offer only a few cents when they should be paying substantially more. While it's a legit app offering multiple withdrawal methods overall, I believe it's not worth users' time at this point in time something I'm sure people will understand after using it themselves.


Money making apps are a great way to make extra income in your spare time, and they're becoming more popular as the years go on. We've looked at some of the top moneymaking app options out there including Cash Cow, Gain.GG, AppRocket, The Lucky Miner, Boints, Crazy Drop and Scratch apps so you can find one that best suits your needs. Whether you need an extra source of income or just want to make a little bit of cash for fun, these money making apps could be the perfect solution for you!

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