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GrabPoints Review: Easy Tips, Tricks and Payment Proof 2023

Updated: 7 days ago

Introduction To GrabPoints Review

In this review of GrabPoints, we will be looking at whether this platform is still paying its user base and the different ways that you can earn money on the site. GrabPoints is a platform that rewards users with points for completing surveys, offers, and watching videos. These points can be exchanged for various rewards, including PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, and more. I will also be showing my GrabPoints Payment Proof and withdraw experience for you all today.

Signing up for GrabPoints

To get started on GrabPoints, head to their website, One downside to the platform is that it is only available in some countries, so you will need to check if it is available in your location. However, if it is, you will find that it has a fully functioning website that you can use from your computer, but the review will be based on using it from your mobile device. Upon logging in, you will find that you have 3,186 GrabPoints (GP) in your account.

Cash Out Options on GrabPoints

Before you start earning what I noticed on this GrabPoints Review is that you might want to know how the currency system works and the cash-out options that are available. In the top left corner of the screen, you will find the menu button that will allow you to navigate the platform. The “Rewards” tab has all the different cash-out options available, which vary depending on what currency you want to withdraw at the time. For instance, the minimum cash-out for PayPal withdrawal is $2, which requires 2,250 GrabPoints. The minimum cash-out for Amazon is $3, which requires 2,230 GrabPoints.

Earning Methods on GrabPoints

While making this GrabPoints Review I noticed that the offers have several earning methods, including surveys, offers, and watching videos. The survey section is where GrabPoints shines as they are willing to pay users up to 10,000 GP for just 15 minutes of their time. However, as disqualifications are rampant, there are several survey providers on GrabPoints, giving users the flexibility to test different survey providers. There are also 44 pages of surveys, which gives users plenty of options to choose from. To maximize survey opportunities, it is recommended to fill out your profile on GrabPoints under the “About Me” section so that GrabPoints can know what surveys and offers to give you.

Offer Wall

The “Offers” section allows users to go through six different offer wall providers, each with their own rewards and prices. While writing this GrabPoints Review I noticed it tries to sort out the offers, but it is still worth going through each individual offer wall to find the best deals. Offers range from simple ones like installing TikTok to signing up for a website to earn a certain amount of money. Offers generally take more time than surveys but can offer better rewards.

Watching Videos To Earn On GrabPoints

Lastly, GrabPoints has a “Watch” section where users can watch videos to earn GrabPoints. This method is not as rewarding as surveys or offers, but it is a good way to earn a few extra points when you have some spare time. I feel like this will help a great deal to anyone that is seeking GrabPoints Payment Proof which you will see below.

Is GrabPoints Legit or Fake? (Payment Proof)

GrabPoints is a legitimate way to earn some extra cash online, but it does require some effort and time. The survey section is particularly lucrative, but disqualifications are rampant. The “About Me” section is crucial to fill out to maximize survey opportunities. Offers generally take more time but can offer better rewards. With all that being said, if you are looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash, GrabPoints is definitely worth a try.




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