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GAMEE Prizes App Review: Earn $10+ with Legit Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13

Hey, everyone Vince here! I want to share my review of GAMEE a gaming application that claims to let you earn PayPal currency by playing games which has over 10 million downloads and a 4.6 star rating from nearly 500,000 reviews, I decided to take a closer look at whether GAMEE lives up to its promises. Today we'll explore how the app works, the different ways to earn tickets and the competitive leaderboard system.

How Does GAMEE Work?

So GAMEE is a gaming app that offers you the chance to earn PayPal currency by playing games, completing tasks and offers. The app features a ticket based system where the more tickets you accumulate the more money you can win each day.

Account Balance and Ticket Balance

On the top of the screen, you'll find your account balance, which represents your earnings in PayPal currency. Next to that, you'll see your ticket balance, which determines your chances of winning cash rewards.

Game Missions

The app offers a variety of mini games that you can play to earn tickets. Each game has specific objectives and upon completion you receive a ticket reward. These mini games are built into the app eliminating the need for additional downloads.

Offer Wall

The offer wall in GAMEE provides high-rewarding offers that can generate a significant number of tickets. Completing offers, such as installing and trying out other apps, can help you accumulate tickets faster. However, keep in mind that the time and effort required to complete offers may vary, and some offers may be more challenging to finish.

Tournaments and Mini-Games

GAMEE features tournaments where you can compete against other players for ticket rewards. Additionally, there are numerous mini-games available within the app that offer ticket rewards for completing missions. While these mini-games provide variety, the ticket rewards per game are relatively small.

Spin Tab

The spin tab allows you to spin a prize wheel daily to win various rewards. However, the rewards primarily consist of in-game tickets rather than real-life money.

Prizes and Daily Leaderboard

GAMEE offers different giveaways and prizes, including a weekly draw, lotto, and various cash giveaways. The daily leaderboard displays the top ticket earners for the day, with cash rewards being split among the top players.

Is GAMEE Legit or a Scam?

Now, let's address the crucial question: Is GAMEE a legitimate money-making opportunity or a scam? Based on my experience, GAMEE is a legitimate app that pays its users. However, it's essential to manage your expectations and understand a few key points:

Competitive Nature

GAMEE operates on a ticket-based system, where your goal is to accumulate more tickets than other players to win cash rewards. This means you'll be competing against other users who may be completing high-reward offers to generate large numbers of tickets.

Time and Effort

Earning substantial amounts on GAMEE requires time and effort. While the app offers various ways to earn tickets, the ticket rewards per game or task are relatively small. Generating significant ticket numbers can take considerable time and consistent participation.

Cash Out Process

GAMEE has a minimum cash out threshold of $10, and it uses PayPal as its payment method. While the app claims a cash out time of five days, some users, including myself, have experienced delays. However, customer support was responsive and resolved the issues.

Referral Program

GAMEE offers a referral program where you can earn real-life PayPal money by inviting friends to join the app. This can be an additional source of earnings.

Overall, GAMEE is a legitimate app that allows you to earn PayPal currency by playing games and completing tasks. However, it requires dedication, time, and a competitive mindset to generate substantial earnings.

GAMEE Payment Proof

As promised, here's my payment proof from GAMEE. After generating $58 worth of PayPal currency, I successfully received my payment on October 17th. Although there was a delay in processing, the support team resolved the issue, and I eventually received my earnings.


In conclusion, GAMEE is a gaming application that offers the opportunity to earn PayPal currency by playing games and completing tasks. With its ticket-based system and competitive leaderboard, you can compete against other users for cash rewards. While GAMEE is a legitimate app that pays its users, it's important to manage your expectations and understand that significant earnings require time, effort, and competition. If you enjoy gaming and are willing to invest time into the app, GAMEE can be an entertaining way to potentially earn some extra money.



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