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JustPlay Idle Merge Fun Review: Get Paid Merging Chests! - Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13


If you've ever wondered whether you can actually make money playing mobile games you're not alone I recently embarked on a journey to find out just how profitable it could be to play Idle Merge Fun through the JustPlay application In this blog post Ill break down my experience the pros and cons and whether its worth your time.

What is Idle Merge Fun

Gameplay Mechanics

Idle Merge Fun is a casual mobile game where you merge minerals to level up your account The game features in game currency a countdown timer for generating new treasures and mystery boxes that offer upgrades Its a straightforward game that anyone can pick up and play.

Earning Potential

The game allows you to earn real money when played through the JustPlay application JustPlay rewards you with loyalty coins which can be cashed out for PayPal money or other rewards.

What is JustPlay

How It Works

JustPlay is a moneymaking application that lets you play casual games in return for loyalty coins These coins can be exchanged for real world rewards like PayPal cash The app has a range of games including Idle Merge Fun that you can play to earn these coins.

Transparency Issues

One downside is the lack of transparency in how much your loyalty coins are worth in real money The app uses a system that calculates your earnings every three hours but its not clear how much you'll actually get This can be frustrating for players who want a more straightforward earning experience.

My Experiment with Idle Merge Fun and JustPlay

Time Investment

I played Idle Merge Fun for almost 10 hours over four days My starting balance on JustPlay was four cents After my gameplay I had earned $2.11.

Earning Strategy

The key to maximizing earnings is to be as active as possible JustPlay rewards you more when youre actively engaged with the game I also tried to use in game abilities and watched ads to speed up the process However the mystery boxes that appear during gameplay can slow you down as they require you to watch additional ads.

Cashing Out

Cashing out was straightforward I chose PayPal as my cash out option and received the money instantly However the time investment for the amount earned did not feel worth it to me.

Is It Worth It


Easy to play

Instant cashout

Multiple games to choose from in JustPlay


Low earning potential

Lack of transparency in JustPlay

Time Consuming

The Mystery Boxes A Double Edged Sword

The mystery boxes in Idle Merge Fun serve as a way to upgrade your minerals but they come with a catch While they offer the potential for better rewards they also require you to watch an advertisement This can be particularly frustrating when you're in the middle of a timed ability as each ad takes up valuable seconds If you're looking to maximize your earnings you'll need to weigh the pros and cons of engaging with these mystery boxes.

The Role of In Game Abilities

Idle Merge Fun offers various in game abilities that can speed up your gameplay and in turn your earning potential For instance watching an ad can reduce your crate cooldown time allowing you to generate minerals faster However these abilities are time limited and often require you to watch additional ads which can slow down your overall progress.

The Achievement Area Missed Opportunity for Earning

The game features an achievement area that rewards you with in game currency for reaching certain milestones While this doesn't directly contribute to your JustPlay loyalty coins it does help you progress faster in the game The faster you progress the more opportunities you have to earn loyalty coins making the achievement area a potentially valuable feature.

The Shopping Area A Shortcut to Progress

Idle Merge Fun includes a shopping area where you can purchase minerals directly This can be a quick way to level up and earn more loyalty coins provided you have enough in game currency The shopping area adds another layer of strategy to the game as you'll need to decide when its worth spending your hard earned in game currency.

The Mining Area An Untapped Resource

The game also features a separate mining area that I didn't explore in depth for this review This could potentially be another avenue for earning loyalty coins and its worth investigating if you're looking to maximize your earnings.

The Ad Experience A Necessary Evil

Ads are a significant part of the Idle Merge Fun experience especially if you're looking to make money through JustPlay While they can be annoying they're also the gateway to various abilities and rewards that can speed up your earning potential Your tolerance for ads will play a big role in how enjoyable and profitable you find the game.

The Importance of Being Active

JustPlay rewards you more when you're actively engaged with the game This means you'll need to be proactive about merging minerals and taking advantage of abilities and ads to maximize your earnings Passive play wont get you far if you're looking to cash out.

The Timer A Race Against the Clock

The countdown timer in Idle Merge Fun adds a sense of urgency to the game The faster you tap on the box the less time you have to wait for a new treasure to appear This mechanic encourages active play which is essential for earning more loyalty coins through JustPlay .

The Currency Conversion A Game of Chance

One of the most frustrating aspects of JustPlay is the lack of transparency in converting loyalty coins to real world currency The system calculates your earnings every three hours but its a game of chance as to how much youll actually get This lack of clarity can be a significant drawback for those looking for a more predictable earning experience.

The Donation Option Playing for a Cause

Interestingly JustPlay offers a donation option when you're cashing out If you're not interested in the money for yourself you can choose to donate your earnings to a cause This adds a philanthropic angle to your gameplay making it not just about personal gain.

The Country Factor Earnings May Vary

JustPlay's earnings are also influenced by the country you're in and the ads that are available there This means that your earning potential could vary based on your location adding another layer of unpredictability to the experience.


While playing Idle Merge Fun through JustPlay did earn me some money the time investment for the amount earned was not worth it for me If you enjoy playing the game and want to earn a little extra on the side it might be worth a try However if you're looking for a serious way to make money online you might want to look elsewhere.

Thank you for reading my blog post I hope this review helps you make an informed decision about whether Idle Merge Fun and JustPlay are worth your time Stay safe and happy gaming.

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