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I Tried 7 NEW Games That Promise $300+ Cash! - Are They Real?

Updated: Nov 17

In todays digital age everyone is on the lookout for easy ways to make some extra cash With the rise of smartphone applications promising real money rewards I decided to dive in and test out some of the most popular ones on the market heres what I found.

Bingo Clash Win Real Cash Game

First Impressions

At first glance the idea of playing a bingo application to win real money is enticing The app boasts a 39star rating and promises real cash rewards However upon closer inspection there are some red flags.

Gameplay and Rewards

The game introduces a slot machine element to the traditional bingo which is unique But the real concern arises when you try to cash out The app sets tasks and requirements which in my experience are tell tale signs of a scam The app seems to prioritize making you watch ads over actually rewarding you with money.

Verdict: Avoid Bingo Clash

Cash Bubble Win Real Money

First Impressions

Despite its impressive 5star rating I was skeptical Many developers manipulate reviews making it hard to trust such ratings.

Gameplay and Rewards

The game is simple tap bubbles and earn rewards However the constant ad popups even when declined are a significant deterrent The app also uses the real world item puzzle system which seems to be a common theme among these apps.

Verdict: Cash Bubble is more about watching ads than earning real money Stay away.

Merge Boom

First Impressions

With over a million downloads you'd expect Merge Boom to be a legitimate app But its essential to approach with caution especially since its an Early Access title.

Gameplay and Rewards

The game is about merging animals and its quite engaging But when it comes to cashing out the app sets objectives making it nearly impossible to get your money.

Verdict: Merge Boom seems like another scam avoid it.

Cut Ticket Tycoon

First Impressions

This app promises real money in exchange for diamonds earned in the game But is it genuine.

Gameplay and Rewards

The game is straightforward throw knives at cash However the rewards system is questionable The app promises an iPhone 14 for 50 million diamonds which seems unrealistic.

Verdict: Cut Ticket Tycoon is likely not a genuine money making app so avoid.

Pop Gems

First Impressions

Another Early Access title Pop Gems promises real cash rewards But does it deliver.

Gameplay and Rewards

The game is simple tap blocks to earn cash However the diminishing returns and constant ad popups make it hard to trust.

Verdict: Pop Gems seems like another scam in disguise Stay away

Bingo Time

First Impressions

With half a million downloads Bingo Time seems promising But can it be trusted.

Gameplay and Rewards

The game is a classic bingo with a twist However the cash out system is flawed setting objectives and making it hard to get your money.

Verdict: Bingo Time is another app that prioritizes ads over rewards Avoid

Panda Fortune Lucky Slots

First Impressions

A slot machine game that promises real cash rewards But is it genuine.

Gameplay and Rewards

The game is engaging but the constant ad popups and questionable cash out system make it hard to trust.

Verdict: Panda Fortune seems like another scam Stay away

Research Before Downloading

Before downloading any app do your research Check for genuine user reviews on multiple platforms not just the app store Websites like Trustpilot or forums related to money making apps can provide unbiased reviews.

Beware of Excessive Advertisements

If an app constantly pushes ads especially if it forces you to watch them to continue its a red flag These apps often earn more from ad revenue than they pay out to users.

Avoid Apps with Unrealistic Promises

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is Apps that promise high rewards for minimal effort or in a short amount of time are usually not genuine.

Understand the Cash Out System

Always check the cash out system of an app If there are too many conditions or if the app sets unrealistic tasks before you can cash out its best to avoid it

Protect Your Personal Information

Never share sensitive personal information unless you're sure about the apps legitimacy Even then be cautious Genuine moneymaking apps will not ask for unnecessary personal details.

Check for Regular Updates and Support

Legitimate apps usually have regular updates and offer support to users If an app hasnt been updated in a long time or if there's no way to contact support it might not be trustworthy.

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