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GAMEE App Review: Earn PayPal Playing Games! - Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13

Hey everyone it's Vince here! Today we're diving into the world of money making applications with GAMEE. Yes that's right, GAMEE with two E's. This app promises to reward you with real life money for playing games and competing against players worldwide.

How GAMEE Works

To give you a better understanding of how the GAMEE app works I like to imagine I'm at a massive carnival in your town. The objective is to earn as many tickets as possible which can be converted into real life money. In GAMEE you can earn tickets by playing in app games featured on the platform the further you progress in these games the more tickets you can earn. There are offers available that provide a significant number of tickets. If you've used money making apps before you're probably familiar with the concept of completing certain tasks or reaching specific milestones to earn rewards. GAMEE follows a similar approach.

Apart from playing games and completing offers, you can also earn tickets by spinning the daily prize wheel. You'll get one free spin per day, but subsequent spins require watching advertisements. It's worth mentioning that this is likely how GAMEE generates revenue, as they earn advertising revenue while offering us a percentage back in the form of tickets. This means you can enter GAMEE without spending any money, which is a plus.

Variety of Games and Prizes

GAMEE offers a wide range of games to keep you entertained as I mentioned earlier the more you progress in these games the more tickets you can earn. There are daily rewards to look forward to as well as a massive list of apps available on the platform. Certain apps may offer better ticket rewards depending on special promotions or daily missions. Each app has its own missions, and completing them will earn you specific tickets.

Furthermore, GAMEE features jackpot giveaways for those seeking bigger prizes. Personally, I'm not a fan of these sweepstakes-style giveaways, as they often require watching advertisements for a chance to win jackpots ranging from five dollars and up. However, if you enjoy participating in such giveaways, you can enter daily and increase your chances by watching more advertisements. Remember, it's all about being "in it to win it."

Profile System and Public Leaderboard

GAMEE includes a profile system that allows you to create your unique persona within the app. As you level up your profile, you'll earn ticket multipliers. This incentivizes you to keep playing and participating in competitions and daily games to increase your profile level. The more you engage with the app, the more ticket multipliers you'll receive. It's a straightforward way for GAMEE to reward active users.

Another feature is the public leaderboard system, where you can see how the money on GAMEE is distributed within the community. The leaderboard displays the top earners, and interestingly, the current top earner is a YouTube money-making channel. It's fascinating to see the earning potential through referrals and luck. However, it's worth noting that unless you edit your profile name, your first and last name will be displayed on the leaderboard. If privacy is a concern, make sure to customize your profile name accordingly.

Is GAMEE Legit or a Scam?

Now, let's address the burning question: Is GAMEE a legitimate money-making application? Based on my research, GAMEE is owned by a reputable company, and there is payment proof available online. However, it's crucial to manage your expectations. While GAMEE is not a scam, I have reservations about its long-term profitability. The minimum withdrawal limit is $10, meaning you'll need to accumulate enough tickets to reach that threshold before cashing out. But here's the catch: your funds expire within 365 days if you don't meet the cash-out requirement. This expiration policy is an issue in my opinion, and it's something you should be aware of before investing significant time and effort into the app.

Earning substantial amounts on GAMEE seems challenging without completing offers. It's unlikely to earn millions of tickets solely by playing games so this raises doubts about the app's long term viability as a profitable venture. While you might be able to reach the $10 mark over time by diligently completing in game missions and offers once you cash out, there may be a scarcity of new offers to earn from. GAMEE might provide a one time opportunity to earn $10, but beyond that it may not be as worthwhile unless you have a high profile level that grants significant ticket multipliers.

GAMEE Payment Proof

Despite the potential limitations, it's important to acknowledge that GAMEE is owned by a reputable company, and payment proof exists. While I don't believe GAMEE is a lucrative option for serious income, some individuals may enjoy the overall experience it offers. If you have the patience and enjoy playing games, GAMEE can be an entertaining pastime with the possibility of earning some extra cash.


In conclusion, GAMEE is a money-making application that offers real-life money for playing games and completing offers. It features a variety of games, daily rewards, and jackpot giveaways. The profile system and public leaderboard add an element of competition and reward for active users. However, it's crucial to understand that GAMEE requires significant time and effort to reach the minimum withdrawal limit of $10. Additionally, funds expire within 365 days, which may be a deterrent for some users.

While GAMEE is a legitimate app owned by a reputable company, its long-term profitability and earning potential are questionable. It's important to manage your expectations and consider whether the time and effort invested align with the potential rewards. GAMEE can be an enjoyable way to earn some extra cash if you have the patience and find the overall experience appealing.



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