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JustPlay App Review: Instant $6.40 PayPal Cash Out! - Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13


Hey, everyone! It's Vince here, and in today's blog post I want to share my experience with JustPlay. A popular gaming app that claims to reward users with free PayPal cash for playing games. I've been asked to check if JustPlay is still paying its users and I'm excited to share my findings with you today.

Exploring JustPlay

JustPlay can be found on the Google Play Store and its biggest selling point is the promise of earning free PayPal cash every three hours. As soon as you open the app you'll notice the coin based balance and the goal is to accumulate 220,000 coins which can be redeemed for PayPal cash or other various gift cards.

The app offers a wide variety of games to play in order to earn these coins. Each game has its own pay rate, there is also a special offers section available. Rumours suggest that you can earn more by completing offers than by playing the games on the main menu. For example completing the "Raid: Shadow Legends" offer can potentially earn you up to 21 million coins.

However I want to address a concerning aspect of JustPlay. The app hides the exact amount of currency you earn from the coins. While they claim that you can earn more by playing games and completing offers it seems they do this to mask the fact that the games are filled with advertisements. Let me demonstrate with the game "Treasure Master."

When I played Treasure Master I noticed an abundance of advertisements. Although JustPlay claims that you earn coins by simply playing games. I believe the real rewards come from watching the advertisements during gameplay. It feels as though the coins are merely a distraction while the actual earnings depend on the number of ads you watch. After playing the game and enduring an ad break my coin balance increased. However the app fails to provide a clear dollar value conversion for the coins leaving users in the dark about their actual earnings.

Furthermore JustPlay offers an option to watch videos and earn coins. By watching video ads in between gameplay sessions you can generate additional currency. Based on my experience I believe this app relies more on the number of ads you watch rather than the number of games you play. Games like Treasure Master and Merge Blast have a significant number of ads which might explain why playing games for three hours can result in minimal rewards, such as 20 cents. While another three-hour session can yield one dollar or more. This could be the main reason why users are drawn to the special offers section first.

Is JustPlay Legit or a Scam?

Now let's address the burning question: Is JustPlay legit or a scam? Despite its flaws I can confirm that JustPlay is a legitimate app. During my testing I accumulated a balance of $6.40 in Australian currency. I decided to cash out using the PayPal option. JustPlay offers an easy cash-out process with various options including Amazon gift cards and charitable donations. I entered my PayPal information and interestingly JustPlay implemented a face scan system as part of the withdrawal process.

After completing the face scan and confirming my cash-out request. I received a message stating that my withdrawal of $6.40 was successful. To validate their claim of instant payment I checked my PayPal account and to my surprise the payment had been successfully processed. JustPlay paid me without any issues. Providing proof that it is indeed a legitimate platform.

JustPlay Payment Proof

For those who might still be sceptical, I want to emphasize that JustPlay honoured its promise of paying its users. I received the payment of $6.40 instantly


In conclusion JustPlay is a gaming app that offers users the opportunity to earn free PayPal cash by playing games and watching advertisements. While the app has its drawbacks such as hiding the exact currency earnings and inundating users with ads it remains a legitimate platform that fulfils its payment promises.

During my testing, I played games like Treasure Master and Merge Blast consistently for an hour and a half, watching all the accompanying advertisements. This session resulted in earning approximately one dollar worth of currency. Although JustPlay may not be the most best app available it does pay instantly.

If you decide to try out JustPlay, be aware of the presence of ads and the uncertainty surrounding coin to currency conversion rates. Remember to exercise patience and persistence when accumulating your earnings.



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