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GAMEE App Review: How I Earned Free PayPal Gaming - Payment Proof

Updated: Nov 24

What is GAMEE

GAMEE is an online platform that allows users to play a variety of games with the chance to earn real money. The platform works through a mobile application and features numerous inbuilt games missions leaderboards and giveaways. You can earn through playing games completing tasks or referring other users. The app also has a currency and ticket system that makes the whole experience engaging and competitive.

How Does GAMEE Work

GAMEE operates on a fairly simple model. When you launch the app you will see your current balance in real life currency at the top of the screen. To the right you'll notice your ingame tickets which are crucial to earning real cash. The platform offers several avenues to earn these tickets. One is by participating in games and daily missions. Additionally you can complete offers or refer other people to use GAMEE. The higher your tickets the better your chances of winning the daily and weekly cash rewards.


Absolutely! Joining GAMEE is free of charge and you can start playing games as soon as your account is set up. They do have inapp purchases and advertisements but these are optional.

Ways to Earn Money on GAMEE

Here are the primary ways to earn money:

Playing Games:

Simply engage in any of the various games available.

Daily Missions:

Complete set tasks to earn extra tickets.


Invite friends and earn when they reach level 8.


Complete offers on their 'offer wall' for large sums of tickets.

Giveaways and Lotteries:

Daily and weekly chances to win cash.

Can You Earn Money on GAMEE

Yes you can earn real money on GAMEE but it does require some effort and time. The daily leaderboard system rewards players based on the number of tickets they've accumulated. Plus there's a $35000 prize pool for grabs every week provided you have a high enough number of tickets. However the currency to time ratio might not be worth it for everyone.

My Personal GAMEE Experience

I've used the GAMEE platform for a few months and I must say the experience has been generally positive. The games are genuinely fun and have that classic arcade vibe. Over time I was able to cash out $24.80 thanks to the referral bonuses and games. What amazed me was how quickly the money was transferred to my PayPal account within just one day!

Is GAMEE Legit or a Scam

In my experience GAMEE is a legitimate platform. I was able to cash out my earnings directly to my PayPal and the transaction was completed swiftly.


From my usage I haven't encountered any security issues. The app never asked for overly personal information. Just a heads up though: The platform does use ads and inapp purchases to generate revenue so stay cautious.

Is GAMEE Real or Fake

The platform is real and does what it promises—providing an opportunity to earn real money by playing games. However it's crucial to understand the odds and the ticket system as your earnings are often based on how many tickets you've accumulated.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Withdrawing money from GAMEE is quite straightforward. The minimum amount you can cash out is $10. Once you reach this threshold the funds can be transferred to your PayPal account. As I mentioned I received my money within a day which was impressive.

The Referral System Explained

One of the features that can accelerate your earning potential on GAMEE is the referral system. When you invite a friend and they reach level 8 on the app you get 70 cents and 500 tickets. These tickets can significantly boost your standing on the leaderboard and the real life currency goes straight into your account. The more people you refer the more you stand to gain making this feature a lucrative option for those with a broad social network.

Gameplay Experience: Arcade Vibes

While I've mentioned that the games are fun it's worth digging deeper into the actual gaming experience. GAMEE focuses on delivering games that are easy to play yet hard to master resembling the feel of arcade games. Whether you have just a few minutes to spare or are settling in for an extended gaming session the variety and simplicity of these games can keep you entertained.

Importance of Daily Missions

Daily missions offer more than just a set of tasks; they serve as a strategic pathway to accumulate more tickets. Not only do you get tickets for completing individual missions but fulfilling all daily tasks earns you a bonus thereby maximizing your earning potential. The key here is consistency; the more regular you are the more you stand to gain.

The Ticket Multiplier System

One feature that adds a layer of complexity and excitement to GAMEE is the ticket multiplier system. Your account comes with an earning multiplier based on your level. For example my account has a 1.6x multiplier because of my activity level. As you continue to engage with the platform this multiplier increases enhancing your ticket earnings proportionally.

What About Offer Walls

I did touch upon the "offer wall" system where you can earn tickets by completing specific offers. While these offers can deliver a large number of tickets they can also be time consuming and sometimes complicated. Some offers require multiple steps or achieving certain milestones in third party apps. It's essential to weigh the time and effort required against the number of tickets you'll earn.

The Role of Advertisements

You'll notice that you can boost your ticket earnings or even get extra spins by watching ads. It may seem trivial but these advertisements can sometimes make the difference in your daily leaderboard standing. For those committed to maximizing their earnings every little bit helps.

GAMEE's User Interface

The user interface is clean intuitive and user friendly making navigation a breeze even for first time users. Everything you need to know—your cash balance ticket count and daily missions—is easily accessible allowing you to focus on gaming and earning rather than fumbling through menus.

The Weekly Ticket Reset

Every Sunday your tickets are entered into a weekly draw and then they revert to zero. This reset might seem frustrating but it levels the playing field and keeps the competition fresh. It also encourages users to engage with the app regularly rather than accumulating tickets and becoming inactive.

Level Advancements and Unlockables

Another engaging feature is the level based system that unlocks new games and features. For instance reaching level 8 not only helps your referrer but also unlocks additional games and the opportunity to participate in tournaments. This incremental unlocking system adds an element of progression making your time on GAMEE more rewarding.

Leaderboard Dynamics

The leaderboard is a competitive space and you'll notice that the ticket gap between ranks can be substantial. While it might seem daunting at first consistent play and strategic use of multipliers offers and referrals can help you climb the ranks. Remember even those not at the top can still win smaller cash prizes so don't be discouraged.

Payment Methods Other Than PayPal

While I personally used PayPal for withdrawals it's worth noting that GAMEE may offer other cash out options based on your location. Always check the 'Withdraw' section in the app to see all available methods. This flexibility makes the platform accessible to a wider audience.

Community and Social Features

GAMEE also has social features like the ability to form teams and participate in community events. While I have not explored this indepth it does add another layer of interaction to the platform. Joining teams and participating in community events could offer additional ways to earn tickets and make the whole experience more engaging.

Final Verdict

GAMEE offers a unique blend of entertainment and potential earnings. While it may not replace a full time income it provides a fun and engaging way to earn some extra cash. In my time on GAMEE I had fun playing games and was able to earn a reasonable amount which was efficiently transferred to my account. Overall I highly recommend giving it a try.


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