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Givvy Videos App Review: Can You Really Make Money Watching YouTube Videos? - Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13

Hey everyone it's Vince here! Today I want to talk about Givvy Videos and share my experience with this app, discussing its earning potential, recent updates and whether it's a legitimate opportunity or a scam.

Givvy Videos: Overview

Givvy Videos is an application that allowss users to earn real life currency by watching YouTube videos. It has gained popularity among those looking to make money online.

Is Givvy Videos Legit or a Scam?

Based on my experience and research I can confirm that Givvy Videos is a legitimate app that pays users for watching videos. There are certain factors to consider such as the relatively low earning potential and the presence of intrusive ads. It's crucial to set realistic expectations before getting started with this opportunity.

Recent Update and User Interface

Givvy Videos recently underwent a significant update and I'm here to share the details with you. The app now features a clean and simple user interface with YouTube videos displayed prominently on the screen. You can start watching these videos to earn coins which can later be converted into real life currency. Additionally the update introduced a "Present" icon in the top right corner allowing you to generate coins by watching video ads. This feature appears every 30 seconds

Earning Potential with Givvy Videos

The primary method of earning money with Givvy Videos is by watching YouTube videos. When you select a video to watch an advertisement may play before it starts. It's important to note that the revenue generated from these ads benefits the app developers and not the original YouTubers which can be a drawback for content creators. The earning potential from watching videos is relatively low with only a small number of coins awarded per video.

In addition to watching videos, Givvy Videos offers an "Offer Wall" section where you can complete surveys and other offers for additional earnings. However, it's important to consider that these offers often pay very low amounts, making them less attractive for maximizing your earnings. It's essential to evaluate the time investment required for each survey or offer and determine if it's worth the reward offered.

Cashout Process and Minimum Thresholds

Givvy Videos provides multiple cashout options, allowing you to withdraw your earnings in various currencies. The minimum cashout amounts vary for each option, and the conversion rate is set at 10,000 coins for one cent in USD currency. Some of the available cashout options include PayPal and Coinbase for cryptocurrency withdrawals. It's crucial to reach the minimum cashout threshold before initiating a withdrawal.

Givvy Videos Payment Proof

I want to share my payment proof from using Givvy Videos. I successfully cashed out $6.50 worth of coins to my Coinbase account and the payment was processed within minutes.


In conclusion, Givvy Videos is a legitimate app that offers users the opportunity to earn money by watching YouTube videos. However, it's important to manage your expectations regarding the earning potential. The app's recent update has improved the user interface and browsing experience, although intrusive ads can be a downside.

While Givvy Videos may not provide substantial earnings, it can be a suitable option for casual users looking to earn a few extra cents. It's advisable to use your time wisely and explore other legitimate money-making applications available.



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