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GAMEE App Review: Legit Way to Win PayPal Daily! $58.05 Payment Proof & Tutorial

Updated: Sep 13

Hey, everyone! Vince here and today I want to share my review of GAMEE Prizes, a gaming application that promises to reward you with real PayPal currency for playing games. With its claim of offering cash prizes, I decided to put GAMEE Prizes to the test and see if it lives up to its promises. I'll walk you through how the app works, the different ways to earn tickets, the daily leaderboard system and answer your burning question of Is GAMEE Prizes a legitimate opportunity or a scam?

How Does GAMEE Prizes Work?

When you launch GAMEE Prizes, you'll see your account balance at the top of the screen, which represents your real-life PayPal currency. To the right of that, you'll find your in-game tickets. The concept of GAMEE Prizes is simple: you can earn money by referring people to the app or by generating tickets through playing games and completing offers within the platform.

GAMEE Prizes features several ways to earn tickets and increase your chances of winning cash rewards:

Playing Games

The app offers a variety of inbuilt games that you can play to earn tickets. These games are fun and have an arcade vibe to them. By completing game missions and tasks, you can earn additional tickets.

Daily Missions

GAMEE Prizes provides daily missions that you can complete to earn tickets. By accomplishing all the tasks, you'll receive extra ticket rewards.

Tournaments and Achievements

As you progress in the app and reach higher levels, you can unlock tournaments and achievements, which offer additional ticket rewards.

Spin Wheel

GAMEE Prizes features a prize wheel where you can spin to win prizes. The wheel offers various rewards, including bonus multipliers, PayPal currency, or additional tickets.

Offer Wall

The offer wall presents opportunities to earn tickets by completing tasks, such as installing and running specific apps. The rewards vary based on the complexity of the offers.

Referral Program

GAMEE Prizes encourages you to invite friends to join the app. When your referred friends reach a certain level, you earn referral rewards in the form of tickets and real-life currency.

Is GAMEE Prizes Legit or a Scam?

Now, let's address the burning question: Is GAMEE Prizes a legitimate opportunity or a scam? Based on my personal experience, GAMEE Prizes is a legitimate app that pays its users. However, it's important to consider a few key factors:

Ticket Accumulation

To earn substantial rewards on GAMEE Prizes, you need to accumulate a significant number of tickets. This can require consistent participation and engagement with the app.

Competition and Daily Leaderboard

GAMEE Prizes operates on a daily leaderboard system, where users with higher ticket counts have a better chance of winning cash rewards. It's essential to keep in mind that competition can be fierce, as some users may complete high-paying offers to generate large numbers of tickets.

Withdrawal Process

GAMEE Prizes has a minimum cash-out threshold of $10 in PayPal currency. You can request a withdrawal once you reach this threshold. From my personal experience, the withdrawal process was smooth, and I received my payment within one day. However, individual experiences may vary.

Time and Effort

Earning substantial rewards on GAMEE Prizes requires time and effort. While there are various ways to earn tickets, the ticket rewards per game or task may not be significant. Consistent engagement and dedication are necessary to accumulate a substantial number of tickets.

Based on my own experience, I can confidently say that GAMEE Prizes is a legitimate app that pays its users. However, managing expectations and understanding the competitive nature of the app is crucial to avoid disappointment.

GAMEE Payment Proof

To support my claim of GAMEE Prizes being a legitimate app, I want to share my personal payment proof. On April 12th, I successfully withdrew $24.80 worth of PayPal currency from the app. The payment was processed within a single day which was a pleasant surprise. It's worth noting that individual experiences may vary and delays in payment processing have been reported by some users.


In conclusion, GAMEE Prizes offers the opportunity to earn real PayPal currency by playing games, completing tasks, and participating in daily competitions. The app is legitimate and pays its users, as supported by my personal experience and payment proof. However, it's important to manage your expectations and understand that significant earnings require time, effort, and competition with other users.

If you enjoy gaming and are willing to invest time into the app, GAMEE Prizes can be an entertaining way to potentially earn some extra money. Keep in mind that earning substantial rewards may require consistent engagement, ticket accumulation, and active participation in daily competitions.



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