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ClipClaps Review: Watch Videos To Earn Money? (My Real Experience)

Updated: 7 days ago

Intro To ClipClaps Review

Hey everyone, it's Vince here, welcome to my clip claps review. Is it really a good way to earn money by watching YouTube and TikTok videos? That's exactly what we're gonna find out today. Let's kick this off.

How It Works

On the Google Play Store, it has a 3.8 star rating with over 10 million downloads. Clip Clips has been around for quite a long time and the promise is we watch videos to earn currency that then can be transferred into real life money.

Now I'm going to have a lot to say about clip claps, so I hope you strap yourself in alright it's going to be a bumpy ride. This is what clip claps look like when you first launch it as you can see it has a very user-friendly interface which is nice to see. I mean when it comes to these applications you want to make it as Least Complicated as possible.

Right at the bottom of the screen, you have the videos tab, discover tab, rewards Tab, claphouse and me. Let's look at the rewards tab, so here you can find all the very various ways that you can earn the in-game currency on clip claps which then can be converted into real money.

You can see here that I have a prize available to open not only that though they say that I can earn up to a dollar fifty in seven days if I sign in every single day here which is pretty cool to see as well there's a game center where you can earn the in-game coins and a book Center we'll get to those features later underneath that you have all the other ways that you can actually earn the clap coins which is the in-game currency.

So there is quite a bit of a variety on clip claps in the way of earning underneath that you have the daily task area where you see here there's a whole bunch of different tasks and offers available for you guys to complete to earn your clap coins flip claps will give you 10 cents for free after 24 hours of signing up you have the cash exchange area as well which is where you actually cash out your clap coins and then under that you have the get more clap coins area for badge level, invite friends watch video and play games again always to earn clap coins.

Earning Experience

Let's open our Treasure Chest reward so opening the chest now. Let's see what happens 343 clap coins 16 of the one dollar raffle tickets 17 of the 10 Amazon tickets 18 of the tickets for clap coins and 14 more of the 10 Amazon raffle tickets so all in all not really that bad of a pool there.

I personally don't care about raffle systems guys when I play these apps. I want to earn my money instantly so I really don't get into Raffles too much. It states here that there's another chest available for free this brings us to the clap team area. Think of this as a referral system.

You get chess the more people that you invite very straightforwardly. The higher level you are the better the chest you're going to get and looking at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see the various different rewards you have a chance of winning. This is my clap code at the bottom. If you guys want to you can also find it in the description below but before you join anything read this article first so then you don't get your hopes up alright let's sign in to redeem our 500 clap coins and that's all done let's spin the wheel, here now to earn our free clap coins there is a chance we'll land on something else other than the clap coins by the way just an FYI but let's see what we can get away with here.

Apparently we have one Mega Spin and four Lucky Spin opportunities. This is what the mega spin looks like, we have a one cent win a five cent win 10 cent win 30 Cent win 50 Cent win one dollar win three dollar win and a five dollar win what's the bet I'm gonna get something very light let's tap spin now all right the wheel has been spun here.

We go everyone what are we gonna get I reckon 10 cents or one cent oh we managed to get 30 cents of currency. Let's hit confirm now at the top of the screen you can see here my balance is officially 30 Cent USD with 843 clap coins. Now let's try the Lucky Spin at the bottom of the screen the Lucky Spin is a little bit different you get one free Lucky Spin every five hours we can either win 50 clap coins 100 clap coins one of the treasure chests one of the bigger treasure chests 200 Club coins 500 Club coins looks like 5cm events there and one dollar.

Let's tap spin now all right here we go, what are we gonna land on now everyone. I'm hoping for something good at least, got a treasure chest there we'll take that. Let's spin again what are we gonna land on here we go, hopefully something decent, probably some clap coins. We have five cents worth of currency. We'll take that spinning again here and give me something good. We'll probably clap coins. We have five cents worth of currency again let's hit confirm gonna spin again here we go and we got another Treasure Chest everyone, let's hit confirm now.

I do have the option of spinning the wheel again but I have to watch advertisements. We're not gonna do that now before I look at the other methods. Let me show you the video watching portion of clip claps. Apparently if I watch one minute of video I'll get 500 coins so I'm now back on the video page. Let me watch this Battlefield 4 video so I've just tapped on the video now at the bottom of the screen you can actually see a timer counting down and clap coins going into a jar so I'm just gonna sit here and let these clap coins generate all right look at that they've already generated within three seconds pretty much so let me hit Clank Just hit climber now I've just generated 30 clap coins for free and now the clap coins are counting again this time I'm not getting as much though you can actually see the coin being slow when it's dropping. By the way, that's pretty funny dude and there's a random amount thereof 11 coins. Let's see what this is going to give six coins and now I can claim again another 30 coins have been generated. Let's keep generating these coins, now you might notice a multiplier on the screen that will change depending on your clip claps account level.

We'll get into that in a second so I just watched that whole video and now you'll notice at the top left corner of the screen, we have a little Diamond that's glowing. This is where we can increase our clip claps account level. I'm level one at the moment but let's hit the claim and see what happe

I now have a level bonus of 130 clap coins, now I'm level two and I have to watch another 10 minutes of videos to level up again. You can actually see there's more rewards at the bottom of the screen, here as well which will give you various different clap coins. I'm gonna have to watch more minutes now guys to get my rewards increased so I'm going to edit all that out and be back in a second.

Here's click clap's first big problem: you have reached the daily limit. You can earn more rewards by completing missions then it says tap on for more clap coins clip claps actually limits. How many clap coins you get by watching videos every single day luckily enough I watched 20 minutes of videos now and I can claim the next level so now I'm level three I've earned 52 clap coins for free then I have new privileges level two vote section viewing Revenue then I have level two general viewing revenue and then I have level two clap coin Revenue increase.

Let's tap confirm, it doesn't even matter though because now, I'm not earning any more clap coins for watching videos so it kind of makes the app pointless unless you want to complete offers speaking of which let me show you the offer page so back on the offer page we can open up our two chests first chest has been open we only got 12 clap coins we got 41 clap coins and then we got 29 clap coins so this was not the best of pulls out at all we can open again here though got 18 coins and 31 coins again very low.

Let me show you the cash exchange area so this is the exchange rate for clap coins: one thousand clap coins equals one cent. Let me tap exchange, now it says clap coins exchange minus one thousand then I have my leftover balance then it states.

I've received cash of one cent the total of 41 cents top left corner of the screen you have your clap coin balance tapping on that will bring you to the wallet page you can see your clap coin balance converted into local currency a hundred thousand clap coins equals one dollar USD you can then purchase real life money and treasure chest with your clap coin let me purchase this cash now you will spend 300 clap coins for three cents.

Let's hit confirm done purchase successful you can even invest your clap coins and receive more after 24 hours if you want to these are called Financial plans, you can think of it as literally staking your clap coins and you get more in the long run if you're willing to wait the time I don't really care too much about out these funds for clap coins personally at the moment but I'm sure some people out there might find use for that at the top of the screen you have clap coins cash and Diamond. Let's tap on cash all right so here's the big bad Cash Out area I currently have 44 cents which is worth 58 cents, you have a 10 cent cash out a 10 cash out 15 Cash Out 20 cash out 30 cash out forty Dollar Cash Out and fifty dollar Cash Out tapping on the other tab lets you recharge your mobile get a gift card or purchase prepaid Diamond which is like the premium currency you can even purchase clap coins for two dollars worth of real currency or eight Diamond chests for two dollars worth of currency as well.

This is the gift card section of clip claps by the way we have a whole multitude of different gift cards available whether or not you guys are actually going to be using this application enough to ever cash these out that's a whole nother question altogether okay this is the biggest problem about clip claps which I feel you guys are going to have the biggest issue with their lowest cash out other than 10 cents is under mate tenants all the time and that's a gigantic problem for anyone that wants to cash out.

By the way, here's the premium currency of diamonds which you can support other creators with or interact with other members in a premium way 260 diamonds for five dollars 530 diamonds for ten dollars 1060 diamonds for twenty dollars twenty seven hundred diamonds for fifty dollars and fifty four hundred diamonds for a hundred dollars as you can see here it says to be used in pig fans purchasing streaming gifts and other settings.

I would never go near this personally so let's check out the claphouse so these are clap houses think of these as literal groups where everyone can join together and tour and let's check out the free coins area this is simply just an awful wall everyone now the bottom line is this if you really want to complete offer walls on clip claps you're more than welcome to but I have the highest feeling you're going to be getting ripped off on the most dramatic scale ever.

I'm not even exaggerating you compare some of these currencies to real waffle walls on legitimate survey and money making apps and you be laughing dude how low ball these offers really are then we have Bounty research this is simply tap survey now you're more than welcome to complete surveys on here but again everyone I feel like you're getting low ball and the problem is with surveys as a high disqualification rate so you want to make sure you gain the most out of surveys and I don't see it happening on clip claps then you have Bounty tasks.

Again same exact situation when it comes to the offer wall you guys are more than welcome to do what you want but I personally would be comparing this offer wall with other money making apps and offerable platforms out there just to be safe it's always good to shop around when it comes to these type of situations okay then we have bitlab surveys so bitlab surveys is exactly what you expect it's straight up surveys and you can get some offers as well.

Again just be super careful with the offer walls always shop around I cannot stress that enough you guys have no idea how much time you're going to save by simply comparing off a walls from other platforms you'll be surprised how many people do not do this, so here's a raffle system I don't even have enough of the raffle tokens to even enter any of these by the way tapping on each of the Raffles will show you the win rate I mean if you guys believe the raffle is legit then here you go these stats will be good for you I just don't like how they make you have to collect a certain amount to even join the raffle then we have the received cash area, this is literally a Lucky Spin area that has a real world items in it all right I just do not even go near this type of system in money making apps.

There is a playtime reward area as well as you can see here click claps literally has the Playtime rewards section we can apparently earn up to three dollars USD by playing coin Master there you have it everyone let's tap on the game center so this is clip claps Little inbuilt Game Center.

I tend not to really care about this area either you guys are more than welcome to give it a shot but I tend to avoid this type of thing let's visit the book Center instantly greeted to an advertisement so here you can read some eBooks again I couldn't care less about this area just remember you can upload to clip clap.

Did I Get ClipClaps Payment Proof?

Let me tell you what to expect when you try and cash out on clip claps what's going to happen is that you will get sent the 10 cents completely for free, but then after that you're going to literally struggle to ever get near that 10 mark it will take you almost a year probably to ever achieve it but then you're gonna have to deal with no support whatsoever and potentially never getting paid.

Just read the reviews for the application. People are so mad with this money making app. I don't even know how it's on the Google Play Store anymore. I would avoid clip claps like the absolute plague and if you actually want legitimate money making methods check out my website and my YouTube channel. I'll see you all soon with another review.



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