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JustPlay Review: Earn Instant PayPal Cash Playing Games? - Payment Proof

Updated: 2 days ago


Hey everyone! Vince here and today I want to share my experience with JustPlay. A money making application that promises instant PayPal cash. In this blog post I'll cover everything you need to know about JustPlay including its currency system, gameplay, earning potential and whether it's a legitimate opportunity or a scam. Let's dive in and find out if JustPlay is worth your time.

What You Should Know About JustPlay

JustPlay is an app that allows you to earn coins by downloading and playing games. The concept is pretty straightforward the more games you play and the longer you play them, the more coins you earn. These coins can be redeemed for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards and other rewards.

The Currency System

Coins and Advertisements

One crucial aspect of JustPlay is its currency system. While the app claims that you can earn coins by playing games it seems that watching advertisements is a significant factor in earning rewards. Each game session is frequently interrupted by ad breaks. It appears that the more ads you watch the more coins you earn. This suggests that the true earnings come from watching advertisements rather than simply playing the games.

Gameplay and Earning Potential

When playing games on JustPlay, you'll notice that advertisements are abundant and frequent. This can make gameplay repetitive and frustrating, especially if you're constantly interrupted by ads. Additionally, the games themselves may not offer substantial rewards, and the conversion rate of coins to actual currency remains unclear.

During my testing, I played games like Ball Bounce and Treasure Master for several hours and generated a significant number of coins. However, the amount of money I earned from these coins was inconsistent and unpredictable. The lack of transparency regarding the conversion rate and the varying earning rates can make it challenging to estimate the earning potential on JustPlay accurately.

Is JustPlay Legit or a Scam?

Now, let's address the burning question: Is JustPlay a legitimate opportunity or a scam? Based on my experience and research, I can confirm that JustPlay is a legitimate app. It offers various cash-out options, including PayPal, and pays its users as promised. I personally cashed out my earnings of $4.53 via PayPal and received the payment instantly.

JustPlay Payment Proof

For those who might still be skeptical I have the payment proof of my successful cash-out on the video below this post and yes it did arrive instantly which was great to see:


In conclusion, JustPlay can be a viable option for earning some extra cash, but it comes with its drawbacks. The reliance on advertisements, the lack of transparency in the currency system, and the repetitive gameplay may deter some users. However, JustPlay is a legitimate platform that pays its users promptly.

If you decide to try JustPlay, be prepared for frequent ad breaks, invest time in playing the games or completing offers, and remain patient while accumulating coins. While the earning potential may vary, it's possible to generate a decent amount of PayPal cash or other rewards with consistent effort.

I hope this review has provided valuable insights into JustPlay and helped you make an informed decision. If you decide to give it a try, remember to manage your expectations and enjoy the process of playing games while earning rewards.



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