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Golf Cash App Review: Play Virtual Golf To Earn Money? (REAL Truth)

Updated: Jan 25

Intro To Golf Cash App Review

Hey everyone it's Vince here and today we're diving into a review of Golf Cash. A money-making application that claims you can earn PayPal currency simply by playing golf. Today I'm going to walk you through how Golf Cash works and what you can expect while playing.

How to Earn PayPal Currency with Golf Cash

Golf Cash revolves around a straightforward concept—you control a small golf ball on a golf course filled with hazards. The objective is to complete each course with the fewest strokes possible similar to real golf. The game imposes a limit on the number of strokes allowed per course.

While hazards can be destroyed it's generally advisable to avoid them. As you want to reach the end of the course quickly and efficiently. If you run out of strokes you have the option to purchase additional ones using in-game coins earned by completing courses or destroying hazards. Another way to earn extra strokes is by watching advertisements which grants you around six additional strokes per ad.

Controlling the golf ball is easy—use the arrows on either side of the screen to change the camera angle and guide the ball's direction and power by swiping with your finger. If you've played other golf gaming applications before, you'll feel right at home with Golf Cash.

Course Difficulty and Gameplay Experience

As you progress in Golf Cash, you'll notice the courses becoming increasingly challenging. The game aims to prevent players from completing courses too quickly and accumulating too many coins. In my experience, the courses tend to repeat themselves, gradually getting longer as you play more. This means you'll eventually run out of strokes requiring you to either watch more ads or purchase additional strokes from the in-game shop.

Earning PayPal Rewards on Golf Cash

Now let's discuss how you can actually earn PayPal money with Golf Cash. It's important to note that the process is slightly different from what you might expect based on the advertisements. To cash out your PayPal rewards, you need to earn vouchers by completing specific courses throughout your journey in the application. Every five or six courses, you'll unlock a PayPal cashout opportunity. If you have enough vouchers, you can withdraw the corresponding amount of PayPal currency.

Here's where it gets interesting—earning these vouchers requires you to install and play other games. This voucher system struck me as unusual, as I initially expected Golf Cash to allow cashouts based solely on in-game coins. But instead, you must install different applications on your phone, play them for a certain amount of time, earn the vouchers, and then return to Golf Cash to activate your cashout using the vouchers.

The amount of money you earn per cashout will vary depending on your currency. While this system might deter some users who prefer not to install multiple applications or have limited data on their mobile plans, it's the mechanism Golf Cash employs. The deeper you progress in the game, the more vouchers you'll need for larger cashout rewards. The minimum reward I encountered was around 50 cents in PayPal currency, and I managed to reach approximately a dollar and fifty cents.

Verification and Cashout Process

The verification and cashout process on Golf Cash may differ based on your country. In Australia, all I needed to do to cash out was verify my PayPal address. This verification step seems to be a common practice, likely aimed at confirming your country of residence and ensuring you're not using a VPN. By doing so, developers can ensure they're paying legitimate users, as VPNs are typically prohibited on money-making applications. Although I find the verification process somewhat intrusive for small payouts, I understand the motivation behind it.

Fortunately, Golf Cash promptly processed my payment requests within one to two days, depositing the funds directly into my PayPal account. I made multiple cashout requests as a precautionary measure, and each one was successful. It took me roughly three to four hours to earn around five Australian dollars, which is worth noting.

Is Golf Cash Legit or a Scam?

Considering the information above, it's safe to say that Golf Cash is a legitimate application. While it may not be suitable for everyone due to the voucher system requiring the installation of other games, I personally found Golf Cash to be a great application that delivers on its promise of paying users for playing golf. It's crucial, however, to read reviews and assess the general consensus before fully committing to any money-making app.


In conclusion, Golf Cash offers an intriguing opportunity to earn PayPal currency by playing golf on your mobile device. The gameplay is straightforward, although the increasing difficulty and the need to install and play other games for vouchers may not appeal to everyone. The cashout process involves earning vouchers by completing specific courses and cashing them out for PayPal rewards.

While Golf Cash does have a verification process for cashouts, it pays promptly and directly to your PayPal account. It's essential to consider your personal preferences and data limitations before diving into this type of money-making app. However, if you enjoy golf-themed games and don't mind exploring other applications, Golf Cash can be a legitimate and enjoyable addition to your money-making endeavors.



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